Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 12

~ Qiu Yue finds out about the marriage and he isn’t very happy about it ~


Chun Hua internally chastised Xiao Bai, saying that he was too foolish to give her the Xin Fa because that was exactly what Qiu Yue wanted. Unwilling to accept the Xin Fa, Chun Hua made up an excuse that she was too tired to memorise it now. Xiao Bai apologised and wrote it down for her, handing it to her with an encouraging smile.

1 LN x CC
( Leng Ning is so suave sometimes I swear )

The next morning, Cai Cai and Leng Ning were sparring in the courtyard, Cai Cai with her sword and Leng Ning with a flute. Leng Ning got the upper hand, saved Cai Cai from falling, caught her earring that had flown off and put it back on for her. Meanwhile, Chun Hua was strolling along the hallways as she tried to memorise a portion of the Xiao family Xin Fa that she had written down on her hand. She chanced upon Cai Cai and Leng Ning while they were discussing Cai Cai’s earring. Finding their conversation meaningless, Chun Hua turned to leave when she heard her name being mentioned. Leng Ning compared Cai Cai and Chun Hua, saying that Cai Cai was beautiful and intelligent but Chun Hua only had her looks. Chun Hua finally exploded when Leng Ning compared her to an impure jade, storming out to confront them. Leng Ning took the chance to tell Chun Hua what had been on her mind – Chun Hua didn’t conduct herself like a Chief’s wife. Chun Hua then asked them how a Chief’s wife should conduct herself and was bombarded by a string of virtues and abilities. Knowing that she would never live up to any of them, she retorted that Xiao Bai liked her exactly the way she was before storming away.

2 When CH finally reacted
( QY’s expression when CH finally reacts after he hinted at letting XB know about their ‘past’ )

Chun Hua returned to her room only to see Qiu Yue sitting at her desk and flipping through one of her books. She questioned his presence, adding that the three day deadline wasn’t over yet. Qiu Yue then made known to her, his knowledge that she had already gotten the Xin Fa, his eyes landing on the writings on her hand. Chun Hua quickly hid her hand, telling him that that was only a portion of the Xin Fa and that she would give him the complete Xin Fa in three days. Before Qiu Yue could complete his next sentence threatening her, Liu Feng appeared at her door to ask if she was satisfied with Xiao Bai’s marriage proposal. Chun Hua quickly covered Qiu Yue’s mouth (which he soon removed) and told Liu Feng that she was satisfied but asked for Xiao Bai to come to speak to her personally. After Liu Feng left, Chun Hua finds herself pinned against the wall as Qiu Yue questioned her about the marriage, starting with his usual threats once more. Chun Hua nonchalantly told him to kill her, adding that she would be dead regardless of whether she stole the Xin Fa. At least if she was killed by Qiu Yue, Xiao Bai would be touched by her actions. Qiu Yue then brought up their past again, asking her what Xiao Bai would think of it. Chun Hua quickly relents and promises to continue stealing the Xin Fa for him if he kept that from Xiao Bai. Qiu Yue then told her that she wasn’t in any position to talk terms with him. Chun Hua hesitated for a few seconds before she pleaded with him, looking at him with puppy eyes.

Outside, Xiao Bai comes across Liu Feng who seems troubled. Liu Feng tells Xiao Bai that from his experience, Chun Hua still wasn’t very satisfied with his marriage proposal, suggesting that he did something else to express himself.

In her room, Chun Hua was working hard at memorising the Xin Fa, lamenting that it was already the third day and she would be at a loss if Xiao Bai came to check on her. The realisation that today was also Qiu Yue’s deadline then dawned on her and she quickly came up with a plan to trick him with a fake Xin Fa. Because Qiu Yue had already seen a portion of it on her hand, she had to make the fake Xin Fa believable and she did this by following the original but adding in many wrong characters. She laughed as she imagined what would happen to Qiu Yue after trying out this fake Xin Fa.

3 Bracelet
( Finally…the proposal she’d given up her immortality for )

At that moment, Xiao Bai came to her room to find her and gave her his mother’s jade bracelet as another expression of his marriage proposal. Chun Hua accepted the bracelet with the thought that since rings didn’t exist in this time, the bracelet could pretty much count as one. After asking Xiao Bai to put it on for her, Chun Hua puckered up her lips in anticipation of a kiss after his ‘marriage proposal’ but was left hanging when Xiao Bai left after asking her to continue with memorising the Xin Fa.

4 Give me
QY: “Give it.”
4 Xin Fa
QY: “… Xin Fa”

Night fell and Chun Hua was alone in her room, admiring the bracelet Xiao Bai had given her. Qiu Yue suddenly appeared, commenting that now she had the bracelet, she had put aside his ice silkworm pearl. Chun Hua looked up at him nervously as Qiu Yue asked her to “hand it over”. Unwilling to hand him the bracelet, Chun Hua made a show of trying to remove the stuck bracelet, finally telling him that if he wanted it, he would have to chop off her hand, placing her fist in his outstretched hand. He slapped her fist away lightly, correcting her that it was the Xin Fa he was referring to. Chun Hua quickly handed it to him and watched nervously as he flipped through it, after which she asked him if he would now stop coming to find her. Qiu Yue asked if she hated him that much (Chun Hua unconsciously nodded before denying it with a furious shake of her head), adding that with her looks, it’ll be difficult to find true love. He then continued with a story about a girl who had a Goddess-like beauty but still got taken advantage of by the one she thought truly loved her. After that, Chun Hua quickly got him to leave by saying that it was getting late and if the Feng Ming Manor people saw that she had given him the Xin Fa, she would be dead. Qiu Yue comments that since she was so afraid of death, she should put on the ice silkworm pearl. Chun Hua quickly puts it on her other hand, muttering to herself that it was fortunate that she had two hands. Once again, Qiu Yue disappears into the night.

After that, Chun Hua creeps into the garden to tear up a book (it’s either the real Xin Fa or a draft for the fake one she had made up) but chances upon Chief Xiao pouring his medicine into the Lotus pond. She quickly hides but soon exposes herself after smacking at some mosquitoes. They then had a conversation where Chief Xiao was very cryptic with his words, ending by telling Chun Hua not to tell anyone of their encounter that night.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bai was practising in the bamboo forest and finally masters the Xiao Xiao Feng Ming sword’s last move. Chun Hua soon appears and told him to visit his dad, whispering the details to him. Xiao Bai then had a flashback of when his father had given him the stone lotus and told him to remember that after mastering the last move, the sword, stone lotus and him will become one and couldn’t do without the rest. The pieces finally fell together for Xiao Bai and a bad feeling came over him. Chun Hua then followed him back to the Manor and he went inside to see his father while Chun Hua waited for him outside.

Meanwhile in Chief Xiao’s room, a mysterious man in black was visiting him. The man asked Chief Xiao if he had any regrets, to which he replied that even if he was given a chance to do everything over again, he would still make the same choices because it was his mission. With barely contained anger, the man scoffed at his answer and asked him what Shang Guan Hui had done wrong to be treated that way by him.

Chun Hua was taking a stroll and enjoying the quietness of the night when she suddenly got the feeling that she was being watched. She became very jumpy, constantly looking over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the intruder. She turned back to face the front only to see Qiu Yue who immediately put a finger on her lips to silent her. Qiu Yue had came because he realised that the Xin Fa she had given him was a fake. Chun Hua kept up an innocent pretense for a while, throwing a little tantrum about how Xiao Bai could do this to her, have his guard up against her. Qiu Yue wasn’t too bothered or angered by the fact that it was a fake, instead telling her that he had been so set on it because it was his mother’s dying wish and he didn’t mind giving it up. He then continued with some cryptic words, telling her that everything had happened at an opportune time – their meeting, her arrival at Feng Ming Manor and the show that would follow.


Honestly I feel like a lot but also nothing much happened in this episode, just cute fillers here and there – Cai Cai and Leng Ning’s interaction, Chun Hua being tough for once and standing up to Qiu Yue’s constant threats to kill her but crumbling with just a look from him, Xiao Bai being totally clueless that she wanted a kiss, Chun Hua finally giving Qiu Yue the ‘Xin Fa’ he had so desperately wanted for the past 12 episodes. One major feeling is – Omg Chief Xiao is going to get killed and Xiao Bai will avenge his father with his newly acquired Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword last move.

On another note, I’m getting major feels from Qiu Yue’s interactions with Chun Hua in this episode. I’m pretty sure he already knew that the Xin Fa Chun Hua had given him was fake and when he asked if he should check it through once more, he was just teasing her to see her reaction. Even when he had confirmed that the Xin Fa was fake, his voice was really gentle as he asked her if she was admitting it. Even though he keeps up a cold exterior, Qiu Yue Ge Ge is growing soft for Chun Hua ~ 💜

Also, the CGI is so bad I can’t 😂 ~ Xiao Bai’s flashback to his father giving him the stone lotus and the lotus disappearing into him.

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