Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 7

~ Chun Hua and Cai Cai are abducted! ~


2 QY shuts CH

Cai Cai brought her to the woods and Chun Hua asked her what she wanted as she stood, unable to move. Feng Qian Wei and his men soon arrive, with Qiu Yue among the masked men. Chun Hua started to admonish Cai Cai but Qiu Yue quickly covered her mouth. Feng Qian Wei told his daughter that she didn’t need to bother herself with this anymore and brought Chun Hua away. Cai Cai could only look after them worriedly. Qiu Yue carried Chun Hua over his shoulder as they went along, until Feng Qian Wei called for them to stop. Qiu Yue put her down and she started to scold Feng Qian Wei but Qiu Yue covered her mouth once more. Feng Qian Wei spoke to his men, telling them that he was here to meet Fu Lou and that they didn’t need to know the details, before continuing on his way. Qiu Yue made a move to carry Chun Hua again but she told him to hold on. After checking that the rest were a distance away, she asked Qiu Yue what they wanted to do with her. He replied that Feng Qian Wei had promised to marry her to him. Chun Hua then told him that her brother was Shang Guan Qiu Yue and if he knew about this, he will kill them all. Qiu Yue stared at her wordlessly and she told him that her brother liked to dig out people’s eye and will dig his out to play like a ball. Qiu Yue ignored her words and proceeded to carry her bridal style, to which Chun Hua stuttered that if her brother knew, he will cut off his hands.

1 CH
CH: “You have the guts to glare at me?”
1 QY
( Stare intensifies )

Fu Lou was already at the meeting point and when he saw Feng Qian Wei, he commended that he was a good helper and that he would look for him the next time he needed something done. Feng Qian Wei warned Fu Lou not to go back on his word, angering Fu Lou and both sides soon had their swords drawn. Feng Qian Wei told Fu Lou that if he didn’t keep his word, he will not hand Chun Hua over to him, even if it meant killing her. Feng Qian Wei then drew his sword at Chun Hua but Qiu Yue pulled her out of harms way. Fu Lou and Feng Qian Wei then exchanged a few blows before Feng Qian Wei flew away. Fu Lou looked back at his men just in time to see them beaten down by a masked Qiu Yue. He advanced to attack Feng Qian Wei’s last standing man and Qiu Yue burst out of his black masked man outfit to reveal his usual white outfit. Chun Hua was overjoyed to see him and called out to him. Fu Lou stood shocked at what he had heard and Qiu Yue walked towards her, asking if she wanted to cause his death, before removing her seal and leaving. A shocked Chun Hua was left alone with Fu Lou who brought her with him. On the way back to Chuan Qi Valley, they met Cai Cai who had been following Chun Hua the whole time. Seeing her, Chun Hua discreetly motioned for her to leave but the brave and righteous Cai Cai attacked Fu Lou and the both ended up at Chuan Qi Cave.

3 In the dungeon

Both Chun Hua and Cai Cai soon awaken and Fu Lou entered the dungeon they were in. Cai Cai immediately attacked Fu Lou but was blasted by him instead. Fu Lou then grabbed Chun Hua’s right wrist in a painful hold as he questioned the relation between her and Xiao Bai. Hearing her reply that they were relatives, Fu Lou grabbed her in a choke-hold, commenting that Xiao Bai cared so much about a relative of unknown origin like her, even going so far as to get the Longevity Fruit from the Medical Sage for her. Chun Hua managed to choke out that she was his wife and Fu Lou finally let her go. She then clarified that she was his future wife, that they had an agreement because Xiao Bai had saved her. Confused, Fu Lou questioned her, asking wasn’t it her brother that had saved her? Chun Hua then had a flashback to when Xiao Bai had held her at sword point, asking what her relation with Fu Lou was, that he would save her. Deducing that it was Fu Lou that had saved her back then, Chun Hua told him that Qiu Yue didn’t want her to marry Xiao Bai so he had left her alone. Fu Lou then called for his servant to arrange a room for Chun Hua but to kill Cai Cai. Chun Hua jumped protectively in front of Cai Cai, saying that he would have to kill her first. Fortunately, before things could progress any further, the servant informed Fu Lou that his wife was looking for him and he left, instructing that the two be left there for now.

4 QY came back for CH
CH: “Why did you leave me behind.” T^T

Chun Hua knelt over Cai Cai worriedly as she contemplated the situation they were in. She felt a hand on her shoulder that helped her up, only to see that it was Qiu Yue. Shocked but relieved, Chun Hua hugged him as she cried, asking why he had left her behind. Qiu Yue explained to her that it was for her safety because Fu Lou would use her against him if he knew how important she was to him. Chun Hua then whined to him that her hand was broken and Qiu Yue checked it out with his powers, telling her that it had just been dislocated and he could treat it. Chun Hua was still upset that he had left her behind and grumbled that he was just trying to bribe her. Qiu Yue asked what she wanted and she threatened to act frivolously with him when she got better. Qiu Yue replied that she didn’t have to wait, before grabbing her dislocated wrist and planting his lips on hers. He kept his lips on hers as he relocated her wrist, later explaining to her that it was a win win situation because he could stop her from screaming in pain and satisfy her request to act frivolously. Sensing her shock, Qiu Yue changed the topic, asking Chun Hua if Xiao Bai had ever acted frivolously with her. Before she could reply, he remarked that Xiao Bai wouldn’t do that because he was a gentleman, so he changed the question to ask if she had ever acted frivolously with Xiao Bai. Chun Hua then told him of Fu Lou’s assumption that Xiao Bai had gotten the Longevity Fruit from the Medical Sage for her. Soon, Qiu Yue told her that he had to leave and couldn’t bring her along due to the security at Chuan Qi Valley but that Fu Lou’s wife could help her. Cai Cai stirred slightly so Qiu Yue quickly left before Chun Hua could remember to ask him to help Cai Cai.

5 Meeting You Si
CH: “They’re holding us hostage here!”

Chun Hua escaped to the flower fields and met Fu Lou’s wife. She was a beautiful but sickly lady named You Si. Despite Chun Hua trying to explain her situation to You Si, she kept insisting that her husband was a good guy. Even so, You Si instructed her husband’s men to prepare a carriage for Chun Hua and Cai Cai. Worried that the men will recapture them as soon as they were out of You Si’s sight, Chun Hua suggested that You Si saw them off but she told Chun Hua that she had promised her husband that she wouldn’t leave. Unfazed, Chun Hua suggested that she saw them off at the carriage. The carriage had been prepared but before they could leave, Fu Lou came. Fu Lou explained to his wife that he had planned to see them off but one of them had gotten injured so he had let them stay to recover. Fu Lou then stared at Chun Hua and she quickly agreed with him, furiously nodding as she told You Si that Fu Lou was a good person. Before they left, Chun Hua stilled as she saw the way Fu Lou treated You Si with loving care.

6 QY to the rescue
CH: “Ge Ge, please save Cai Cai.”

Away from Chuan Qi Valley, Chun Hua squatted on the ground as she pondered what to do. The horse refused to move any further and Cai Cai was still unconscious. She felt a hand on her arm again and looked up only to see Qiu Yue. Relief flooded her and she asked him to save Cai Cai but he refused, saying that Cai Cai had plotted against her, suggesting that they went for a stroll instead. Chun Hua refused and tried in vain to wake Cai Cai before exiting the carriage to beg him. A thought suddenly came to Chun Hua and she voiced it, asking if he had done something to Cai Cai but he denied her accusations, telling her that Cai Cai was already dying from Fu Lou’s hit and he didn’t need to do anything. Qiu Yue then changed the subject, saying that it was thanks to her that he knew that Fu Lou had such a kind wife. Chun Hua added that You Si was beautiful and kind, only that her body was weak. Qiu Yue then commented that if such a weak wife was known to the world, Fu Lou would have a lot to worry about, so she shouldn’t tell anyone else. Chun Hua compared it to how Qiu Yue didn’t want anyone to know that he was her brother and grabbed his hand. Feeling the coolness of his skin, Chun Hua forgot what she was about to say and asked him about his temperature instead. Qiu Yue told her that he had grown up in the ice but she had grown up in the center of his palm. Their mum was dead, killed by the people at Feng Ming Manor. She had screamed their names as she died, asking them to avenge her. Qiu Yue then told her she now knew the reason why he wanted the Xin Fa so badly. Perplexed Chun Hua turned to look at the carriage Cai Cai lay unconscious in and Qiu Yue placed a pill in her hand, telling her that Cai Cai would be fine after five minutes of taking it, before leaving once more.

Cai Cai finally regained consciousness and they discussed everything that had happened that day. Chun Hua told Cai Cai that she had to apologise because everything wouldn’t have happened if her and her father hadn’t abducted her. Cai Cai replied that she was wrong but that there were many doubtful things. Chun Hua retorted that her dad and Fu Lou’s relation was the most questionable part. Cai Cai promised to question her father and if he really was on Fu Lou’s side, she would not bend the law to help him. Chun Hua added that evidence would be needed otherwise she will think that Cai Cai was trying to tear her and Xiao Bai apart. Upon their return to Feng Ming Manor, Chun Hua made an excuse to Xiao Bai that they had talked through their differences and forgotten the time. Cai Cai however tells Xiao Bai that she was still suspicious of Chun Hua’s identity, much to her surprise. Under Chun Hua’s discreet urging, Cai Cai relented that Chun Hua must have been messing around while drunk and that she must have misheard Xiao Bai’s voice.


Favourite part in this episode? Chun Hua telling Qiu Yue about Qiu Yue X’D What with digging out his eyes and cutting off his hands. Really enjoyed their expressions, the indignant look she had as she tried to convince him that Qiu Yue would come after him, the aloof way he looked at her, love it! Also, Qiu Yue coming to her rescue time and again, who said it was Xiao Bai who saved you every time you were in trouble? It’s Qiu Yue! Realise this already T^T ~ Cue another Qiu Yue photo spam because I just saw the trailer for Ep 37 and my heart hurts.



As usual, Xiao Bai and Liu Feng’s interactions are adorable. Favourite so far would be when Xiao Bai was unrolling the painting of Hua Xiao Lei.

Ok. Cai Cai ain’t that bad. She won me over when she attacked Fu Lou the second time. I was also very satisfied with her reply that she wouldn’t cover for her father if he really had relations to Fu Lou. A just, righteous and brave young lady. All we’re missing is a male lead and she could be the heroine of her own story. On another note, I notice that Cai Cai’s accessories changed once they were back at Feng Ming Manor and I’m pretty sure that they hadn’t gone back to their rooms yet so it’s an error. I spotted an error!! X’D

CC Ver2
( Compare this to when they were at Chuan Qi Cave )

Feng Qian Wei…I knew he was bad! See! Killed the Medical Sage, conspired with Leng Ying to hunt for the Longevity Fruit, kidnapped Chun Hua, we’ll see the list of crimes grow. There might even be more that we do not know of yet! He is walking a dangerous path and will get himself killed sooner or later.

You Si…I have a bad feeling that something bad will happen to her. She’s too kind and frail and weak…

Episode 6  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 8
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢


5 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 7

  1. Thank you for the synopsis… 😆 like it so much. I have understand the drama more when i read yours. I already watched the drama till the end. But there is some part that i dont understand. Hehe. I will wait for the synopsis, fighting 💪

    Actually, i like the instrumental music when Qiu yue grabbed Chun hua hands in the dungeon. Do you know the title of that music? I have searched for it till now, but still cant find it. 😭 please tell me if you know about it please…


      1. 😭 too bad…I have asked this question in another platform too, but there is nothing i get till now. Even someone told me to search in youtube. But there is no clue bout the song.
        Thank you for the answer, if there is any chance you find information about the song. Please let me know. 😊


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