Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 20

~ A crashed wedding, three broken hearts ~


The previous episode closed with Fu Lou promising You Si that he will halt his search for the Longevity Fruit. However, as You Si lay asleep in her bed, he apologised, saying that they can’t control their next lives. All he wanted was for her to be well in this life.

At Feng Ming Manor, the wedding preparations were underway and Chun Hua was in her room sewing a handkerchief as per the Xiao family’s tradition. Xiao Bai came to find her once more, trying to tell her the truth. A gust of wind suddenly blew in from the open door, messing up her hair. Xiao Bai reached out a hand to try to soothe it down for her but a small stone-like object hit his arm and he ended up slapping her. Liu Feng walked past at that moment and Xiao Bai ran after him to question why he had done what he did. Alone in her room, Chun Hua noticed the stone-like object – a shard of ice – and realises that it was Qiu Yue that had caused her to be slapped.

That night, Chun Hua tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep because she kept thinking of Qiu Yue. Frustrated, she got up to wash her face but as she was drying her face, she saw Qiu Yue standing behind her in the mirror’s reflection. She turned around in shock only to find that she was alone in her room.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Qiu Yue drank wine as Ye Xing Zhu stood silently before him. Commenting that the red was too tacky, he asked Ye Xing Zhu about everything being covered in red for the wedding. She explains to him that red is the colour of happiness and for a lady to be able to marry the person she loved, she would be overjoyed. Qiu Yue then commented that since she was always wearing dark colours, had she never been happy? Ye Xing Zhu’s reply was like many times before, that she was happy just to be able to serve him for the rest of her life. Qiu Yue walked up to her and tilted up her chin, addressing the wound she had on her forehead, saying that he would allow her to serve him but she would have to bear with these kind of small injuries. He then left, but not before telling her that she must report back to him on every single detail regarding Chun Hua’s wedding.

Ye Xing Zhu left to attend to her duties and sensing that someone was following her, she shot a concealed weapon at the person. It turns out that it was Gu Xing Zhu. She acted coldly towards him, pointing out the fact that he hadn’t even been able to dodge her attack. When he noticed her injury, worry immediately flooded his expression but despite his attempts to show his care towards her, Ye Xing Zhu promptly left to perform her duties.

On the wedding day, Cai Cai came to Chun Hua’s room and helped her to comb her hair. They had a short conversation where they settled the small difference they had due to both of them liking Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai soon came to see her and Cai Cai left the two alone, looking at the sky as she wished them a peaceful life. Xiao Bai’s main purpose was to tell Chun Hua the truth but she interrupts him, misunderstanding that he wanted to tell her that he would be good to her for the rest of their lives.

It was soon time for the wedding and after Xiao Bai and Chun Hua walked down the aisle, Xiao Bai addressed the issue with the Longevity Fruit. Chun Hua was shocked, misunderstanding that he had held the wedding in order to gather everyone for this announcement. Before things could progress any further, Qiu Yue arrives, shocking everyone with the revelation of his past with Chun Hua aka Hua Xiao Lei. He then flies away with Chun Hua, leaving the wedding venue in an uproar about the Longevity Fruit. The chiefs pestered Xiao Bai about the Longevity Fruit, insisting that he handed it over at once. Due to the shock of what had just been revealed to him, Xiao Bai couldn’t stand the chiefs anymore and used the Feng Ming Sword on them in anger. The venue soon cleared out, save for his three friends who could only stand watch as he started to slice up the veil Chun Hua had worn.

At Chuan Qi Valley, You Si was in the flower garden with her maidservant, feeling excited for Chun Hua’s big day. However, it soon started to rain and as she stood under an umbrella carried by her maidservant, You Si coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Chun Hua sat on the bed, curled up into a ball. Pretending not to notice her distress, Qiu Yue welcomed her home with a smile. With silent tears, Chun Hua said that Qian Yue Cave wasn’t her home, he had humiliated her and humiliated Xiao Bai. When Qiu Yue replied that it was a good thing because she won’t be associated with Feng Ming Manor anymore, Chun Hua asked him with tears in her eyes, why he kept trying to break them up.


Introducinggg Dark Xiao Bai! We can see from this that he really likes Chun Hua because he is a man that is really restrained and has a good hold on himself. For him to just attack all the other chiefs with his Feng Ming Sword, he must have been devastated.

Qiu Yue is being so petty in this episode lol – getting Xiao Bai to slap Chun Hua, visiting her room because he wanted to see her but leaving without a word because he was too upset with her.

So…Chun Hua is finally with Qiu Yue! At least physically, so he doesn’t have to constantly creep into her room at night 😂 But I’m not sure how Chun Hua will respond to him now that she’s totally upset with him.

I kind of ship Ye Xing Zhu and Gu Xing Zhu…I have an inkling that she likes Qiu Yue instead but I can see that Gu Xing Zhu is sincere towards her. Besides, Qiu Yue already has Chun Hua.

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♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”


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  1. Thank you for your summaries. I have more time to read than watch shows. I hope I will get my chance to enjoy this.


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