Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 4

~ Rebellion in Qian Yue Cave? ~


Qin Liu Feng teases Xiao Bai about his kite flying date and Xiao Bai comments that he shouldn’t have told him about the pool incident. Due to her lack of reaction towards the kite, he had arranged for her to stay in Hua Xiao Lei’s rebuilt old room, in hopes that her memories would be triggered. Seeing Xiao Bai’s worry, Qin Liu Feng agrees to help him in return for a few jars of wine.

1 Hurry
( I swear, Liu Feng brings out the cute in Xiao Bai )

Qin Liu Feng reasons that Hua Xiao Lei had never left her room so no one had seen her before. Xiao Bai himself had only met her once when they were young and he hadn’t been able to find any clues so far. In conclusion, Qin Liu Feng suggests getting help from the Hua family by borrowing a painting of Hua Xiao Lei.

After his conversation with Liu Feng, Xiao Bai visits Chun Hua at her new room. Qiu Yue was still there and Chun Hua panicks, attempting to rush her brother out. Qiu Yue remarks that Xiao Bai won’t enter the room and suddenly spoke with Chun Hua’s voice, asking Xiao Bai to enter. He declines, saying that he just wanted to invite her to the annual poem society. Before Chun Hua could reply, Qiu Yue covers her mouth and asked (with Chun Hua’s voice) if Xiao Bai would be going. After his affirmation, Chun Hua happily agrees to go. As Xiao Bai was leaving, Qiu Yue questioned why he was being so good to “me”, changing “my” room and even bringing “me” to the poem society. After a moment of hesitation, Xiao Bai replies that she didn’t have to worry about it but to just believe that he meant her no harm.

3 QY Choke
QY: “Is this fun?”
3 CH Choke
( Oops I think I made him angry )

When they were alone again, Qiu Yue asked Chun Hua how she gained Xiao Bai’s trust, which she brushes off by saying that she just used some small tricks and it was all to get the Xin Fa for him. She then asked him about the voice change, to which he replies that she could do it too. She gave it a go, unsuccessfully, before asking him to teach  it to her again. He motioned for her to turn around before lightly slamming a palm to her back. Chun Hua then tries speaking and Xiao Bai’s voice came out. Delighted, she called herself with his voice and laughed. Qiu Yue looked on with annoyance, telling her that it was enough, demanding that she acquired the Xin Fa in 3 days or he would kill her. Chun Hua quips that he wouldn’t and Qiu Yue grabbed her by the neck. A terrified Chun Hua quickly promises to give it to him in 3 days.

4 Xing Zhus

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Gu Xing Zhu and Ye Xing Zhu had a talk at the entrance steps, with Gu Xing Zhu telling her that he’d heard that their leader wanted Xiao Yuan to be miserable[1] as it was his mother’s last wish.

The scene cuts to Chuan Qi Valley, with Fu Lou talking to his wife (lovingly, I must add) and saying that he had found a medicine that would cure her. He then met with Qian Yue Cave’s He Xing Zhu and told him that it was time. He could either wait to be killed by his servants like he did to his master 3 years ago or he could kill Qiu Yue to become the leader. In Qian Yue Cave, the strongest is the leader, with 9 Xing Zhu beneath him. Revolts aren’t punished but expected and only failure will result in doom. Fu Lou promises to help He Xing Zhu with this task of killing Qiu Yue.

5 Scroll Surprised
( Surprised )
5 Scroll Angry
( then angry )

Qiu Yue’s Qian Yue Cave has many Kungfu Xin Fa but doesn’t have the Su family sword arts because it had been had been hidden in a scroll painting. He Xing Zhu presents it to Qiu Yue and when he touched it, black mist started to emanate from the painting and Qiu Yue’s gaze hardened as the realisation dawned on him. He Xing Zhu then gloats that it was time for him to step down as leader, commanding his men to finish Qiu Yue off but Ye Xing Zhu’s men quickly arrive and killed them. He Xing Zhu then shouts at Ye Xing Zhu that they had had an agreement that whoever killed Qiu Yue would be the next leader, she can’t betray him  now. At that moment, Qiu Yue lets go of the scroll before shooting a glare at He Xing Zhu and hoisting him into a choke-hold with his power. He Xing Zhu begs for death as atonement for his actions and Qiu Yue asked if he was so scary, that one would request to be granted death. He then recalls Chun Hua’s words that life only happened once and it should be cherished. Qiu Yue released his hold on He Xing Zhu and comments that it seemed like he had to be kinder to him in the future, which Ye Xing Zhu accepted as an order.

6 Pond
( He looks so forlorn, maybe regretting putting Chun Hua in a choke hold )

Qiu Yue sat at the pavilion as he gazed at the lotus pond. Ye Xing Zhu approaches him and presents the Su family scroll. Qiu Yue took a look at it and asked her to tell him if she should take it. Understanding the underlying meaning, she replies that he was No.1 in poison and if she had wanted to play tricks on him, she would’ve already died just now. Liking her answer, Qiu Yue changed the subject to ask about He Xing Zhu and she reported that he had lost all his powers and was seeking death. Qiu Yue ordered her to reform him and make sure that he didn’t die. Then he instructed her to send the scroll to Mr Shi as usual. Ye Xing Zhu then suggests sending men to Feng Ming Manor to steal the Xin Fa if he wanted but Qiu Yue rejected it, saying that since Xiao Yuan (Xiao Bai’s father) was already dying, Chun Hua alone would be enough.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Chun Hua was troubled over the Xin Fa as she contemplated whether it could be on Xiao Bai and deciding to practice on Qin Liu Feng first. She got caught immediately but Qin Liu Feng thought that she was trying to steal his money. When Xiao Bai asked her why she would do that, she comments that one needed money to live in this world. Besides, Qin Liu Feng was a playboy and if she didn’t steal his money, was she supposed to steal Xiao Bai’s? Qin Liu Feng was amused at her justification and even more so when Xiao Bai apologised to him on her behalf.

Continuing with her search for the Xin Fa, Chun Hua approaches the only room in Feng Ming Manor that was tightly sealed, certain that the Xin Fa must be there. As she moved to take a step, Xiao Bai appears and she pretends to have sprained her ankle while strolling. Xiao Bai then brings her inside and she stands facing him while he knelt in front of the alter and offered incense. He bowed once, Chun Hua took a peek under the front of the clothed alter. He took another bow, Chun Hua took another peek under the back of the clothed alter. There was no inscriptions. After Xiao Bai was done, Chun Hua asked him what the alter was for and he replies that it had been set up by his ancestor, Xiao Ming. After annihilating Xing Yue Religion, Xiao Ming had felt that the resulting deaths were many and sinful so he set up a memorial tablet for his offsprings to pay their offerings. Xiao Bai adds that after his father had changed it into a study, the incense had never stopped. While Xiao Bai was telling her all this, Chun Hua’s mind was still on the Xin Fa as she knocked on the wall behind the decorative scrolls, searching for any hidden compartments. Xiao Bai continues by saying that sacrifices were inevitable and she agrees with him, saying that everything he said was right. After Chun Hua paced away from her spot, Xiao Bai notices that the scroll had tilted and went to adjust it, revealing a writing on the wall behind another scroll. Chun Hua rushes forward to look at it but saw that it wasn’t the Xin Fa. Xiao Bai comments that it was just the elder’s past.

8 Write CH
“No.1 pretty man in the world”
8 Write XB
( Xiao Bai’s writing is way better I’m sorry )

Chun Hua continues with her search around the room, stomping on the floor to check for hidden compartments. Noticing this, Xiao Bai asked what she was looking for and she bluffed that she was looking for a brush and paper to practice her writing since they were in a study. Xiao Bai then prepared a brush and paper for her and left with no other choice, Chun Hua started writing as Xiao Bai looked on. She then proudly lifted up her paper, very satisfied with what she had written “No.1 pretty man in the world”. She praised herself, saying that she was as good as her husband, that they were such a perfect pair. Xiao Bai looked away and didn’t respond to her so she changed her writing to “No.2 pretty man in the world”. Xiao Bai turned to leave upon seeing this and she hollered after him, asking if he wasn’t going to write something to describe her. Left alone in the study, Chun Hua continued to praise herself as the camera zooms in on another writing behind her, with the author signed as Xiao Bai.

Back in her new room, Chun Hua was still marveling at her own writing when Qiu Yue suddenly came. He asked about why she had written “No.2” and she bluffed that it was because he is No.1. Qiu Yue immediately called her out on her lie, saying that it was because Xiao Bai hadn’t accepted the “No.1” writing, which Chun Hua sheepishly admits to. He then reminded her about the Xin Fa and she updated him about having checked the study but it only had books and a tablet with no words. As they conversed, Chun Hua realises that Xing Yue Religion was Qian Yue Cave’s predecessor. Qiu Yue states that their enmity had been set a hundred years ago. Their conversation soon drifted back to Xin Fa and Kungfu, with Chun Hua realising that Qiu Yue knew about her wanting to learn Xiao Bai’s Feng Ming Sword, albeit to chop firewood. Before he left, she promised to get the Xin Fa and Xiao Bai. Qiu Yue retorts that just the Xin Fa will do, she shouldn’t net Xiao Bai too.

( So. Cute. Especially his hands )

After Qiu Yue left, Chun Hua went to find Xiao Bai as he was bathing, bringing along another set of clothes which she asked him to wear. When he refused, she took his tray of clothes and turned around as she patted down his mound of clothing, telling him that he could either wear the set she had brought or wear nothing. Xiao Bai relented and asked her to put it down. After doing so, Chun Hua looks at him expectantly, waiting for him to try on the clothing. Xiao Bai then asked her to come closer and when she did, he spun her around and locked her meridian point before changing and setting her free. Chun Hua grabbed the tray of clothing and rushes after him, shouting for him to try it on.

Night falls and Qiu Yue walks into an inn that Ye Xing Zhu was making preparations for Chun Hua’s arrival in. As per Qiu Yue’s orders, she had removed all the staff and left two waiters, an older sensible servant from Qian Yue Cave and a younger one that didn’t know any Kungfu. Qiu Yue instructs her to leave the innkeeper as it would be too suspicious otherwise. Ye Xing Zhu then tells him that he didn’t have to come down personally, to which he replies by asking her if she was worried for him. Ye Xing Zhu denies this, saying that he was more powerful than her. Qiu Yue then explains to her that they can’t just stay inside all day and need to come out to know what was going on in the outside world. A rumour had spread that Qian Yue Cave was led by a bunch of hideous people and he told her that they should find a chance to clear up this rumour,

[1] To be so miserable to the point that one would be better of dead


At this point, with the constant thought at the back of my mind that Xiao Bai won’t end up with Chun Hua, my only consolation is his interactions with Qin Liu Feng. Otherwise I would feel too bad for him. (I’m also watching “The Untamed” currently and their personalities are similar to Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji ! ❤ )

The voice change thing that Qiu Yue did was hilarious, mainly because Qiu Yue’s tone is really different and un-Chun Hua-like. Chun Hua laughing as she called out her name with Xiao Bai’s voice was also really cute. The glare that Qiu Yue shot her though X’D

Now. I know it has only been four episodes in but I’ve never been so shooketh in my life, over a drama scene. Qiu Yue held Chun Hua in a choke-hold! I’m like…*speechless*
Remember what I said about Qiu Yue’s evil-ness in Episode 3? Forget it. Forget everything because this was 10 times more shocking. I mean, even Chun Hua was shook too! I’m starting to doubt every opinion I’ve formed of Qiu Yue so far. Maybe he really is just using her. I had thought that he started out with the intention to use her but slowly warmed up to her. Apparently not?! Or maybe he just grew impatient and lost control of his feelings? IDK?! I’m confused.

QY smile
( This was a sarcastic smile but GAWD it’s so cute )

We’re seeing Xiao Bai smile more! But whenever he smiles, especially at Chun Hua, I get this sense of impending doom…his heart will be broken T^T

Chun Hua is so silly I cannot. Favourite scene from this episode would have to be the one at the study room, first when she peeked under the cloth, second when Xiao Bai handed her the paper and brush. The sound effects just added to the comedic factor, which I desperately need because there’s a tsunami of angst coming I can just feel it!

Also, I’d just like to add that Fu Lou is so sweet with his wife that it’s weirdly unsettling? X’D They’re so different, like night and day. Even Chun Hua and Qiu Yue aren’t that different. I would describe them as dawn and night. Not too far apart. Hehe. And! I think Gu Xing Zhu likes Ye Xing Zhu?! Idk. He called her very intimately. Maybe they were childhood friends or something.

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2 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 4

  1. I just finished the drama. Love to be able to read your summaries and your thoughts on it.

    I thought there was something off about Gu Xing Zhu too, but made the connection much later that he was in love with Ye Yan.


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