Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Introduction

~ List of completed episodes at the end ~


Character Introductions
◊ Main characters:


First, we have our lovely female lead, Zhao Lu Si (赵露思) as Chun Hua (春花). She’s from the Year 2169, where technological advancements have allowed humans to attain immortality but she chooses to trade it for an experience of love. She seeks out a “system” that sends her back in time but before she loses her consciousness, the system tells her that her self-destroying (?) theme is ‘春花秋月何时了’. (When will the spring flowers and autumn moon end – Quite clever if you ask me. On one hand, it includes the names of the two leads, Chun Hua and Qiu Yue. On the other hand, ‘春花秋月’ can also refer to the passing of seasons / time…immortality…any connections? ^^)

Chun Hua is a total ditz for the first 10+ episodes, not my usual taste for the female lead role (but Lu Si is too cute ok) but as the plot thickens and she experiences life in Jianghu, she slowly loses her childlike innocence and eventually finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.


Next we have our male lead Li Hong Yi (李宏毅) as Shang Guan Qiu Yue (上官秋月). He’s the leader of the evil sect Qian Yue Cave and said to be a heartless person who kills indiscriminately. At the start, Qiu Yue goes along with Chun Hua’s assumption that they are siblings, telling her that he’s her older brother. Later, when his lies are exposed, he semi-threatens her to remain as his younger sister. Despite his initial intent of making use of her to defeat the good sects, he slowly finds himself falling for her. Frustratingly, he doesn’t seem to realise his feelings for her, only knowing that he wanted her to stay with him and not Xiao Bai.

I’ve seen him in a few dramas prior to this but the only one I finished was “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me”. I watched a bit of “Prodigy Healer” too but I just couldn’t get myself immersed into the plot despite kind of shipping the leads. Guess who’s ecstatic that they’re the leads for this drama? Hehe. Now. From what I’ve seen in the first two episodes, I feel that his acting has improved quite a bit. He’s able to portray that cheeky playfulness that Qiu Yue has when Chun Hua is around and also that brooding boss with a slightly evil aura when she isn’t around. Really excited for his performance in the future episodes. Also, Qiu Yue is apparently a girly name? Because Chun Hua had expected him to be a female? But honestly, with the makeup they’ve done for him, I have to admit that I see his beauty 😅 as weird as that sounds. Before this, I had NEVER seen him as pretty.


Then we have Wu Jun Yu (吴俊余) as Xiao Bai (萧白). He’s the young leader of the good sects, a righteous gentleman that’s highly skilled in martial arts. At the very beginning, he was pretty hostile towards Chun Hua, even holding her at sword point on several occasions but he soon warms up to her and eventually falls for her. However, because his responsibility as leader had been drilled into him during his childhood, his natural course of action is to place his duties before everything else, sometimes even Chun Hua.

◊ Supporting Characters:

Qin Liu Feng (秦流风) – Son of Chief Qin, Xiao Bai’s best friend and confidant. He has a reputation as a player but is hopelessly in love with Leng Ning. He may sometimes appear frivolous but he is very clever and charming.

Feng Cai Cai (风彩彩) – Daughter of Chief Feng (Feng Qian Wei). A righteous and kind-hearted girl who loves Xiao Bai but when she saw that Xiao Bai and Chun Hua were good for each other, she graciously steps back and even defends Chun Hua on many occasions. Best friends with Leng Ning.

Leng Ning (冷凝) – Daughter of Chief Leng (Leng Ying). A rough-around-the-edges, out-spoken girl who goes around in men’s clothing. Seems to pay a lot of attention to Liu Feng but always rejects his advances. Really likes Cai Cai, who is the epitome of a perfect lady to her. She starts wearing female clothing from Episode 32, when Liu Feng gifted a set to her.

◊ Side Characters:
♠ Feng Ming Manor & Various Good Sects: (Started by Xiao Min)
Chief Xiao (Xiao Yuan) – Xiao Bai’s father (~ Ep 13)
Chief Feng (Feng Qian Wei) – Feng Cai Cai’s father (~ Ep 15)
Chief Leng (Leng Ying) – Leng Ning’s father (~ Ep 37)
Chief Qin (Qin Dao Xian) – Qin Liu Feng’s father
Lu Xiu – Feng Ming Manor’s…housekeeper(?)
Chief Sui Feng (~ Ep 16)

♠ Xing Yue Religion (Original evil sect, started by Nan Xing He – Currently split into two halves)
♡ Qian Yue Cave:
Ye Xing Zhu (Ye Yan) – Qiu Yue’s capable and loyal right hand woman…who’s in love with him?
Gu Xing Zhu (Gu Wan) – In love with Ye Yan, who is the sole reason why he’s at Qian Yue Cave (~ Ep 33)
He Xing Zhu – Colludes with Fu Lou to overthrow Qiu Yue (~ Ep 4)
Shang Guan Hui – Qiu Yue’s mother, sister of Qian Yue Cave’s former leader, had a relationship with Chief Xiao that ended in betrayal (Ep 13)
♡ Chuan Qi Valley:
Fu Lou – Leader, ruthless and evil etc, but is loving towards his wife (~ Ep 26)
You Si – Fu Lou’s wife, a kind and beautiful but sickly woman (~ Ep 26)

◊ Minor Characters: (In order of appearance)
Medical Sage (Ep 1 & 39)
Hua Que – Hua Xiao Lei’s older brother (~ Ep 9)
Lord Hua – Hua Xiao Lei’s father (~ Ep 11)
Chief Li (Li Jian Ling) – Chief Xiao’s former friend (Ep 12-13)
Pu Er – Medical Sage’s brother (Ep 17 ~)
Ling Yang – Chief Leng’s spy in Qian Yue Cave (Ep 21-22)
Li Yu – Medical Sage’s disciple (Ep 28 ~)
Mr Shi – Qiu Yue’s underling who sometimes acts without orders
Lady Boss (of the teahouse) – Mr Shi’s underling, also Li Yu’s mother (Ep 31 ~)

◊ Small fries: (Never makes an appearance lol 😂)
Swordsman Yuan (Yuan Zhi Hai) – You Si’s abusive ex-husband, killed by Fu Lou years ago

So…I’m in love with the OST sung by Li Hong Yi “未完成的瞬间” and gave a go at translating it. Link to the lyrics for “Unfinished Moment” ~

Index: ( ♡ – Fluff / ☆ – Angst )
Episode 1 ~ Meeting the one
Episode 2 ~ Meeting her…brother?
Episode 3 ~ Lunch date
Episode 4 ~ Operation: Find Xin Fa
Episode 5 ~ Poem meet
Episode 6 ~ Busted?
Episode 7 ~ Kidnapped
Episode 8 ~ Mid-Autumn Festival
Episode 9 ~ Reunion
Episode 10 ~ Broken Engagement
Episode 11 ~ The Plot Thickens…
Episode 12 ~ Qiu Yue finds out
Episode 13 ~ The past is revealed
Episode 14 ~ They held hands!
Episode 15 ~ Confession
Episode 16 ~ Longevity Fruit Auction
Episode 17 ~ Poisoned
Episode 18 ~ Chun Hua Qiu Yue ♡
Episode 19 ~ Antidote
Episode 20 ~ Wedding Crasher
Episode 21 ~ Stuck with Qiu Yue ☆
Episode 22 ~ Rescue?… Assassination
Episode 23 ~ Leaving Qian Yue Cave
Episode 24 ~ Volunteer Hostage
Episode 25 ~ Book of Sins
Episode 26 ~ Chuan Qi Valley falls
Episode 27 ~ Drunk
Episode 28 ~ Chuan Qi Valley Rebels ♡
Episode 29 ~ Ice Gorge ♡
Episode 30 ~ The correct fated one ♡♡
Episode 31 ~ Truth or Dare ♡♡
Episode 32 ~ Gu Xing Zhu sows discord ♡☆
Episode 33 ~ Leaving Qiu Yue ☆
Episode 34 ~ Xuan Bing Stone
Episode 35 ~ The investigation continues
Episode 36 ~ Closing in?
Episode 37 ~ Xiao Bai injures Qiu Yue ☆
Episode 38 ~ Zhou Gongzi
Episode 39 ~ Showdown
Episode 40 ~ The End ☆♡


9 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Introduction

  1. hi i just read your post. I really like this drama. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews about this drama in my country. luckily i found this post and blog, you explain it in detail and easy to understand. things that I don’t understand in this drama you explain properly. I also read other posts about this drama that you reviewed. I really like this drama, I can say this drama is the best drama I’ve watched in 2020. At first I was just watching this drama for fun because Korean dramas look more boring and spoilers are scattered everywhere. so I decided to watch this drama. and the result was so unexpected, I was swept away by the story in this drama. It’s not uncommon for me to cry and smile because of this drama. I even fell in love with Shangguan Qiuyue 🤣🤣. Shangguan Qiuyue was very handsome and cute. the costumes, cast, plot and soundtrack made me fall in love with this drama. I also want to ask permission to take a few references regarding your review. I can’t use english so I use google translate. sorry if the translation is not correct. but I hope you can read this comment of mine. Chun Hua Qou Yue, thank you for making my quarantine period not boring. Thank you also for those of you who have reviewed and shared your thoughts about this drama. take care of health and spread love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, glad to have helped 😁
      This is one of my favourite dramas cuz Qiu Yue x Chun Hua are just so cute together 💜

      Saw your post, not sure if you’ve taken references yet, but you can.
      Take care!


  2. Hi Melanie, thank you for all your hard works. I am obsessed with Zhao Lusi and her dramas and that’s how I found Love Better than Immortality and your comments and translations. You rock! My only wish is to find materials of Zhao Lusi’s interviews with English subs:)


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