Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 17

~ Cai Cai is poisoned and Chun Hua seeks out Qiu Yue ~


Xiao Bai went forward to inspect the stalk of flower and tells Chun Hua that it had been left by Liu Feng. With no other way to open the heavy stone door, Chun Hua suggests that he blasted it open with his Feng Ming Sword last move.

Inside, Chief Leng had arrived at the heart of the stone cave-like place and finally meets the mysterious Mr Shi face to face. When he asked for the Longevity Fruit, he was offered a stack of money instead, which angered him greatly. He then attacked Mr Shi but soon realised that the ‘Mr Shi’ was just a puppet. He then notices a huge rectangular box at the end of the room and starts to approach it when the five youngsters arrive. Leng Ning runs forward to hug her father, extremely relieved that he was fine. At that moment, Fu Lou appears and immediately blasted open the rectangular box. When he saw what was inside, he commented that he wasn’t interested and told them that it might interest them more. It turns out that the rectangular box was a coffin and inside was Chief Feng’s body. Cai Cai was devastated and while the rest confronted Fu Lou, she held her father’s hand and was unwittingly poisoned.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Ye Xing Zhu returned with wine from Bi Shui City that he had requested. When she asked why he suddenly wanted to try it when they have their own, he told her that she was being too talkative today but still answered her question, saying that he just wanted to have a taste of the human world. He was however disappointed because it (was inferior to the one at Qian Yue Cave?) didn’t meet his expectations.

( Consultation with the Medical Sage’s brother, Dr Pu )

To cure Cai Cai’s poison, the four youngsters had invited countless doctors but none of them had any solution. They finally went to the Medical Sage’s brother to see if he could help. He told them that the poison was named Pu Gong Ying (Dandelion) because it was highly infectious and was spread by the wind, like the dandelion’s seeds. It was however a long lost poison and it was the first time he was seeing it. As such, there was nothing he could do about it but prescribe a medicine that would sustain her life for another week while they looked for a cure. He advised that the person who poisoned Cai Cai would have the antidote.

In despair and anger, Leng Ning went to find Fu Lou. Liu Feng followed because he was worried for her safety. At Chuan Qi Cave, Fu Lou was nowhere to be seen and only showed himself when Leng Ning mentioned You Si. After a short exchange of blows, Leng Ning was defeated and Fu Lou left them after saying a few cryptic words – they had never seen the viciousness of human hearts and they will have to experience and taste it before knowing what true torment was. It soon rained and Liu Feng carried Leng Ning back to Feng Ming Manor.

( Have you ever seen someone so happy to be ‘kidnapped’? )

Chun Hua had grown close to the other four during her time here and unable to sit back any longer, Chun Hua decides to go in search of Qiu Yue to get the antidote from him. She ties herself up in a bid to pretend that she had been kidnapped again. She then called for Qiu Yue by speaking the words they had agreed on. The ice silkworm pearl immediately glows, indicating that Qiu Yue was already there but he didn’t show himself and instead watched from a distance as struggled with the ropes, realising that she couldn’t untie herself. He soon appears and she convinces him that she wanted to return to Qian Yue Cave with him because Cai Cai’s poison was infectious and she had realised that Xiao Bai wasn’t capable of protecting her, only he was.

CH: “Since you can use your powers to gain warmth, why are you always so cold to the touch?”
QY: “Because I’m only like that with Xiao Chun Hua.”

Qiu Yue brought her back to Qian Yue Cave and the next morning, she awoke with a sneeze due to the freezing cold. Qiu Yue entered her room and when she complained about the cold, he suggested bringing her back to Xiao Bai. She refused, saying that she was the happiest when she was with him. Besides, Cai Cai’s poison was contagious and she didn’t want to get poisoned too. Qiu Yue saw through her lie and in a bid to help her warm up, he put an arm around her but it caused her to feel even colder. He then used his powers to help to warm her up, much to her surprise and she asked why he was always so cool to the touch if he could use his powers in this way. He replies that he only did that with her.


I’m kind of frustrated that Fu Lou didn’t just straight up tell them that it was Chief Leng who killed Chief Feng. I mean, I already expected it but to actually see an opportunity for him to tell them but seeing him act all mysterious and speaking cryptically makes me feel like GAHHH!!! Also, Chief Leng is worse than I thought. He wants the Longevity Fruit? Fine, normal human greed. But! He admitted to putting his daughter’s life on the line! Like what?! And the moment that Leng Ning rushed over to hug him in relief, I felt like whacking him. What sort of father are you?

Now, regarding Cai Cai and the poison. I think it’s most probably added by Qiu Yue to Chief Feng’s dead body. Keeping in mind the poison’s toxicity and the fact that it can be passed by touch alone, I highly doubt that they will do an autopsy on him. Without the autopsy, they won’t find the stab to his chest and will assume that Chief Feng was poisoned by Qiu Yue…I’m starting to see a trend here. All bad things that happen, as long as any person from the evil sect is nearby or has the means or motive to, the good sects automatically assume that they’re the culprit…

I died laughing at the part where Chun Hua tied herself up to call Qiu Yue. What made it funnier was the fact that he was already there and just watched her struggle. She really didn’t have to go through all that trouble because he had told her that she could call him anytime she needed him, or wanted to see him. She didn’t need to pretend to have been kidnapped lol. Also, I didn’t mention this in the synopsis but Chun Hua had nightmares about the Longevity Fruit auction massacre and Qiu Yue came to soothe her – the back hug picture right at the top of the page ♡

Lastly, I would just like to point out the awkward timing of how things progressed. Liu Feng, Cai Cai and Leng Ning entered the mysterious side door first. Though we’re not given an indication of how long had passed before Xiao Bai and Chun Hua came along, all five of the youngsters arrived at the heart of the cave-like place together? Hm…

Episode 16  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 18
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢


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