Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 25

~ Fu Lou gets the Longevity Fruit and his ‘Book of Sins’ is revealed but Cai Cai is angry because…where is her father’s name? ~


Qiu Yue ends up staying, silently drinking tea as Chun Hua sat on her bed with her knees hugged to her chest. Qiu Yue breaks the silence, telling her that he missed the times she acted frivolously with him. Chun Hua tells him that she doesn’t remember that anymore, later sharing something that had been troubling her – they had first made the Longevity Fruit with the purpose of destroying it in front of everyone but now…something clicks in her mind and she confronts Qiu Yue on whether he had already known that it was a fake. Qiu Yue replies that if she didn’t want him to know about it, then he didn’t know about it. If she thought that he knew about it, he will pretend to know about it. Hearing this, Chun Hua told him once again, that he didn’t have any sincere words, asking if besides Feng Ming Manor’s ruse, there was also his. Was he here to protect her, to watch the show or to see how many more people will fight over the Longevity Fruit. Qiu Yue doesn’t answer her question and instead tells her that she doesn’t trust him anymore, so whether he admits or denies her accusation, he would still be in the wrong. He then tells her that all this bustle of activity was because of human greed and Chun Hua asked if Fu Lou’s feelings for You Si was also greed and did he not have any greed? Qiu Yue avoids her question again, telling her that she had changed, but regardless of the previous Chun Hua who only thought about how to act frivolously with Xiao Bai and him, or the current Chun Hua who had deep thoughts, both were adorable and he liked both. Chun Hua laments that she had come to this world, full of passion to find her true love but after she accomplished it, the passion has cooled off somehow.

CHQY 25-1
( Gawd! The awkward tension. I almost feel sorry for XB. )

Chun Hua then decides to go for a night stroll and bumps into Xiao Bai. They then have a chat, with Chun Hua asking Xiao Bai why he had brought her back even though she was a suspect in the Medical Sage’s murder. He tells her that it was his father’s teaching that he should help the weak, plus she couldn’t have been the killer because she didn’t know martial arts. He then tells her that she was different from the other girls he knew. She was pure-hearted, cute and warm, he liked it very much. Besides, she’s also Hua Xiao Lei, his fiancee, promising to continue protecting her. Chun Hua then asked Xiao Bai to promise to ensure Fu Lou’s safety at the Longevity Fruit meet the next day. Xiao Bai replies that ignoring the fact that they’re from the evil sect, if their death can trade for peace in Jianghu, it would be a worthy one. Chun Hua is visibly saddened, asking him if it was her that he had to sacrifice for the peace he wanted, how would he choose? Xiao Bai tells her that he wouldn’t let this ‘if’ happen.

The next morning, all the good sects are gathered at Feng Ming Manor’s hall. Fu Lou soon arrives and Xiao Bai passes him the box that contained the Longevity Fruit. The rest of the good sects try to stop Fu Lou from leaving but Xiao Bai told them that Feng Ming Manor will uphold its promise to Fu Lou. When everyone continued to voice their objections, Xiao Bai assures them that Fu Lou had promised to die in atonement for his sins. It was only then that the people made way for Fu Lou to leave. Meanwhile, Chun Hua was with You Si as she waited for Fu Lou to return. Qiu Yue soon comes by and You Si excuses herself to give them time together. Once they were alone, Chun Hua curtly asked why he was there and he assures her that he wouldn’t interfere and will only watch from afar. Fu Lou soon returns and gives You Si the Longevity Fruit, telling her that he had some things to talk over with the good sects but would return to her soon. With sadness in his eyes, Fu Lou took a longing look at her before leaving.

Fu Lou then returns to a field where the people from the good sects have gathered. He tells them that after You Si eats the Longevity Fruit, it will be up to them to punish him. His ‘Book of Sins’ was then revealed and Cai Cai frantically looks for her father’s name. Not finding it, she confronts Fu Lou and he denies it, revealing that her father wasn’t a good person either, he had killed the Medical Sage. Fu Lou explains that he had chanced upon Chief Feng looking for the Longevity Fruit at the Ba Xian Residence and killing the Medical Sage to silence him. He then adds that he knew who killed Chief Feng and hearing this, Chief Leng immediately draws his sword. Fu Lou then brings Chun Hua at staff point to vouch that he doesn’t lie, revealing that Chief Feng had once bluffed Cai Cai to kidnap Chun Hua in order to send her to him. Fu Lou reinforces this by telling them that even though he killed with a total disregard for human life, he doesn’t lie. In a few hours, after You Si takes the Longevity Fruit and Feng Ming Manor agrees to protect her, he will offer his apologies by means of his death.

CHQY 25-2
( CH has the command seal / FL entrusts YS to her / Good sects not far away )

Fu Lou then brings Chun Hua a distance away from where the good sects were and asked her to protect You Si and bring her away. Handing her Chuan Qi Valley’s leader’s seal of command, he tells her to pass it to Qiu Yue or Xiao Bai, whoever could protect You Si. Chun Hua protests, reminding him that he had promised You Si but he gives her a small bow, pleading with her. Fu Lou later returns to the standoff with the good sects and Qiu Yue flies in, commenting that he admired Fu Lou’s honesty before calling out Chief Leng, asking him what he thought. Cai Cai once again asked who was her father’s murderer but Qiu Yue avoids the question and comments that they were being too impatient – You Si was supposed to take the Longevity Fruit during the full moon but the sun was still right over their heads. After telling them that he will return during the night, Qiu Yue flies away. Cai Cai then confronts Fu Lou once more but Chief Leng interrupts, saying that they need not speak with someone like him, ordering his men to attack Fu Lou. In the fight that ensues, Fu Lou gets stabbed and his headpiece was knocked off. (We also find out that Fu Lou’s staff was a scabbard for his sword. Cool.) Meanwhile, Chun Hua was accompanying You Si nearby and hearing the fight, You Si tells her that she wanted to go to where Fu Lou was.


(In case it wasn’t clear, and for anyone who didn’t watch the drama, the stand off between the good sects and Fu Lou happens at a random hill / field and You Si is nearby but out of sight.)

I’m so frustrated. Can’t they see that Chief Leng was very antsy, constantly interrupting whenever it seemed like Fu Lou was about to reveal the truth about him killing Chief Feng? Also, I almost wished Fu Lou would’ve just shouted it out, I mean, it’s just two words! How hard can that be!?

At this point, (at least for me) Fu Lou’s existence is becoming similar to Qiu Yue’s. He does bad things but he is open about it and has his own valid reasons for doing so. Not the crazy killer that everyone in the good sects seem to be portraying. On another note, I don’t get why Fu Lou is entrusting You Si to Chun Hua, because I wouldn’t. Let me explain. Yes, Chun Hua is a good girl and would never hurt You Si but whether she has the ability to protect her is another matter. Chun Hua doesn’t know martial arts and is as defenseless as You Si. I mean…I don’t even know how many times she has been kidnapped so far. Maybe he’s banking on the fact that Chun Hua seems to have both Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai on her side? Whatever it is, I’m hoping that Fu Lou will go back on his word. After all, he’s from the evil sect and doesn’t have any obligation to follow through with dying.

Chun Hua keeps hinting that she isn’t from this world. I wonder if Qiu Yue will pick up on it and directly ask her about it. (I’m referring to this episode and episode 23, where she was like “maybe this is the kind of love I’ve given up my immortality for”) Also, Chun Hua! Do you know why the passion has cooled off? Because it ain’t the right guy!

When Xiao Bai brought up Hua Xiao Lei, I had a major NOOOOOOOOOO moment. tsk tsk. Xiao Bai…why…WHY! I thought you were over that already!

Episode 24  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 26
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢



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