Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 24

~ You Si is kidnapped…by Feng Ming Manor!? + Chun Hua volunteers as hostage ~


Fu Lou brings Chun Hua to You Si’s room, giving her a distrustful glare before returning outside where Qiu Yue was waiting. Still suspicious of his motives, Fu Lou asked Qiu Yue why he would let him know that he cared deeply for his sister. With his usual poise, Qiu Yue replies that his care for Chun Hua doesn’t compare to Fu Lou’s feelings for You Si, a barely concealed warning that he wouldn’t stand for any threats or for any harm to come to her. He then informs Fu Lou that he would be sending a letter to Feng Ming Manor to notify them that the young Chief’s (Xiao Bai) wife was a guest at Chuan Qi Valley, hypothesising that they would bring the Longevity Fruit in exchange.

Ye Xing Zhu was walking through the woods, en route to perform her duties when she sensed that she was being followed. The person turns out to be Gu Xing Zhu and she questioned his presence because he was supposed to be spreading news of the ‘Book of Sins’. Gu Xing Zhu commends her ‘Book of Sins’ idea because Fu Lou would be the obvious choice and if he was killed during this event, Feng Ming Manor would lose their standing in the people’s heart, Xiao Bai would lose Chun Hua’s heart and the Xing Yue Religion would come under Qiu Yue. Hearing this, Ye Xing Zhu holds up a hidden weapon to his neck, telling him to shut up and reminding him of the rule that they mustn’t speculate about their leader’s plans. She then left and Gu Xing Zhu gazes longingly after, questioning why she was so dead set towards their leader.

Back at Chuan Qi Valley, Chun Hua and You Si strike up a conversation about her wedding, with You Si commenting that she seems to have mutual affections for Qiu Yue. But when Chun Hua asked if she wanted Longevity, the smile slipped off her face and she explains that regardless of how short a time she has with Fu Lou, she was satisfied as long as they spent those days happily. To Chun Hua’s surprise, she acknowledges the evil deeds that Fu Lou had done, explaining that it was all for her sake that he had worked his way up from being a lowly disciple. Hearing this, Chun Hua ponders her situation – she had given up immortality to find love, could Xiao Bai give her the kind of love she wanted? Was Qiu Yue’s concern for her that seemed real and fake at times, a test for her? Her train of thoughts were broken when You Si teases her about the two choices she has. She brushes off her second option, Qiu Yue, saying that he just looked good and didn’t have any other virtue. Chun Hua then asked You Si what she thought the best kind of romance was and You Si replied that regardless of how others saw them, they were the most special in each other’s eyes.

Night fell at Feng Ming Manor and Qiu Yue’s letter was soon found. After reading the letter, Xiao Bai discusses what to do next with Liu Feng. He explains that Chun Hua had previously told him that Fu Lou loved You Si and that she was friends with You Si so he guessed that she wouldn’t be hurt. They were interrupted when Chief Leng arrives, seeking an audience with Xiao Bai. Cai Cai and Leng Ning join them at the hall and they soon find out that Chief Leng had kidnapped You Si. Leng Ning voiced her objection but her father told her that for You Si to be with such a huge evil like Fu Lou, she couldn’t be a good person. Cai Cai suggests that the reason You Si was so frail could’ve been due to years of torment by Fu Lou. You Si soon stirs and her first words were to call for Fu Lou. Sensing her innocence and purity, they tell her that she had been invited as a guest to Feng Ming Manor and that Fu Lou would be there shortly.

After settling You Si into a guest room, Leng Ning and Cai Cai discussed what had happened. Leng Ning shares that her father’s actions had shocked her. Cai Cai sides with Chief Leng, explaining that it was for the greater good.

CHQY 24-1
QY: “If I win, you have to return to Qian Yue Cave with me.”

The next morning, Chun Hua wakes to see Qiu Yue. Because she questioned his presence there, Qiu Yue asked if she was more comfortable at Chuan Qi Valley than Qian Yue Cave and Feng Ming Manor. She admits to this, explaining that she was jealous of You Si because she had something that she really wanted, true love. Soon, Fu Lou barged into the room and accuses Chun Hua of colluding with Feng Ming Manor to kidnap You Si. Pushing through her shock, Chun Hua confesses to Fu Lou that the Longevity Fruit is fake, later suggesting that he pretends to hold her hostage in exchange for You Si. Upon hearing this suggestion, Qiu Yue barely manages to conceal his shock but later, just before they part ways, he suggests that Fu Lou needed to make it look real because she was tough. Chun Hua quickly agrees, telling Fu Lou that as long as he didn’t hurt her face or handicapped her, everything else was up to him. Before he left, Qiu Yue suggests a bet with Chun Hua. If he won, she would return to Qian Yue Cave with him.

Fu Lou and Chun Hua arrive at Feng Ming Manor and upon Chun Hua’s discreet suggestion, he holds up his staff to her neck. Qiu Yue was watching from the sidelines, anticipating the moment where Xiao Bai would kill Fu Lou and he would have Feng Ming Manor left to deal with. However, everything was settled quickly when Xiao Bai agrees to the trade. Chief Leng leaves with an angry huff and Qiu Yue voices his surprise that Xiao Bai had some empathy, questioning if Chun Hua would be happier if he let her remain at Feng Ming Manor. Not a moment after he had this thought, Xiao Bai invited Fu Lou to the Longevity Fruit meet the next day and a smirk appears on Qiu Yue’s face. Chun Hua was shocked when she heard this, asking Xiao Bai why he was doing this when he knew it was a fake. Xiao Bai pledges on Feng Ming Manor’s hundred year reputation, promising Fu Lou that the Longevity Fruit was real and that he will protect him and You Si. He then chastises Chun Hua, telling her that she shouldn’t lie just because she wanted the Longevity Fruit to remain at Feng Ming Manor.

Later, as Chun Hua was resting in her room, the silence was broken by Qiu Yue’s voice, reminding her that she had yet to agree to his bet. He brings up the question of whether Xiao Bai will be able to protect Fu Lou and You Si at the Longevity Fruit meet the next day. Stating that he wouldn’t interfere, he told her that if Xiao Bai could keep his word to Fu Lou, he will trust that Xiao Bai could protect her and let her remain at Feng Ming Manor. If Xiao Bai failed to protect Fu Lou and You Si, she must return with him to Qian Yue Cave. When Chun Hua refused the bet, Qiu Yue reminded her that Xiao Bai had never told her what his choice was between her and the righteous cause, adding that ten thousand fine words could never compare to one sincere word. Chun Hua retorts that he had never been sincere with his words either. Qiu Yue acknowledges this but tells her that he proves it with his actions instead. He then makes a move to leave, heading for the door. Alarmed, Chun Hua shouted for him, telling him that he couldn’t just leave through the main door, she was already in an awkward position at Feng Ming Manor because of him. Nonchalantly, Qiu Yue tells her that whenever he was with her, he would feel like he was at Qian Yue Cave. Annoyed, Chun Hua impulsively agrees to his bet.

Back at Chuan Qi Valley, Fu Lou and You Si were at the flower garden, discussing what they would do after getting the Longevity Fruit. You Si tells Fu Lou that after she recovers, she’ll explain his previous actions to all his enemies, her smile full of hope for the future as she rested her head on his shoulder.


CHQY 24-E1

Three things.
Qiu Yue is looking super flawless in this episode 💜
I don’t want anything to happen to Fu Lou just because I really like You Si but I know that things are going down T^T
Chun Hua is comfortable at Chuan Qi Valley because she is jealous of You Si? I’m lost. Somethings not right with that logic.

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