Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 16

~ Qiu Yue tests Xiao Bai’s feelings for Chun Hua ~


At Bi Shui City, all the goods sects are gathered at a restaurant as they waited for the Longevity Fruit’s auction time to draw near. Xiao Bai, Liu Feng, Cai Cai and Leng Ning sat in a separate private room and Cai Cai tried to comfort Xiao Bai by saying that they had already posted up missing posters all around the city so Chun Hua should be back with them soon. Outside, the adults sat in total silence until Chief Qin toasted them to a glass of wine. With the Longevity Fruit auction nearing, the threat of poisoning was great and all of them pretended to drink the wine but poured it down their sleeves.

Seeing Xiao Bai’s downcast mood, Liu Feng took him out for a walk. As they strolled through the streets of Bi Shui City, they were stopped by a travelling salesman that kept pestering Xiao Bai, saying that he had something that he would definitely like. They soon realised that what the seller had was the bangle that he had previously given to Chun Hua – albeit broken in half. They also received a note from the scared salesman that told Xiao Bai to go to Qian Yue Cave at noon and exchange his Feng Ming Sword for Chun Hua.

Noon was drawing near and the sect Chiefs made their way to the auction venue together.

The four youngsters decided that Xiao Bai would rescue Chun Hua before hurrying back while Liu Feng, Cai Cai and Leng Ning would head to the auction venue first and try to keep the peace until Xiao Bai returned.

Meanwhile at Qian Yue Cave, Qiu Yue had tied Chun Hua up to keep up with the pretense that she had been kidnapped. Qiu Yue offhandedly told her that he was just testing Xiao Bai, to show her that she wasn’t really that important to him. When Xiao Bai came, Chun Hua was delighted and Qiu Yue was visibly annoyed. Outside Qian Yue Cave, Xiao Bai’s entry was blocked by a group of female servants. Qiu Yue soon brought Chun Hua to the entrance to see the fighting. The servants were soon called to step down and Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai shouted over the distance as they communicated. Qiu Yue tells Xiao Bai to hand over his Feng Ming Sword in return for Chun Hua which he promptly obliges, throwing his sword to the center. Keeping his word, Qiu Yue returns Chun Hua to Xiao Bai but before Qiu Yue could retrieve the sword, Xiao Bai activated the Ice Silkworm Thread connecting him and the sword, successfully snatching it back before Qiu Yue could get to it.

Surprisingly, Qiu Yue didn’t go after him for the sword and simply returned to Qian Yue Cave. Back inside and without Chun Hua, Qiu Yue was starting to feel bored again and remembering that Ye Xing Zhu was similar in age to Chun Hua, he asked her to say some pleasing words. When she replied that she didn’t dare to, Qiu Yue told her that since she had eaten Chun Hua’s mooncake, they were now family and there was nothing that can’t be said. Ye Xing Zhu replies that she doesn’t dare to have any other thoughts and just wanted to serve him for the rest of her life. Qiu Yue scoffs at her answer because no one would be willing to serve someone for a lifetime if that person didn’t mean anything to them. Ye Xing Zhu tells him that if he decides to end her life right now, she would’ve attained her wish of serving him for the rest of her life. Qiu Yue found her answer pleasing.

Back at Bi Shui City, the chiefs had arrived at the auction venue and were waiting for it to begin. Chief Leng and Chief Qin had sensed that something was amiss and slipped away from the main crowd. Soon, a voice boomed, telling them that the last person standing will get the Longevity Fruit. A huge black cloth was soon dropped on the venue, covering all the men.

The young trio had gotten lost during their journey towards the auction venue and had arrived late. They met Liu Feng’s father (Chief Qin) just as he was leaving and they headed towards the venue together, only to see a blood-soaked Chief Sui Feng stepping out from under the black cloth as he exclaimed his victory. He was soon backstabbed by  another chief who was just about to go after the three youths and Chief Qin when Chief Sui Feng gathered his last strength and stabbed him. Both men fell dead on the ground. The trio watched in horror as the events unfolded before them and when they came to their senses, Chief Qin told them that he will go to look for Xiao Bai. Leng Ning suddenly remembers that her father was among the men and Liu Feng and Cai Cai asked her to stay behind while they went to look through the bodies. Fortunately, Chief Leng wasn’t among the bodies and the trio entered a side door that suddenly opened. Before they entered, Liu Feng left a bunch of flowers as a sign to Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai piggy-backed Chun Hua to Bi Shui City and seeing the carnage, he had asked her not to look but her curiosity got the better of her and she saw it anyway. Xiao Bai then told her to turn around as he went to look through the bodies for their three friends. Relief rushed through them when the trio couldn’t be found and Xiao Bai soon notices a closed door at the side that had a bunch of flowers stuck in the fire holder.


Practically all the adults died?! Like…what!? The adults are acting like kids, really. Just going bonkers and killing each other. So…is there now like…no more good sects? Because they killed each other off? Because that totally seems to be the case. Qian Yue Cave and Chuan Qi Valley can just swoop in and rule Jianghu now. Lol.

Liu Feng actually surprised me with the way he handled the situation, calmly and maturely. I think we can all agree that Liu Feng is by no means good looking (no shade) but he’s really charming and that really shone through in this episode.

Qiu Yue is acting weirder and weirder. I’ll take it that he’s falling for Chun Hua 😂

(No pictures this time because there’s not much that went down and my media thingy is indicating that I’ve already used 5.6% of the 3GB I have)

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3 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 16

  1. Mmmm…yeah, Liu Feng is not get good looking, but there’s something charming about him. He has good chemistry with Zhao Lusi too. 🙂


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