The Journey (寻找前世之旅): Ep 1-4

I can’t remember exactly how I came across this drama but what got me interested was Ya Long, one of the main character.

Ya Long 1 (Edited)

Now on to the characters.

Ye Yin 2 (Edited)

First, we have our female lead Ye Yin, portrayed by Zhou Yu Tong (周雨彤). Ye Yin is an 18 year old girl who’s really mischievous and playful but also caring and brave. On her trips back in time, she’s actually on a mission but she treats it as a holiday / trip, sneaking her phone with her and taking selcas. On the other hand, she’s not afraid to help someone in need, occasionally putting herself in danger because of it.

Si Yin (Edited)

The other male lead, portrayed by Fu Xin Bo (付辛博) is Ye Yin’s Shifu (teacher). He’s the silent caring type that is obviously in love with Ye Yin but for some reason has decided not to say anything yet. He dotes on her, chides her and does everything in her best interest.

The male lead, Ya Long, portrayed by Ma Ke (马可) is a vampire. He’s probably a thousand or more years old. As of now, he only shows up when Ye Yin time travels to the past.

Fei Niao (Edited)

Fei Niao, portrayed by Nie Zi Hao (聂子皓) is Ye Yin’s senior and also Shifu’s disciple. His relationship with Ye Yin is like that of an older brother, sometimes teasing her and laughing at her mistakes (creating two robots: one with no arms, one with four arms). Despite all that, he still visibly cares about her.

Summary of the 1st 4 episodes: (not 100% accurate as I’m going off on my memory)
Shifu owns a tea house that sits among the clouds. Everyone who comes have first dreamt about the place and after they leave, they forget everything. I’ll assume it’s a spell Shifu did to keep the place safe. The customers will come with problems that they have and Shifu will look into the root cause of the problem. The solution would be to go back in time and stop that root cause from happening, resolving the problem in the current timeline. Shifu can use his powers without any aid but Ye Yin needs magical cards that she swipes to activate.

Ye Yin celebrates her 18th birthday with a small, slightly romantic slow dance with Shifu. After that, he gave her a black case of card(s) and a bracelet that would bring her back if she said the spell(?) when sunlight hit it. She then went off on her first mission, which was to save a lady, named Ming Yan, from dying due to a misunderstanding about her lover. She lands, rather unceremoniously, in the middle of a forest clearing. She stands by herself for a while and realises that she’d forgotten to bring her cards. A man then appears on horseback and she stops him, hoping for a ride to the nearest city. When the male stops, she sees that it’s her Shifu and is really happy to see him, excitedly saying “Shifu! You must’ve come to bring me my cards.”. Said guy is not her Shifu but a man named Wen Zheng, who looked extremely like him. It is later revealed that Wen Zheng is the emperor, known in history as Qin Shi Huang.

She gets a ride to the city and decides to start with filling her stomach. She couldn’t read the menu but was too prideful to admit it so she ordered some common dishes but the waiter had never heard of the dishes she named. She continued throwing out random dish names until she named one forbidden meat and the waiter called the police on her. She was brought to be trialed so she tried to escape by using her cards (No idea where those came from because didn’t she forget to bring her cards? Or the pack that her Shifu gave her had more than 1 card?) but because she’s a failure of a magic card user, it only made one of her arm disappear. Seeing this, it was decided that she’s a witch and was to be executed immediately.

Just as the sword was coming down on her, Ya Long appeared and saved her, teleporting the both of them to a remote forest. There, he gushed about finally finding her after waiting for 700 years, how he was never going to let her go and wanting her to be his bride. After some “cute” interaction (Ye Yin going “wth I’ve never met you” and Ya Long going “you’re mine”, Ye Yin escapes by swiping her magic card. She then finds her way into the client’s past live self’s house by working as a servant girl.

On the very first night, as she stayed up washing mountains of clothes, she heard movement outside the household’s walls and went to check it out. It turns out to be a group of vampires devouring someone. Before she could leave, one of the vampire spots her and starts towards her. She then took out the card her Shifu gave her and swiped it. Something shoots out from the card, right into the vampire’s mouth, which he spat out immediately. It turns out to be a weird-looking bird. (I’ll have to say that the CGI at this part is pretty bad) Before the vampires could do anything else, the vampire hunters came, essentially saving her. (The vampires are pretty weak, exploding into a flurry of bats as soon as they sustain a hit.)

As she awaits D-day, she bumps into Wen Zheng, the Shifu lookalike, a few more times and we can see that he’s starting to fall for her. He then asks her if she would be willing to go with him to his house. She agrees but stated that she had unfinished business and asks to go in 7 days, which he agrees. On the 7th day, before Wen Zheng could prepare to fetch Ye Yin to his palace, a soldier came with news that they’d investigated Ye Yin and found out that she’s a criminal that was to be executed but had been rescued by Ya Long. So, instead of bring her to his palace, she was brought to the jail. It was also at this moment that Ye Yin realised that her friend was the emperor. In jail, she was asked about her relationship with Ya Long and if she was a witch. From the scenes they had together in the jail, it’s obvious that Wen Zheng really liked her, even saying “It’s ok if you’re a witch, just tell me.”. Though he acted cold towards her, he gave her a huge spread when she hollered across the jail about being hungry. While in jail, her bird came bearing news that Ming Yan had been kidnapped so she sent it to call Wen Zheng to visit her. Wen Zheng was drinking, probably upset about the whole situation, when the bird came and spoke to him, freaking him out. He went to see her at the jail and she managed to convince him that she needed to leave to rescue Ming Yan. After successfully rescuing Ming Yan with Wen Zheng’s help, she promised him that she would go to his palace the following day to have a meal with him. In reality, she was planning to leave as soon as day broke so she kept waving goodbye to him, reluctant to leave.

Ming Yan + Yue 1 (Edited)

Ming Yan had a betrothed, Li Xin, but his brother Li Yue was in love with Ming Yan and believed that his brother had stolen Ming Yan from him. In the original timeline, Li Yue lied to Ming Yan about Li Xin having relations with other woman and Ming Yan committed suicide from grief. Thus, Ye Yin’s mission was to keep an eye on Ming Yan and prevent the suicide from happening. The first time Li Yue tried to confess to Ming Yan, he chickened out (maybe because Ye Yin was around) but the second time, he made sure that they were alone. He then confessed and started to force himself on Ming Yan but Ye Yin came in time, beating him off of her with a random ornament. Ming Yan was angry and said that she didn’t want to see him ever again but Li Yue said that he would kill himself so Ming Yan forgave him. A few days later, Li Yue lured Ming Yan to his house and kidnapped her, bringing her to his secret basement. Ye Yin managed to save Ming Yan with the help of Wen Zheng. With this, her mission is complete.

Necklace (Edited)

In the meantime, Ya Long had appeared at the household twice. On the first time, Ya Long teleported the both of them out of the mansion and onto the streets. The vampire hunters came soon after and Ya Long fought them off. Ye Yin took the chance to run away but he came after her. She then tricked him and secretly swiped her card to send him away but it was the wrong one and instead froze him. Long story short, she saved him by hiding him and wearing his cloak to lure the vampire hunters away. The second time he appeared, she’d already completed her mission and was planning to leave the next morning. He teleported her to his lair, stating that he’d make sure that she’d be the most beautiful vampire bride and gave her his blue stone necklace (which she kept because it looked valuable). More cute interactions occur as Ye Yin continues trying to persuade him otherwise. The next day, just as Ya Long was about to start the ceremony (basically consisting of her drinking a goblet of his blood), the vampire hunters appear (again X’D) and after some fighting, Ye Yin swipes a card that blows all the hunters out of the cave-like lair before swiping a second card to bring her back to the household.

Back at Ming Yan’s house, she realised that it was empty. The bird told her that when the emperor came for her and she was nowhere to be found, he’d taken everyone and imprisoned them. Ye Yin then stormed into the palace, demanding that Ming Yan and her family be let out. Wen Zheng agreed, on the condition that she had a meal with him. They proceeded to have their feast on a long table but Ye Yin got fed up with how difficult it was to have a conversation so she brought him to have a picnic instead. At the picnic, Wen Zheng indirectly confessed his feelings for her, telling her that if she wanted to, she could be his Queen. Ye Yin then explained her situation, telling him that she came from 2000 years in the future. Before they could continue further, a soldier rushed in with a report that a vampire had broken into the palace.

Wen Zheng and Ya Long then proceeded to fight as Ye Yin stood at the side with the soldiers, constantly yelling for them to stop fighting. They disregarded her and continued, getting more intense. So, Ye Yin decided to use her “ultimate move”. She went to a high point, screaming that she’ll jump if they didn’t stop fighting. Wen Zheng immediately relented, pleading with her to get to safety. Smug that her plan had worked, Ye Yin celebrated her victory and accidentally slipped, falling off the edge. Ya Long immediately flew towards her, catching her in time. Just as their feet touched the ground, the sun started to rise and Ye Yin’s bracelet began to glow. She began to float upwards but Ya Long kept his grip on her, reluctant to let her go after finally reuniting with her. She wrestled her hand out of his grip before speaking some words of encouragement to Wen Zheng. After Ye Yin was gone, Ya Long swore that she was the only one for him before teleporting away. Wen Zheng was shocked that she’d been telling the truth about coming from 2000 years in the future, swearing to find a way to live forever so that they could meet again.

Back in the present timeline, Ye Yin came to in her Shifu’s arms and hugged him for a while, saying that she’d missed him terribly. Later, Ye Yin was excited to show Shifu the picture she’d taken of Wen Zheng but all the pictures she’d taken were blurry. Shifu explained to her that she wasn’t supposed to be in that timeline so anything she brought back would be erased by the magnetic fields during time travel. Ye Yin then noticed that the blue stone necklace was still around her neck and asked Shifu about it. He then tried to remove it with his powers but it started to tighten around her neck so he stated that he’d think of another way.

At the end of episode 4, a new client appears. She has haemophobia (a phobia of blood) and according to Shifu, if things continued the way they did, she’d soon come to a point where even hearing the word ‘red’ would cause her to be ill. (At first, it scared me quite a bit because she had blood coming out of both eyes. I have a very low tolerance for horror. Hehe.) After a consultation with Shifu, it’s revealed that in her past life, she was a girl named Xi who’d had her bled out to death. Due to the extreme fear she’d felt throughout the ordeal, it had remained even though she’d reincarnated a few times since then.

So now, Ye Yin will be going on her 2nd mission to save Xi from bleeding to death.

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