Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 11

~ Qiu Yue’s identity is exposed! And…a marriage proposal? ~


Xiao Bai then makes a move to leave and on his insistence that she couldn’t return with him yet, Chun Hua relented and offered to walk him out instead. Qiu Yue then went to find Lord Hua who asked him about Hua Que’s location and the rumours regarding the Longevity Fruit that had caused Xiao Bai to return. Qiu Yue replies that he had promised to make Xiao Bai leave but hadn’t guaranteed whether he would return, adding that he could do that, only if Lord Hua was willing to pay the price. Lord Hua then questioned Qiu Yue’s true identity.

Outside, Xiao Bai, Liu Feng and Chun Hua knocked on a neighbour’s door, telling the neighbour that they were there to deliver a drawing of Hua Que that he had commissioned but there wasn’t anyone home, asking if he could help to pass it to the Hua Manor. The neighbour unrolled the drawing and commented that they must have made a mistake because the drawing wasn’t of Hua Que. Worried for Lord Hua’s safety but wary of alerting the enemy, Xiao Bai told Liu Feng to return to the inn while he and Chun Hua returned to the Hua Manor to check on Lord Hua. Seeing Chief Leng entering Hua Manor with a few men, Xiao Bai and Chun Hua quickly hurried inside.

1 Not my son
Lord Hua: “He is not my son!”
1 CH
( CH: Oooooooh )

Inside Hua Manor, Chief Leng and his men had rounded up everyone, demanding for the Longevity Fruit to be handed over. Hua Que (Qiu Yue) insists that he didn’t know its location, asking Chief Leng to get it from his father and spare his life. Hearing this, Lord Hua denied that Qiu Yue was his son, causing Qiu Yue to question how he could disown his own son like that. At the same time, Chun Hua who was in the know about Qiu Yue’s identity looked on curiously. Soon, Fu Lou appeared and Qiu Yue acknowledged him, instantly changing back to his usual white robes, much to Xiao Bai’s shock. After commenting that he had tried to help them search for the Longevity Fruit to no avail, Qiu Yue grabbed Chun Hua with his hidden weapon and flew away, Xiao Bai quickly giving chase.

A fight ensued at Hua Manor, with Fu Lou immediately going for Lord Hua but being intercepted by Chief Leng. After they’ve exchanged a few blows, Chief Feng arrives and fights Fu Lou instead, telling Chief Leng to search for the Longevity Fruit. Chief Leng corners and puts Lord Hua in a chokehold as he demanded for the Longevity Fruit’s location. Lord Hua denies everything, saying that they had all been tricked by the evil sects. At that moment, Fu Lou defeats Chief Feng and comes for them. Chief Leng quickly pushes Lord Hua towards Fu Lou, but not before hitting him with one last fatal blow. As Fu Lou caught Lord Hua and asked about the Longevity Fruit, Chief Feng and Chief Leng quickly escaped.

2 QY
( The moment Chun Hua jumped in front of Xiao Bai )

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai was in an air pursuit with Qiu Yue and Chun Hua. When Xiao Bai drew his sword, Qiu Yue immediately descended into the woods below, landing in a bamboo forest. They fought as Chun Hua watched from the side anxiously. Soon, Xiao Bai was caught unprepared in one of Qiu Yue’s attacks and Chun Hua quickly stepped in front of him. Qiu Yue immediately retracted his weapon and Chun Hua opened her eyes only to see Xiao Bai’s sword flashing in front of her face as he maneuvered a counter-attack. Qiu Yue quickly flew away after this exchange and Chun Hua told Xiao Bai that the one move he had done with his sword was dangerous, with Xiao Bai countering that he would never do anything without being certain of the outcome.

3 CH
CH: “Hua Xiao Lei…is too pitiful.”
3 XB
( XB looks so~ cute )

Xiao Bai and Chun Hua arrived back at Hua Manor only to see Fu Lou fleeing the scene. Chun Hua gasped in shock as she surveyed the area, Xiao Bai’s grip tightening around his sword before he saw Lord Hua and rushed towards him. Lord Hua had already passed and Xiao Bai closed his eyes, Liu Feng and the other two ladies arriving at that very moment. Xiao Bai briefly told them everything that had happened, concluding that Chun Hua would be returning to Feng Ming Manor with them. Later, Chun Hua stared forlornly at a portrait of Hua Xiao Lei as she lamented everything that had happened to the poor girl’s family. Xiao Bai and Liu Feng stood outside as they discussed everything that had happened, with Liu Feng commenting that he felt sorry for Chun Hua. Soon, Chun Hua was ready to leave and Xiao Bai slipped up when he called after her, calling her “Hua – “, much to Liu Feng’s surprise. Xiao Bai corrected himself and told her that Feng Ming Manor would be her home from now on. On the way back, Xiao Bai and Liu Feng discussed and concluded that Qiu Yue might have been after Chun Hua to use her to threaten Xiao Bai.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Xiao Bai reported everything to his father who instructed him to distribute a portrait of Qiu Yue and asked what he had planned for Hua Xiao Lei. Back in her room, the days’ events finally caught up with her and Chun Hua stumbled as a wave of dizziness hit her. Qiu Yue suddenly appeared and caught her but she quickly put distance between them, telling him that after what he had done to the Hua family, she didn’t want to see him anymore. Qiu Yue retorts that the killings had been done by Fu Lou but Chun Hua replies that she would never forgive him. Before he left, Qiu Yue told her that she was his only family.

4 LF
LF: “Congratulations, Lady Chun Hua.”
4 Proposal
CH: “Oh My God!”
4 CH
CH: “Ahahaha!”

We then skip ahead to a month later, where Chun Hua wakes to see the Ice Silkworm Pearl bracelet on her table. Xiao Bai called out for her from outside her room and she quickly hid the pearl in her clothes before opening the door. He asked if she had any plans for the future and if she was comfortable staying there. Chun Hua misunderstands that he wanted her to leave and she voiced this question to him. Liu Feng who had been eavesdropping was frustrated at how the conversation was going and butted in, telling Chun Hua that he had important matters to discuss with Xiao Bai. Liu Feng had to drag Xiao Bai by the arm because he was unwilling to leave, constantly calling out for Chun Hua. Away from Chun Hua in another room, Liu Feng advised that he didn’t need to say anything else because Chun Hua had already confided in him about her feelings towards Xiao Bai. Liu Feng then went to see Chun Hua on Xiao Bai’s behalf to present the betrothal document to her. Chun Hua was overjoyed and shut the door to do a little celebration but presented an aloof appearance to Liu Feng as she insisted on a romantic marriage proposal. Liu Feng commented that with Xiao Bai’s character, the betrothal document was already very romantic before leaving to tell Xiao Bai the good news.

That night, Chun Hua stared at the betrothal document as she pondered the marriage proposal, worried that he was only doing this out of pity for her. After marveling at the way he had written her name on the document, she assured herself that Xiao Bai definitely liked her because he was her fated one. Her thoughts then went to his private hot spring, thinking that it was now perfectly appropriate for her to use it.

5 QY
QY: “Your heart was stolen instead.”

As she soaked in the hot springs, Qiu Yue came and waved the betrothal document at her, commenting that not only had she failed to steal the Xin Fa, she had also gotten her heart stolen. He refused to return the document to her and told her to get the Xin Fa in three days or he would kill her. Chun Hua agreed but asked if he would let her off after she got the Xin Fa, to which he replied that it would depend on his mood. Qiu Yue left as he hollered that if she failed to get the Xin Fa in three days, she would have to return to Qian Yue Cave with him.

6 Xin Fa
( XB showing CH the Xiao family’s Xin Fa )

Chun Hua then went to the main hall where Xiao Bai was coincidentally at. He told her to close the doors, saying that he had something to tell her. After she did so, Xiao Bai waved his hand and the lights went out. Chun Hua starts grinning in anticipation. Xiao Bai plants his sword on the table and words are projected from the hilt of his sword. He tells her that it was the Xiao family’s Xin Fa and the power behind Feng Ming Sword. Since they were to be husband and wife, there should be no secrets between them. In addition, the previous chiefs of Feng Ming Manor would impart the Xin Fa to their wives as a sign of their unwavering loyalty. Astonished and confused, Chun Hua asked if this was his marriage proposal.


So much happened in this episode! From Xiao Bai finding out that Hua Que was Qiu Yue in disguise, to the Hua family being wiped out, Qiu Yue & Xiao Bai’s first fight, then a marriage proposal?!

LF shook
XB: “Hua – “

I have a bad feeling that Xiao Bai doesn’t really like Chun Hua. Who he likes is Hua Xiao Lei, which we know Chun Hua is definitely not. Even at the start, he had never given her another glance until he saw her scar and started suspecting her identity. As the episodes went on, I had thought that he had slowly fallen for Chun Hua’s bright personality but three things bother me. Firstly, he never tried to fight for her when Lord Hua nullified the marriage. I understand that he has been taught to be polite and respect his elders but if it’s regarding such an important matter, I would expect him to at least protest a little? But no. He accepts it and leaves to discuss the matter with his father. Secondly, during the fight with Qiu Yue, he had performed a dangerous sword move that could’ve hurt Chun Hua badly. Sure, he was confident but there’s something called ‘accident’? Thirdly, he almost called her Hua Xiao Lei but caught himself. I’m as shook as Liu Feng. After eleven episodes of calling her Chun Hua, there’s no way that was a slip of the tongue. He called her Hua Xiao Lei because he saw her as Hua Xiao Lei, not Chun Hua. The drama over the marriage proposal was cute though.

QY 1 Bunny
QY: “Please spare me.”
QY 2 Smirk
QY: “Hmph!”

Qiu Yue’s duality will be the death of me. One moment he’s threatening to kill her, the next he’s telling her to return to Qian Yue Cave with him. It’s like he’s all bark and no bite, at least towards Chun Hua, which is kind of sweet. Moreover, the way he retracted his weapon when Chun Hua jumped in front of Xiao Bai ❤

On another note, the trailer for Episode 40 came out today and I’m bawlinnn. I think it’s highly possible that it’ll be a happy ending but still! The sorrow in Qiu Yue’s eyes T^T (Xiao Bai was wayyy too calm lol)

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3 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 11

  1. I agree with your thoughts. I don’t think Xiao Bai truly likes Chun Hua. And he didn’t even acknowledge that she saved him? I thought that sorta flew under the radar though. Qiuyue retracted his weapon in order to not hurt her and Xiao Bai didn’t question that?


    1. That’s either a plothole or Xiao Bai had an inkling that something was going on but didn’t want to face it 🤔


  2. Xiao Bia just didn’t care, his next move was an attack that could have hurt. All he could see was Qui Yue not Chun Hua


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