CHQY Chapter 2: Special Operations Team

Midnight, dim oil lamp, the two village women who were supposed to be watching over her leaned on the front of the bed as they slept.

After not eating dinner and being fed a stomachful of medicine, Lei Lei lay on a simple and crude wooden bed, her heart in a turmoil. Who exactly was “Chun Hua”? Looking at this fair and delicate hand, she shouldn’t be an ordinary peasant girl. Aunty had mentioned that her relatives at Jinjiang City had refused to take her in so she had ended up at this village. Did she jump off the cliff in a suicide attempt?

To get rid of this identity, she must first leave this place.

At first, Lei Lei didn’t care much about her identity but she really didn’t want to stay and continue being “Chun Hua” so she quietly lifted her quilt and got out, cautiously passing the two village women and slipping out the door.

Under the cold moon, Lei Lei ran wildly. Gu Yan Village was soon far behind her and only then did she finally feel at peace.

Living in the world, people will constantly have to make choices and soon, there were two roads in front of her.

One to the left and one to the right.

Where should I go? Lei Lei thought about it briefly before deciding to head towards the left. Just as she was about to take a step, a blast of cold wind suddenly hit and leaves fell all around her. She involuntarily shivered, only now noticing that it was autumn and that she was just wearing a single plain white garment.

Going back to retrieve her clothes was out of the question but the cold was indeed unbearable. Just as Lei Lei was deliberating, a figure headed towards her from a distance.

The person appeared scholarly and refined, looking like an intellectual. He mumbled to himself as he walked: “……wish for a rest, what a cool autumn[1]……”

A nerd? Lei Lei jumped out from behind the big rock.

Caught off guard by a lady who suddenly appeared in front of him, the scholar was scared stiff: “Guniang[2]……”

Frigid winds, dim moonlight, a set of mourning clothes fluttering in the wind, a strange smile on her face, the lady stared at him for quite a while before eventually saying gloomily: “I’m cold, lend me your clothes……”

“You……” The frightened scholar trembled.

“Take off your clothes!”

“Ghost! ——” After letting out an earth shattering scream, the scholar fell to the ground with a thud, then it was silent.

Only now realising how exaggerated this scene’s atmosphere was, Lei Lei hurriedly squatted down to feel his chest. Finding a heartbeat, she breathed a sigh of relief: “Big brother, it really wasn’t on purpose.”

She took off his outer clothing and put it on, running away at once.


Stepping on firm ground and breathing unpolluted air, after walking a long distance, the sun was starting to rise. The ground was golden-bright and dazzling, the sun peeked out from cracks between the leaves and fell to the ground like pieces of gold.

Lei Lei really saw gold.

Under a particularly large ancient tree, there was a small sack that probably hadn’t been tied tightly enough and had been blown open by the wind, exposing the many brightly coloured paper notes inside. The note right at the top had a heap of gold ingots designed on it, with “one hundred taels” written on it.

One hundred taels, one hundred taels……

What is that pile of thing? Part of Lei Lei had already guessed what it was and the other part was trying not to think about it, to turn a blind eye and continue on her way, saying to herself: I’m not a money-grubber, I have to be a normal female lead.

She halted in her steps.

Walking through Jianghu, money is a necessity……

Lei Lei went back, squatted down and began to count the money. Which idiot dropped the money here, it’s not bad that I managed to pick up some allowance here. Lodging, food and a change of clothes, one hundred taels was definitely not enough. At least ten thousand taels……

“Who sent you.” A pleasant male voice spoke.

Looking up, she saw a young man standing not far away. He looked to be in his twenties, sharp eyebrows, eyes like stars on a cold night, a powerful presence. A silver headpiece bound a section of his black hair, his blue and white robes looked simple and plain but the quality and colour wasn’t ordinary. Compared to the villagers from before, it was of way better quality.

His left hand was faintly visible from under his wide sleeves and he was holding a black sheath.

The gongzi[3] smiled smugly, looking like a mystical illusion.

Lei Lei stared at him dazedly, muttering under her breath, Tian Lei script still has its benefits, there are feasts for the eyes everywhere.

Seeing that she wasn’t answering, the gongzi’s tone became colder: “Who sent you?”

Lei Lei hurriedly shook her head and suddenly felt a coolness on her neck, quickly followed by pain. It turns out that from a point in time unknown to her, she already had a few swords held to her neck!

A shadow flashed past and the gongzi was standing in front of her. He bent over and quickly hit her acupuncture points.

With a few “Dang dang”, all the swords were sheathed.

“You want to commit suicide? Not that easy!” An old man in blue came out from behind.

Damn it who wanted to commit suicide!

“Ah ah —— murder ——” Lei Lei howled like a pig on the slaughter block, “Quick! See if it’s been cut open! Has it been cut open!”

Everyone was stunned.


A few people walked out from the side, among them was a middle-aged man wearing a brocade robe with purple cherry-apple coloured cheeks and a coarse beard stubble. He looked at Lei Lei, then turned to the gongzi: “Didn’t expect it to be a woman.”

The gongzi was also taken by surprise, Tie Manor’s Master Tie had taken the initiative to report that a mystery person had come looking for him the day before, claiming to know the Longevity Fruit’s whereabouts and asking for ten thousand silver. The issue with the Longevity Fruit was of great significance, having stirred up groundless gossip already. The three major factions had become enemies over this and was kept under control momentarily only when Chief He Tai Ping had stepped in. Unexpectedly, this news suddenly came out and because Bai Sheng Manor had always seen it as their responsibility to uphold justice in Jianghu and they happened to be passing by, they took charge of resolving this matter. They decided to beat him at his own game, putting a bait to lure the person out. Who knew that it’ll be a lady that came along.

“Hurry! Help me to see if it’s bleeding!” Lei Lei was still yelling, “Killing someone for no reason, I’ll send you to the officials! You have to pay for my medical expenses!”

Send to the officials? Everyone was baffled.

The old man in blue shouted at her to stop: “At such a young age and unable to differentiate between good and evil. If the Longevity Fruit fell into the hands of the evil sects, there won’t be peace in Jianghu again. Fortunately, Master Tie is highly principled……”

Lei Lei only cared about her neck but couldn’t check it because her acupuncture points had been blocked, so she asked anxiously: “Is the cut deep? I feel dizzy, dizzy……excessive blood loss. Damn it come and help me to stop the bleeding!”

“Where is the Longevity Fruit?”

“My wound!”

“A gleam flashed before her eyes and a sword was placed against her neck again, successfully stopping her shouts.

The gongzi said coldly: “Speak!”

Lei Lei became clear-headed, trembling with fear: “Say……say what?”

“Where is the Longevity Fruit?”

“What Longevity Fruit?” She was baffled.

The brocade robed Master Tie came forward: “Didn’t you ask me to bring money here in exchange for the Longevity Fruit’s location?”

Lei Lei finally understood what was going on. They had put out a bait and lay an ambush, and she had unknowingly ran into it. Anger raged through her at once: “How do you know that it was me?”

“If it wasn’t you, why did you come to get the money?”

“If there’s money why can’t I take it?”

Master Tie was stumped.

The gongzi frowned: “Didn’t you find it strange that there would be so much money for no apparent reason?”

Lei Lei replied: “I only know that I’ve made it rich.”

Everyone fell silent.

Lei Lei raged: “Quick! Undo the block, unblock my acupuncture points! I’m bleeding out!”

The gongzi looked at her for a long time before sheathing his sword and reaching out to undo the block. Lei Lei immediately touched her neck, finding that it wasn’t bleeding. Only then was she reassured.

Master Tie said: “Xiao Gongzi be careful, this demon lady speaks strangely, it could be a ruse by Qian Yue Cave!”

The gongzi nodded, feeling that it was necessary to investigate thoroughly: “Who are you? Where are you from?”

I don’t know who I am either, Lei Lei replied: “I’m from Gu Yan Village.”

Seeing that the material of her clothes are rough, the gongzi somewhat believed her: “You can go.”

Everyone turned to leave.

Knowing that they’re from the good sects, Lei Lei wasn’t afraid anymore and quickly leapt up from the ground, dashing up to him and grabbing his sleeve: “After injuring me, you’re thinking of leaving just like that?”

The gongzi frowned: “Let go.”

Lei Lei slanted her head to show him the evidence: “My neck, look!”

Being blackmailed for the first time in his life, the gongzi was a bit dumbfounded: “It’s just a superficial wound.”

The other party’s attitude when acknowledging his mistake was bad, making Lei Lei even angrier: “A superficial wound is also an injury! It’s not your fault for catching me but I am innocent. Now that you’ve hurt me, you must be responsible!”

The gongzi’s frown deepened: “Steward Zhao.”

With a look full of disdain, the old man in blue took out two silver ingots and threw them towards her: “Take it to see a doctor.”

Lei Lei caught it.

The gongzi’s eyes flashed: “You’re really from the village?”

Lei Lei nodded: “Yes.”

The gongzi held up her wrist with a sarcastic smile: “Village girls have hands like this?”


Damn it, she’ll be mistaken as the bad guy and slaughtered. Lei Lei started to sweat, humming and hawing: “I’m not from here originally. Actually, I’m also not sure how I ended up in the village.” Seeing his disbelief, she hurriedly added: “Because I fell off the cliff yesterday, I don’t remember anything anymore.” Damn it, it hasn’t even been a day since she came here and she’d already lost her memories twice.

The gongzi released his hold on her: “Nonsense!”

“It’s not nonsense, it’s the truth!” Lei Lei was anxious to find proof but was helpless because identity cards are still not widespread here. The villagers at Gu Yan Village could verify that she was called “Chun Hua” but Lei Lei was adamant that she will not be called “Chun Hua” in front of such a handsome man so she made something up. “It’s like this, my name is Lei Lei. Three months ago, I came to Jinjiang City in search of my relatives and was chased by a group of people with dubious backgrounds. With no other option, I escaped to the village……”

The gongzi said: “Didn’t you lose your memories?”

Lei Lei choked: “Yes, it seems like……this is the only thing I remember.”

Standing to the side, Steward Zhao snorted: “Gongzi be careful, this woman has a dubious background and is full of lies to swindle some money.”

That reminded Lei Lei, he’s correct. What could she do with this bit of money, she has to ensure that her basic necessities are met. She immediately wiped her eyes with her sleeves and burst into tears.

The gongzi was dazed: “You……”

“Gongzi please investigate the truth!” With a loud cry, Lei Lei took the opportunity to throw herself at the gongzi, “Every word I’ve said is true, I only remember that someone wanted to kill me, then I fell off the cliff. Gongzi is a good person, save me!”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Seeing her rush towards him, the gongzi had had his guard up, thinking that it was a trick. He was waiting for her to give herself away before sending her to Western Paradise[4] with one strike. When he finally realised that this woman didn’t have any malicious intent, he was already in a sturdy embrace and was at a loss on what to do. In addition, he had mysophobia and his reflex was to push her away but he was helpless against the hands that held him so tightly that he couldn’t actually struggle free.

Taking into account his image and demeanour, he could only bear with it: “Let go of me first!”

Eyes brimming with tears, Lei Lei acted shamelessly: “I want to go with you, otherwise they’ll kill me!”

Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword was world-renowned and no one dared to be disrespectful. The gongzi had never felt this helpless: “It’s inconvenient for men and women to travel together, this……” He looked to Master Tie.

Since someone was after her life, who would be willing to pick up this kind of hot potato. Master Tie immediately coughed: “Guniang need not worry, with Bai Sheng Manor’s Xiao Gongzi backing you up, you’ll definitely get justice in the future.” Then turning toward the gongzi: “Many thanks to Xiao Gongzi for your help, I’ll take my leave now. I’ll report this matter to Chief He soon.”

Without waiting for a reply, he instructed his man to take the bag of money and left.”


“Let go.”


“You!” Apart from Qian Yue Cave’s demon ladies, there’s actually such a thick-skinned girl. The gongzi was at a loss for words momentarily, his handsome face turning slightly red, somewhat confused.

Up close, Lei Lei observed that the handsome man looked really good when he blushed.

Steward Zhao’s finger shook: “In……in broad daylight……”

Lei Lei replied wilfully: “What?” Forcefully grabbing a man in broad daylight?

Steward Zhao stomped his foot: “No sense of shame! Aren’t you going to let go, don’t tarnish my gongzi’s reputation!”

“There’s really someone out to kill me,” Lei Lei wailed bitterly, hugging the gongzi even tighter, conveniently rubbing her face on his chest. “I’ll die if you leave me here, gongzi please save me!” Me hugging him, what is an old man like you being anxious for!

Steward Zhao was at a loss for words.

The gongzi’s face was dark as he maintained his poise with gritted teeth: “If someone’s really after you, I’ll certainly bring you to Chief He and return justice to you. If you still don’t let go, don’t blame me for being rude.”

You can be rude all you want, Lei Lei ignored his threat.

He was strong and she was weak, the gongzi had never seen something so outrageous. However, it wasn’t good for him to do anything towards her so he suppressed his anger forcefully: “We’re now rushing back to the manor and since you insist on coming along, you can return with me for now, how about that?”

“Really?” She was suspicious.

The gongzi didn’t reply.

“Our gongzi’s promise can be counted on, aren’t you going to let go!” Steward Zhao was fuming with rage.

Reassured, Lei Lei released him: “Let’s go.”


A big and tall purplish red steed was soon brought out. Lei Lei was always happy to try out new things and managed to climb onto the horse after five tries. The steed immediately raised its neck and let out a soft neigh, scaring her to the point that she fell off it.

The gongzi helped her up, the corners of his mouth twitching: “Steward Zhao……”

Steward Zhao had already mounted his horse: “It’s getting late, I’ll go ahead to see if there’s any small shops we can have lunch at.” and left on his horse.

Soon, the two servants also left on their horses. Lei Lei snapped out of it and looked towards the gongzi who didn’t look very happy. Putting on a smile, she said: “I didn’t know that horses were so difficult to ride.”

The gongzi shot her a glance and leapt onto the horse straight away.

Lei Lei panicked, rushing over to hug his long leg: “Hey, hey, don’t leave me behind, you promised!”

Feeling rather powerless, the gongzi reached out a hand.

His hand was very slender and beautiful. Lei Lei stared blankly for a long time before reacting, hurriedly giving him her hand. Once she raised her hand, Lei Lei felt her body rising into the air and was puzzled to find that she was already seated behind him.

The horseback swayed and she hugged his waist at once.

“Let go.”

“No, no way. I’m falling!”



The sun was warm and the cool breeze carried an earthy smell, as well as the fragrance on the gongzi’s body.

“Where’s your home?”

“Bai Sheng Manor.” The gongzi’s voice was steady. He had only urged the horse on for about one li[5] of distance when the person behind him kept shrieking miserably, forcing him to gradually slow down the pace to suit her. They had ended up in a trot and this girl was still not satisfied.

“Is it very far?”

There’s actually someone who didn’t know about Bai Sheng Manor. Slightly surprised, the gongzi replied: “It’s about a three day journey.” After a pause, he continued: “I’m afraid that at this pace it’ll take five or six days.”

So she’ll still have to sit on the horse for a few more days? Lei Lei groaned inwardly: “How do I address you?”

The gongzi was calm: “Xiao Bai.”

How can a Tian Lei script go without a “Xiao Bai[6]” Lei Lei was in an excellent mood, suddenly feeling that the name “Chun Hua” wasn’t that bad after all: “Nice name, it’s a nice name!”

The gongzi ignored her praise: “Where do you live?”

Learning her lesson, Lei Lei immediately shook her head: “I’ve forgotten, amnesia.”

The gongzi couldn’t help but to wrinkle his brows and sigh. It seems like he had to bring her back to the manor for now.

Influenced by this sigh, Lei Lei began to feel uneasy. How do time travelling girls win the male lead’s favour in Tian Lei scripts? She couldn’t think of a suitable poem for the current scene, how about singing a song!

“I’ll sing you a song, listen.”

No reply.

Clearing her throat, Lei Lei was about to open her mouth ——

The hillside field beside them suddenly emitted a resounding and sky penetrating singing: “The east is red, the sun rises, Jianghu has brought about a He Tai Ping……”

Lei Lei was Lei-ed over at once.

1. He’s just reciting a poem
2. 姑娘 (Guniang) ☆ means ‘young lady’
3. 公子 (Gongzi) ☆ male version of ‘guniang’ (I know that this explanation is weird but its because ‘gongzi’ doesn’t exactly translate to ‘young man’
4. Basically to kill her
5. One Li is 0.5 kilometres / 0.311 miles
6. Just to elaborate on their names: (and why Chun Hua reacted the way she did)
Chun Hua’s name translates to ‘Spring Flowers’, which she dislikes.
Xiao Bai’s name is written as ‘萧白’ but Chun Hua refers to him as ‘小白’ which means fool/idiot.
If you’ve watched the drama, Chun Hua also refers to him as ‘小白’ there but the meaning is different because the ‘小’ is an endearment added to the name. The Korean equivalent is adding ‘이i’ to the names – ‘정국Jungkook’ becomes ‘국이Kookie’

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  1. Wow! Finally a translation.. Thank you for your team’s hard work. Please continue the novel translation. I tried reading the google translation of the raw, but nothing makes sense. I love it that you’ve put author’s notes to explain the terms for us to better understand the story. Thank you, and please continue.


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