Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 15

~ Xiao Bai confesses + Qiu Yue saves Chun Hua again ~


Xiao Bai has an arm around Chun Hua as they ‘flew’ to a stream. There, Xiao Bai confesses to Chun Hua that he likes her and Chun Hua internally questions the fact that his heart was racing but hers was calm. She puts it down to the fact that his confession was too sudden and she was just in shock. As Xiao Bai gazed at her, his Feng Ming Sword sounds again and he desperately tries to quieten it by keeping a tight grasp on it and trying to calm his racing heart.

( Putting on the bracelet for her )

That night, Chun Hua lay in bed as she contemplated Xiao Bai’s confession, losing her grip on the Ice Silkworm Pearl she held in her hand. As she bent over to pick it up, another hand got to it first. It turns out that Qiu Yue had come to visit her again. He tells her that she will never be able to get the unforgettable romance that she wanted because she wasn’t number one in Xiao Bai’s heart. His desire to protect the world and his Feng Ming Sword had a more important place in his heart. Chun Hua refuses to believe this and before leaving, Qiu Yue tells her that she will come to realise this in the future.

In the forest somewhere, Chief Feng comes across his friend, Chief Leng who had been waiting for him. Chief Feng senses the danger and tries to reason with Chief Feng but he brushed it off, saying that since they haven’t met in a long while, they should exchange a few blows as a greeting. They fought for a while but were evenly matched until Chief Leng throws a white substance at Chief Feng that temporarily blocks his vision. Chief Leng then attacks and kill Chief Feng with a single stab to his chest. After burying him under a pile of leaves, Chief Leng hurries off into the night. Qiu Yue soon comes along and after Ye Xing Zhu confirms that Chief Feng was indeed dead, orders her to get Mr Shi to prepare a high quality coffin.

15-2 LN
LN: “I’m your husband afterall.”
15-2 CC
( CC: Ohmygod this girl )

At Bi Shui City, the group of five are separated with a trio consisting of Xiao Bai, Chun Hua and Liu Feng and a duo consisting of Leng Ning and Cai Cai. They had split up because Leng Ning had another disagreement with Liu Feng and refused to travel with him. By the time Leng Ning and Cai Cai arrive, the inn only had one room left because many had flocked to Bi Shui City after hearing news of the Longevity Fruit auction. Due to Leng Ning’s outfit, the innkeeper mistakes them for a couple and Leng Ning takes the chance to tease Cai Cai.

LF: “Don’t let me down”

Chun Hua follows Xiao Bai and Liu Feng into their room, heading straight for the bed and complaining that she was tired. Sensing her intentions, Liu Feng exits the room after making a flower magically appear from behind his ear and handing it to Xiao Bai, who puts it in Chun Hua’s hair. Later, Chun Hua exits the inn to see Chief Sui Feng going by. She called out to him, asking why he had come to Bi Shui City. Chief Sui Feng made up an excuse saying that he was here to fetch his daughter but Chun Hua saw through him immediately and called him out. Soon, Cai Cai and Leng Ning also came out of the inn and Chief Sui Feng comments that their fathers – Chief Feng and Chief Leng – were also very suspicious. After Chief Sui Feng left, Liu Feng calms them down by saying that they all knew the two chiefs well and they were definitely not bad people.

Back in the inn, Chun Hua was trying on some hair accessories when she got the idea to return Xiao Bai’s gift (the flower that Liu Feng magic-ed) with one of her own. She visits some street stalls and a flower stall caught her eye. Just as she was about to pick it, another lady swipes up the flower. It turns out that the lady was You Si’s maidservant. You Si soon alights from a carriage and invites Chun Hua back to Chuan Qi Valley, saying that Fu Lou wasn’t there. Back at Chuan Qi Valley with You Si, Chun Hua learns that the reason Fu Lou was also after the Longevity Fruit was because he wanted to heal You Si’s frail body. Hearing this, Chun Hua left for the flower fields, telling You Si that she wanted to take a walk.

While she was there, Qiu Yue suddenly appears and tells her that thanks to her, he now knew why Fu Lou had planted this sea of flowers. He continues, questioning if Xiao Bai would also do this for her. Chun Hua retorts that even though Xiao Bai wasn’t romantic, it was enough that he had a place for her in his heart. Qiu Yue reiterates that Xiao Bai had yet to make a choice between his Feng Ming Sword and her and Chun Hua retorts that Qiu Yue shouldn’t bother himself with it because he wasn’t even her actual brother. Besides, he didn’t need the Xin Fa anymore so she was now useless to him. Qiu Yue agrees with her statement, adding that he wanted her to stay but didn’t know how he should go about doing it, asking if she wished for him to just kill her off. Chun Hua quickly took on a softer approach with him, smiling as she promised to be a virtuous and well-behaved wife after marrying Xiao Bai. Hearing this, Qiu Yue immediately pulled her in for a kiss and she stood frozen in shock until he bit her lip and she quickly pushed him away. She yelled at him, asking if he had gone crazy and Qiu Yue commented that all she cared about now was the marriage.

You Si’s maidservant soon came looking for her and before leaving, Qiu Yue asked her to stay still and wait for them to come. Chun Hua instinctively squats down and hidden by the sea of flowers, she overhears Fu Lou’s man convincing the maidservant to capture Chun Hua because she held secrets regarding the Longevity Fruit that could save their mistress’ life. Chun Hua quickly sneaks away.

Back at Bi Shui City, the rest were alerted to Chun Hua’s absence and they start to look for her. Chief Leng also runs into Chief Qin (Liu Feng’s dad?) who admits being there for the Longevity Fruit. Fu Lou had also arrived earlier and was watching the good sects from a window when his man reported back to him about what Chief Leng had done.

With Chuan Qi Valley’s men hot on her tail, Chun Hua hides behind a tree and suddenly remembers the Ice Silkworm Pearl Qiu Yue had given her. Just as she finished saying the words that Qiu Yue had previously specified (When will the Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon end), she was knocked out with a single blow to the back of her neck. Before the men could do anything, Qiu Yue arrives and knocks them out.

Qiu Yue brought an unconscious Chun Hua back to Qian Yue Cave and caresses her features with a smile on his face as she lay on the bed, tracing her eyebrows and the side of her lip. His smile fell when Chun Hua called out for Xiao Bai. When Chun Hua awoke, she had to pacify Qiu Yue, saying that she was very grateful that he had saved her. She then asked Qiu Yue to bring her back to Bi Shui City, saying that the rest of them must be worried sick but Qiu Yue refused. Chun Hua soon realises that the bangle Xiao Bai had given her was missing and as she started searching for it frantically. Qiu Yue completes his sentence, saying that he was going to test the Martial Arts Circle Young Chief (aka Xiao Bai) and she just had to sit back and watch the show with him.


Chief Leng killed Chief Feng!
I’m like OMG what will happen to Cai Cai and Leng Ning’s friendship when they find out?! They just shared a moment in the previous and current episode! Though I think it’ll be a while before they find anything out just because only the evil sects know about this and I don’t imagine them strolling up to the good sects to tell them. Even so, if and when they do find out, how will the girls deal with it?

Qiu Yue is desperately searching for a reason to keep Chun Hua alive lol. I don’t know what’s up with him in this episode but he’s sending very mixed signals in this episode, even more so than the previous one. I think it’s because he himself might also be confused as to what he feels for Chun Hua. He has never experienced love before so he might be feeling it towards Chun Hua but be thinking like – Wth is this weird feeling – causing him to act really out of character. When he saw Chun Hua’s resolution to become Xiao Bai’s wife, his jealousy got the better of him and he just went in for a kiss. I don’t know what’s up with the biting though – it’s kind of kinky – but I’m guessing maybe he wanted to “punish” her? Like make her feel pain? Idk.

Xiao Bai is finally being a little bit more actively romantic. Yes, he still needed a push from Liu Feng but hey, it’s a good start.

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2 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 15

  1. Re-watching the drama. I’m starting to think that Qiuyue liked her from the moment she woke up in the first episode. He even stayed around and protected her. And he is flirting with her in every scene they have together. (So much chemistry!)

    I’m thinking some of his actions is like a front to cover his feelings. And that biting was definitely spurred by jealousy and intent to punish. I love how he just pulls her in and kisses her. That would make this the second kiss? Funny that both kisses so far happens at the Chuang Qi sect…


    1. Hmm idk about liking her from the moment she woke up but he definitely was interested in her from then. It might not be interest in the relationship sense but at the very least it was interest in her as a person.

      I like how he pulls her in for kisses too 🥰 ehehehe 👉🏻👈🏻


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