Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 19

~ Curing Cai Cai + Making a fake Longevity Fruit ~


As Qiu Yue started towards her, she quickly tries to explain that he can’t act frivolously with her or the poison will flare up and infect him too. Ignoring her words, Qiu Yue approached and kissed her. After that, he told her that it was indeed “Three Day Drunk” in the bottle but all it did was to make the wine more delicious. He then handed her the Pu Gong Ying’s antidote, saying that as her brother, he couldn’t just stand idly as she got poisoned. Qiu Yue then walked Chun Hua to the entrance of Qian Yue Cave to send her off and before she left, he told her that she was right, he should change his way of living. Chun Hua once again told him to find a girl he adored, adding that he’ll be happy that way.

Chun Hua brought the antidote back to Feng Ming Manor and tried to feed it to Cai Cai but Lu Xiu interrupted and stopped her. Soon, everyone currently present at the Manor was gathered as they tried to decide whether to give Chun Hua’s antidote to Cai Cai. Leng Ning was certain that Chun Hua wanted to harm Cai Cai so she protested but Xiao Bai immobilises her and told Chun Hua to go ahead, telling her that he trusted her. A long time passed as they waited anxiously for Cai Cai to show signs of recovering and Chun Hua was starting to lose hope and doubt Qiu Yue when Cai Cai stirred, much to everyone’s relief.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Qiu Yue told Gu Xing Zhu to give the Pu Gong Ying’s antidote to all the medicine shops and to make sure to tell them where it came from.

Outside Cai Cai’s room, Xiao Bai confessed to Chun Hua that he hadn’t fully trusted her, asking where she had gotten the drug from. Unable to answer him truthfully, she asked him if he would believe if she said that she had bought it from the shops. Xiao Bai looked at her in disbelief. At that moment, Liu Feng came running in, excitedly shouting that he had found the antidote. Upon further questioning, Liu Feng tells them that he had bought it from a medicine shop and the shop owner had admitted that even though they didn’t know where it came from, it is said that it was made from the leaves of the Longevity Fruit.

That night, Chun Hua had a dream about getting married, but her groom was…Qiu Yue. She woke up in fright, questioning why she had had such a dream.

The next morning, Liu Feng suggests an outing to relief the stress from the recent events. Chun Hua retorts that they didn’t have time because it was currently an important period of time for Xiao Bai. Liu Feng then asked the both of them to voice out at the same time, what the important thing was because he wanted to test their rapport. Chun Hua accepted his challenge, confident that they would be on the same page. However, she answered ‘wedding’ and Xiao Bai answered ‘Longevity Fruit’. Brushing away the awkwardness, Chun Hua concedes that the Longevity Fruit was indeed more important and evaluated the whole situation. Since no one had seen the Longevity Fruit before, why don’t they make one? Confident, she cooked up a few dishes – fried chicken, sushi and fruit jelly (水馒头). Unfortunately, Xiao Bai and Liu Feng were very well read and had seen pictures of those in books before. Chun Hua cursed at the system. Liu Feng then commented that the Longevity Fruit would have to be something that was long lasting and not easily spoiled. In the end, they made a fake Longevity Fruit by painting a walnut with gold streaks.

Xiao Bai later bumped into Chun Hua and told her about his intention to hold a huge wedding to make up to her. Chun Hua was overjoyed, her former worries gone. At that moment, Liu Feng came and passed the Longevity Fruit to Chun Hua for safekeeping and she excitedly shares this piece of news with him. The wedding invite was sent to everyone and Chief Leng asked Xiao Bai whether the issue with the Longevity Fruit was settled. That night, the four youngster (excluding Chun Hua) had a meeting where Xiao Bai raised the question of how they could discreetly gather everyone to announce destroying the Longevity Fruit. Cai Cai suggested that they did it on the wedding day because everyone would be in attendance.

( The sadness in his eyes… )

Back in Qian Yue Cave, Qiu Yue was in his secret room, pining after Chun Hua. When he heard the door open, he turned around excitedly but was disappointed when he saw Ye Xing Zhu. She reports to him about Chun Hua and Xiao Bai’s wedding that will be taking place in ten days. Qiu Yue is visibly bothered by this news and takes to smashing the bottles of drugs in his secret room.

Meanwhile at Chuan Qi Valley, You Si made Fu Lou promise to give up his search for the Longevity Fruit, saying that what she wanted was for the both of them to just live happily and to be together again in their next lives. Fu Lou reluctantly agrees to this with a pinky promise.


Ooooomg Chun Hua was so excited for the wedding but they’re planning to use it to gather everyone?! Plus! It was Cai Cai’s idea?? I don’t understand why they can’t just let her know about it. It’ll be worse when she finds out about it later. She’s so obsessed with Xiao Bai I’m pretty sure she will try to understand his situation and agree to it – there’s absolutely no need to lie to her!

In usual ‘bad guy’ style, Qiu Yue is upset and (maybe heartbroken?) but he is showing it through anger – drinking and smashing stuffs.

You Si managed to get Fu Lou to promise to halt his search for the Longevity Fruit. I wonder if he’ll keep to it or his desire to see her alive and well will cause him to break this promise.

Episode 18  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 20
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢


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