Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 5

~ Chun Hua meets her love rival ~


1 Su Xin Fa
( Finding Su family’s Xin Fa being sold on the streets )

It is finally the day of the poem meet. Xiao Bai appears and Chun Hua and Liu Feng bicker about his dressing, with Chun Hua retorting that Xiao Bai looked handsome and modest in white, nothing like the playboy Liu Feng was suggesting. Upon arriving at their destination, Chun Hua wanders off excitedly while Xiao Bai and Liu Feng come across people selling the Su family’s Xin Fa on the streets. After a few enquiries, they realise that the books had come from the mysterious Mr Shi and that the Su family’s leader had killed himself over this. Xiao Bai bought all their books, deducing that Mr Shi must have relations to the evil sects.

The trio continued to their inn where we are introduced to two new characters. The first being Feng Cai Cai, daughter of swordsman Feng Qian Wei, a beautiful lady who was a master at Kungfu and according to Liu Feng, matched Xiao Bai. The second was Leng Ning, daughter of swordsman Leng Ying. Qin Liu Feng likes Leng Ning and described her to Chun Hua as a ‘masterpiece’. Hearing that Leng Ning was already at the inn, Liu Feng hurried away to change his clothes.

2 Cai Cai
( Feng Cai Cai )
2 Leng Ning
( Leng Ning )

Later, both Feng Cai Cai and Leng Ning descend the stairs as the trio watched from below. Qin Liu Feng tells Chun Hua that the most beautiful and outstanding one was Leng Ning and she immediately approached to greet her. However, she greeted Feng Cai Cai instead because Leng Ning was dressed in men’s clothing.

3 XB precious
( Isn’t that smile precious? )

It was soon time for lunch and the five of them sat around a table. Feng Cai Cai gifted Xiao Bai a long gown that she had made, explaining that she had chosen a darker colour because it would make him appear more dignified. Chun Hua mumbled to herself that the clothing she had prepared for Xiao Bai looked nicer and in an act of jealousy, she took the clothing from Xiao Bai, saying that she admired Leng Ning’s clothes and wanted to try men’s clothing too. Despite Feng Cai Cai’s protest that the clothing wouldn’t fit her, Chun Hua tells her that she would be in charge of Xiao Bai’s clothing from then on. Chun Hua then returned her attention to the food, putting meat in Xiao Bai’s bowl. Feng Cai Cai and Leng Ning’s expressions turn serious. Liu Feng followed her actions, suddenly putting vegetables in her bowl before inviting her to visit his residence, adding that she could also stay there if she liked. Chun Hua knew that he was trying to make Leng Ning jealous so she replied that she was honoured but would have to ask Xiao Bai because she was a distinguished guest at his residence. Liu Feng then asked for Xiao Bai’s permission and Xiao Bai told him not to put him on the spot, his awkwardness clear. Chun Hua then made an excuse saying that she had to accompany Xiao Bai because he saved her life. Besides, Liu Feng already had many girls surrounding him. Xiao Bai smiled sweetly upon hearing her words.

At Chuan Qi Valley, Fu Lou’s man report back to him about the lack of news regarding He Xing Zhu’s rebellion and Fu Lou assumes that he had died. He added that ever since the Medical Sage’s death, there had been no news about the Longevity Fruit and ordered his man to continue their search and kill anyone who stood in their way.


Meanwhile at Qian Yue Cave, Gu Xing Zhu reports back to Qiu Yue and was asked why the Medical Sage was so feeble. Gu Xing Zhu immediately fell to his knees and admitted that he had given Feng Qian Wei the medicine to make a puppet. At this, Qiu Yue turns around to face him and Gu Xing Zhu clenched his fists around his clothes in fear. Qiu Yue approached him and put a hand on his shoulder, asking him to stand before commenting that one fruit had caused chaos among the good sects and praising Gu Xing Zhu for a job well done. He then wondered out loud about why Fu Lou would care for the Longevity Fruit and Gu Xing Zhu whispered to him that it was because of his wife. Qiu Yue then comments that this was interesting.

5 Bribe
CH: “It was a plan I racked my brains to come up with.”

Back at the inn, Chun Hua bribes the waiter and he brought her to a room as per her request. Inside was Qiu Yue, waiting for her with a smirk on his face. Shocked, Chun Hua quickly shuts the door and asked why he was here, with Qiu Yue replying that she always worried him so he followed her everywhere. She then realised that the waiter was Qiu Yue’s man and asked him about the other staffs. Nonchalantly, Qiu Yu replies that they have been killed and Chun Hua froze in shock for a moment before finding her words and telling him that it wasn’t good to kill innocent people. Qiu Yue then told her that he had prepared this room for her, large and comfortable. Chun Hua however, had planned to room with Xiao Bai and accidentally said that out loud. Qiu Yue’s gaze on her intensified and she quickly added that it was a plan she had thought up and slinging an arm around Qiu Yue, she told him that she had already searched the whole of Feng Ming Manor but the Xin Fa was nowhere to be found so it must be on Xiao Bai. Qiu Yue then told her that he would give her a few more days.

Night fell and Leng Ying and Feng Qian Wei meet in the woods to discuss the Longevity Fruit. Feng Qian Wei told Leng Ying that Chun Hua had really lost her memories so they won’t be able to get any clues on the fruit’s whereabouts from her.

Back at the inn, Chun Hua opens her window to gaze upon the moon and coincidentally, Xiao Bai also opens his window and Chun Hua says the first thing that came to her mind – the first line of a poem that spoke of the moonlight. Xiao Bai replies in agreement that the moon was beautiful but at that moment, the window between the both of theirs open and Cai Cai pops her head out. Chun Hua quickly closed her window and Cai Cai starts talking to Xiao Bai about their childhood. After hearing their conversation, jealousy bloomed in Chun Hua and she pops back out to tell Cai Cai that her voice was very loud and that it kept her from sleeping. Cai Cai quickly apologised and Xiao Bai told Chun Hua to rest early.

6 QY shushed
( That look of shock and disbelief when she shook off his arm )

Instead of going to bed, Chun Hua took a bath with flower petals all around her. When she was done with her bath, she stands up only to see that Xiao Bai had entered at that moment. We soon find out that it had all been her fantasies about Xiao Bai. Done with her bath for real this time, Chun Hua stands up only to have Qiu Yue walk in on her at that exact moment. Contrary to Qiu Yue’s indifferent expression, Chun Hua screams and slips, splashing right back into the bath. Back in her room, Qiu Yue helps her to dry her hair as he commented that if he hadn’t come back, he wouldn’t have known that she was planning to use the honey trap. Still shocked, Chun Hua asked him how he could act like nothing happened after appearing suddenly and peeking at her. Qiu Yue refutes her accusations, saying that it wasn’t peeking because they had grown up together and besides, there was nothing that he hadn’t already seen. At this, Chun Hua had the thought that Xiao Bai wasn’t romantic and Qiu Yue was shameless. What is wrong with the system? It’s too crazy. She then sneezed and Qiu Yue shifted closer to put an arm around her. A knock suddenly sounded on her door. It was Xiao Bai who had come to ask if she was alright and she quickly shakes Qiu Yue’s arm off her before hollering to Xiao Bai that she was alright and had just gotten a shock after seeing a big rat in her room. After Xiao Bai left, Qiu Yue reminds her that she was a siren, not a fairy, and not to use the honey trap because she would only make a fool out of herself. Chun Hua then warns him that there would be a lot of people at the poem meet, and that he wouldn’t reap anything if he came. Qiu Yue replies that she should just take care of herself.

7 Come
QY: “Come.”

The next morning, as Fu Lou was on his way to the poem meet, Qiu Yue arrives and blocks his path. A fight ensues, with Fu Lou getting the upper hand and putting Qiu Yue at weapon point. Qiu Yue taunts him, asking Fu Lou to kill him if he dared to. Fu Lou rescinds his weapon, saying that Qiu Yue had three Xing Zhus lying in ambush less than seven meters of their location, dozens of Qian Yue servants hiding at several points and three different bottles of poison up his sleeve. Qiu Yue then says to Fu Lou that he had killed his former teacher, imprisoned the teacher’s wife and fled to the evil sect after that. In addition, he had also instigated a rebellion in Qian Yue Cave and that the road he had taken so far didn’t depend on living an ignoble existence but by being a renegade. Qiu Yue then questions Fu Lou about why he wanted the Longevity Fruit before hinting about his knowledge on Fu Lou’s wife, angering him.

8 Poem

At the same time, Chun Hua was attending the poem meet and realises that she had already heard the poems from the future she came from and comments that the system was lazy, confident that she would be the best.


Chun Hua being jealous of Lady Cai Cai was hilarious because she starts being blatantly passive-aggressive and I think Xiao Bai actually kind of likes it!? Xiao Bai is a gentleman and has been raised to be very courteous, unlike Chun Hua who just blurts out whatever she is thinking about, so when Qin Liu Feng puts him on the spot by suggesting that Chun Hua stayed over at his house, he is against the idea but unable to voice his objection, simply asking Qin Liu Feng not to put him on the spot. It is at this point that Xiao Bai and Chun Hua’s compatibility really showed for me as she eloquently rejected Qin Liu Feng’s invitation and let me tell you, the smile that Xiao Bai had on his face when she rejected Qin Liu Feng’s invitation is precious.

Qiu Yue is obnoxious as usual, with his smirks and teasing gazes towards Chun Hua. When he walked in on Chun Hua bathing, I knew that he wouldn’t freak out and apologise like Xiao Bai would but what I didn’t expect was that he would continue to stand there and look at her. I mean, at least have some decency to turn around right? Besides that, I’m starting to feel different vibes from him in his treatment towards his subordinates. Previously when Gu Xing Zhu had bowed in apology, Qiu Yue had just walked away and left him there but now, he asked for him to stand. However, that could just be due to the different circumstance and I’m just looking too much into it. Lastly, his expressions in this episode is killing me and I’m not going down alone, so let’s cue a picture spam.

QY 2 (Walked in 1)
( When he first walked in on her – At least he has the decency to look shocked )
QY 2 (Walked in 2)
( When he continued to look at her – Qiu Yue you little- )
QY 1 (Waiting)
( Chun Hua wasted her money – Bribing the waiter only to get this )

I don’t know what to feel about the introduction of Cai Cai’s character. It was kind of abrupt and it felt to me like the writers just decided that things were going too smoothly for Chun Hua and that she needed some competition. Haha. Cai Cai’s character is similar to Xiao Bai’s, in the sense that she’s also very courteous and has a great hold on her emotions although we can clearly see that she doesn’t like how close Chun Hua was with Xiao Bai. Since we all know by now that Chun Hua will end up with Qiu Yue, maybe Cai Cai will get her happy ending with Xiao Bai? At this point, I don’t care for Cai Cai but I hope to see Xiao Bai happy.

Also, five episodes in and we’re starting to see hints of the turmoil that will come later. Feng Cai Cai’s father, Feng Qian Wei, was given a medicine to create a puppet by Gu Xing Zhu and this puppet is somehow related to the Medical Sage’s death? Hmm… In addition, I didn’t mention this in my post for Episode 1 (because I thought he wasn’t important lol) but when Chun Hua first arrived at this world, Feng Qian Wei was the one that had immediately accused her of murdering the Medical Sage (without conducting any investigations) and tried to kill her. Also, when the barely conscious Medical Sage had been asked to point out the perpetrator, he had pointed in Feng Qian Wei and Chun Hua’s general direction before dying. If Feng Qian Wei was really connected to the Medical Sage’s death, it would explain his haste to finish her off. Lastly, Feng Qian Wei and Leng Ying meeting in the woods at night to discuss the Longevity Fruit is highly suspicious. They even called for their men to step away! These two are the fathers of the newly introduced Cai Cai and Leng Ning so I’m excited to see where this will go. Will it become a classic case of evil dad and good daughter?

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4 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 5

  1. I’m convinced that this is the episode where he starts to fall for her. I often wonder if he fell for her at the very beginning.


  2. I think he definitely took notice of her, and the feelings grew stronger the more time he spent with her. They are just so cute together!


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