Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 14

~ Xiao Bai falls for Chun Hua & Qiu Yue is acting weird? ~


Chun Hua finds Xiao Bai practicing alone in the forest to clear his mind. He then confides in her that he had looked up to his dad since he was young and couldn’t believe that his father’s dignity had been built on the betrayal and even exploitation of a girl from the evil sect. Chun Hua tries to comfort him, telling him that even though Chief Xiao had let down Shang Guan Hui, he had lived up to his reputation as a hero. To cheer him up, Chun Hua told him that she was going to pick the brightest star for him, pretending to clutch the star in her hands for a moment before opening her fist to show him a white chess piece which she gifted to him. After some back and forth, his Feng Ming Sword sounded.

Chun Hua returned to her room after that and began thinking over that day’s events as she fiddled with her bracelet. Her ice silkworm pearl suddenly glowed and she called out to Qiu Yue as her eyes darted around the room excitedly. His voice sounded in the room, telling her that he wanted a chess piece too. Then he finally appeared to her, much to her delight, before disappearing once more.

QY: “I won’t let that happen.”

Back at Qian Yue Cave Qiu Yue was drinking by the Lotus Pavilion when Ye Xing Zhu came to present a scroll to him. He then asked her if she had ever seen a woman with the family name of “Shang Guan”. (Cue a flashback of Hui) When she replied with a negative, Qiu Yue started speaking cryptically, saying that he now realised that he didn’t know “her” well at all. “She” was so passionate that she got herself burnt, innocent to the point of foolishness, like Chun Hua. Chun Hua dared to speak her mind, dared to do anything, like the “her” Li Jian Ling had described that morning. His smile then faded as he continued, saying that both Chun Hua and “her” had used their passion on the wrong person. He then told Ye Xing Zhu that she had never seen “her” because she had a horrible end. After contemplating whether “her” fate will befall all sisters of Qian Yue Cave’s masters, his gaze hardened as he swore to never let that happen to Chun Hua.

FL: “Shall we join hands?”

The next morning, Fu Lou met up with his men in the forest and they reported that they had not found further news of the Longevity Fruit. Fu Lou then laments that Nan Xing He had promised that between Chuan Qi Valley and Qian Yue Cave, whoever killed the Martial Arts Circle’s Chief will lead Xing Yue Jiao. He had been too focused on the Longevity Fruit and had let someone else get to Xiao Yuan first. Qiu Yue suddenly appeared and Fu Lou suggested joining hands to defeat the good sects. Qiu Yue refuses and instead taunts him by bringing up You Si. Despite Fu Lou’s anger, Qiu Yue’s smile never left his face and he instead handed him a scroll saying that it contained the latest news regarding the Longevity Fruit.

Xiao Bai was still at his father’s funeral when he received news that Mr Shi will be holding an auction for the Longevity Fruit at Bi Shui City and that he was charging one million taels for the entrance fee alone. Xiao Bai comments that Chuan Qi Valley and Qian Yue Cave will definitely attend. Chun Hua then adds that they were being too innocent, the good sects will also be there. Leng Ning and Cai Cai objected to Chun Hua’s statement but Xiao Bai backed her by saying that various factions had bid him farewell that morning. He had thought that they had urgent matters to attend to but it now seems like they were all after the Longevity Fruit too. Chun Hua then pointed out that it might be a trap and Xiao Bai acknowledges it, commenting that Mr Shi knew that he would attend even if he knew that. Chief Leng then arrives and offers to bring men to Bi Shui City to try to prevent the chaos that was bound to happen.

( Xiao Bai is holding her hand! I repeat, XIAO BAI IS HOLDING HER HAND!!! )

Because he had to keep vigil at his father’s funeral, Xiao Bai stayed at Feng Ming Manor while Chief Leng headed for Bi Shui City. Night came around and Chun Hua hid behind a pillar as she watched Xiao Bai practice, running out worriedly when he stumbled. They then had a conversation where Xiao Bai told Chun Hua what his father had told him before, that people who practiced martial arts had to work hard to advance themselves or they would be left behind and if he always had the people’s best interest at heart he would have the ability to calm the four seas, otherwise it would all be empty talk. Chun Hua then told him that emotions were like that too, if one cannot even keep a lady in their heart, how can they keep the world in their heart? Hushing his protests, Chun Hua led him to his father’s coffin and spoke to Chief Xiao, first praising Xiao Bai then telling Chief Xiao that in order for Xiao Bai to be righteous and benevolent to all living creatures, he first had to love and know people. Xiao Bai agreed with Chun Hua’s words and she asked for a hi-five. They then shared a look before Chun Hua interlocked their fingers and Xiao Bai soon followed. She then smiled at him as she asked him not to always mention his father’s words in the future, but to also think of what she had said. Xiao Bai agreed with a smile and his Feng Ming Sword sounded for a second time.

The next morning, Chun Hua came across Xiao Bai, Liu Feng, Cai Cai and Leng Ning in the main hall as they discussed whether she would be going along with them. Leng Ning was against bringing Chun Hua along because she didn’t know martial arts and if danger arose, she might implicate Xiao Bai and put a dent in their plans. Xiao Bai refutes that it’s exactly because Chun Hua didn’t know any martial arts that it would be safer for her to follow them. The forever level-headed and calm Cai Cai agrees with Xiao Bai and Leng Ning quickly pulls her away for a quick chat. Liu Feng and Leng Ning are soon at loggerheads once again and Cai Cai suggests that they ask Chun Hua if she wanted to go along. Hearing this, Chun Hua runs out, screaming that she would go along. In her excitement, she trips on a step and is about to fall when Xiao Bai rushed to catch her. After some teasing from Liu Feng, Leng Ning storming out, both Cai Cai and Liu Feng going after her, Xiao Bai and Chun Hua were left alone. Chun Hua asked if she had overdone it and Xiao Bai agrees, bringing up their first meeting where she had called him “hubby”. Surprised that he seems to be teasing her, Chun Hua scans him as she wondered whether he was the same Xiao Bai.

( Sulking over his rejected gifts )

Outside, Leng Ning and Cai Cai sat at a pavilion as Liu Feng presented gifts to Leng Ning. When she rejected them all, Cai Cai tried to convince her but she refused to, saying that Liu Feng was amorous. Liu Feng squats unhappily, throwing down the perfume sachets he had bought for Leng Ning. Cai Cai tries to tell Leng Ning that Liu Feng was serious about her, saying that the situation with Chief Xiao and Shang Guan Hui had deepened her understanding. She agrees with Chief Xiao’s actions and would do the same if she were put in that position. Leng Ning then gets emotional, saying that in her eyes, Cai Cai was the best and that Xiao Bai just didn’t know how to treasure her.


Xiao Bai’s Feng Ming sword sounded towards Chun Hua! Twice!! We now have solid proof that he likes her – Be it her identity as Hua Xiao Lei or Chun Hua as a person. Currently, I personally feel like it’s her identity as Hua Xiao Lei that even made him take a second look at her but it’s Chun Hua’s actions and care for him that made him fall for her. Whatever the case, even without the Feng Ming Sword sounding, his actions also show his change in attitude towards Chun Hua. He had always stayed away from contact with her (Episode 3 where he caught her and dropped her) but now, after she interlocked their fingers, he followed suit. This time around, he also didn’t drop her like a hot potato after saving her. This new, shy Xiao Bai is so cute and different that even Chun Hua had to take a second look.

Qiu Yue is acting weird in this episode. I can’t seem to read what he’s thinking or feeling. He seems to be upset with Chun Hua – suddenly appearing and telling her that he also wanted a chess piece before disappearing again. But he also seems to be worried for Chun Hua – asking Ye Xing Zhu if Chun Hua’s fate will be the same as Hui’s and vowing not to let it happen. And in this episode, unlike the previous ones, I didn’t get any vibes from him that he liked Chun Hua. Instead, I got the feeling that he is really starting to see her as his sister and is genuinely concerned for her wellbeing?! Which is why I’m saying that I can’t read him here – he’s sending out mixed signals! That scene where he was drinking kind of broke my heart. The hurt in his eyes…

On another note, the sisterhood between Cai Cai and Leng Ning is really sweet. I’m starting to feel sorry for Cai Cai, she’s always so unbiased and understanding, which isn’t easy especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It was also really cute to see Liu Feng going after Leng Ning and getting rejected. Hehe.

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3 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 14

  1. Regarding the scene where he is drinking, why is he hurt? The subtitles often don’t make sense and I am so lost watching this movie. Is he in love with her?


    1. He had just learned of Shang Guan Hui’s (his mother) past and it reminded him of Chun Hua’s situation. Qiu Yue knows that to Xiao Bai, Feng Ming sword places 1st and Chun Hua is 2nd. So he’s really worried that she’ll end up like Shang Guan Hui and is determined to protect her.
      Is he in love? Yeah, totally.


  2. Yeah, the scene where he was drinking alone was so sad. Really good acting from Li Hong Yi.

    I agree with Qiuyue though, Xiao Bai would definitely not put Chun Hua first. Sad ending for Hui. 😢


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