Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 26

~ Fu Lou dies & Chun Hua returns to Qian Yue Cave with Qiu Yue ~


You Si arrives to see Fu Lou kneeling on the ground, supporting himself on his sword and she runs towards him worriedly. Seeing Fu Lou’s state, Chun Hua pleads with Xiao Bai to let him off but he tells her that Fu Lou had already killed too many and besides, he was already at his end and might not even make it back to Chuan Qi Valley. Chun Hua was shocked by his cold words and You Si interrupts them, saying that everything was her fault, why don’t they kill her first. Chief Leng voices that she can’t shirk the responsibility for Chief Yuan’s death those many years ago and draws his sword to attack. At that moment, Qiu Yue flies in to snatch Chun Hua to the side, effectively deflecting Chief Leng’s attack at the same time. Chief Leng later attacks again and Fu Lou musters the last of his strength, proving to be stronger but just before he could land a blow on Chief Leng, Xiao Bai sends his Feng Ming Sword to knock Fu Lou’s sword out of his hands and seeing an opening, Chief Leng thrusts his sword into Fu Lou.

Even as he lay dying, all Fu Lou cared about was his beloved You Si, reminding her to take the Longevity Fruit when the moon became full. Chun Hua could only look from the side with tears in her eyes but when the people from the good sects started demanding that Fu Lou’s body be shredded into a thousand pieces, Chun Hua stepped forward and shouted at them, questioning their humanity. When Chief Leng comments that Fu Lou deserved it, You Si tells them the truth about what had happened ten years ago – Fu Lou and You Si were childhood sweethearts but their master (teacher), Chief Yuan (Yuan Zhi Hai) had wanted to remarry after his wife died and had framed and chased Fu Lou out before forcing You Si to marry him. Even after You Si was his wife and had gotten pregnant three times, he doubted her fidelity and forced her to abort them and also abused her physically. He also scarred Fu Lou’s face and forced him to drink poison but You Si had snatched the remaining half, leaving her body frail and weak ever since. Even after hearing this, the good sects were still adamant in their beliefs that the greatest sin was to kill one’s master.

Liu Feng and Xiao Bai then voiced their opinion that You Si should be spared but the other members of the good sects brought up the Longevity Fruit again. Hearing this, Chun Hua revealed that the Longevity Fruit was a fake, telling Xiao Bai that he should come clean with You Si. Xiao Bai chides her for slandering his and Feng Ming Manor’s reputation, telling everyone that she was talking nonsense due to the shock. Chun Hua then asked Xiao Bai what she meant to him, getting more agitated as she said that she didn’t compare to his righteous path, his dedication to eradicate the evil sects, or even a fake Longevity Fruit. She was just a chess piece he could sacrifice for the greater good. Xiao Bai told her to ‘shut up’ before he himself realised it and quickly diverted everyone’s attention by announcing that he would bring You Si back to Feng Ming Manor before deciding on a punishment.

You Si tossed the Longevity Fruit, telling them that she didn’t need it anymore and Xiao Bai quickly destroyed it. You Si then said her last words to her husband before stabbing herself and laying down beside him. Chun Hua runs towards You Si in a dazed shock and demands that Xiao Bai apologised but he denies any wrongdoing. She then tells him to kill her, she had an affair with Qiu Yue so she also belonged to the evil sect, why don’t he eliminate her? Xiao Bai replied that since she was to be his wife, its natural that any past impurity is written off. Chun Hua was appalled when she heard this because it meant that he had never believed her. Qiu Yue then cuts in, telling Chun Hua that the evil sects would never kill family like the good sects did. Xiao Bai then pinned everything on Qiu Yue, blaming him for kidnapping and misleading Chun Hua until she couldn’t differentiate right from wrong. Chun Hua admits to this, telling Qiu Yue that she has been bewitched by him, pleading with him to bring her back with him. Before they left, Xiao Bai told Qiu Yue to take back Qian Yue Cave’s thing, returning to Qiu Yue the Stone Lotus his father had left him.

That night at Feng Ming Manor, Liu Feng came to find Xiao Bai who stood in his study as he stared at the scroll of rules his ancestors had left behind. Xiao Bai then confides in Liu Feng that Chun Hua wasn’t suitable for the position of the martial arts leader’s wife, telling him that before he met Chun Hua, he didn’t see males or females, only brothers. His life only consisted of responsibility, no feelings. Chun Hua was vivacious and adorable, warm-hearted and brazen, naive and kind-hearted, liked to act coquettishly, got jealous easily, was selfish and scared of death, loved food. She really wasn’t a suitable candidate to be his wife. She didn’t know any martial arts, was childish and rash, kept getting kidnapped by either Qian Yue Cave or Chuan Qi Valley, she wasn’t suitable. She really wasn’t suitable.

Liu Feng leaves Xiao Bai’s study and chances upon Leng Ning sitting alone in the pavilion and went to accompany her. Leng Ning tells him that she was upset, she couldn’t have imagined that Fu Lou and You Si’s past could be that way. When she asked Liu Feng if they were wrong for plotting against someone like that, Liu Feng explains that they hadn’t intended for him to die, because Chuan Qi Valley was the only thing keeping Qian Yue Cave in check but the Longevity Fruit was a big problem and they had to destroy it. Leng Ning then tells Liu Feng that the current situation has brought to her mind, a poem he had written at the poem meet and he smiles at the thought that she remembered it. He then reached over to grasp her hand in his, telling her that he wished to travel Jianghu with her, free of any constraints.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Chun Hua was having a nightmare about running alone in the flower fields. She had no idea where she was, what she wanted to do or what it was exactly that she wanted. She then started to cry and Qiu Yue who was keeping watch at her bedside reached out a hand to caress the side of her face. As he retracted his hand, Chun Hua clutched it to her chest, saying that she was miserable, but slowly calmed down after Qiu Yue placed his other hand over hers. It was at that moment that Ye Xing Zhu came looking for Qiu Yue.

Leaving Chun Hua to rest, Qiu Yue and Ye Xing Zhu went to Qian Yue Cave’s main hall where she submitted a list of Chuan Qi Valley’s elite disciples. When he pointed out that the numbers were too small, she explained that there were a few who refused to pledge allegiance to Qian Yue Cave unless they saw Chuan Qi Valley’s command seal and Gu Xing Zhu had only managed to seize Chuan Qi Valley after dealing with some of them. Qiu Yue comments that Gu Xing Zhu was getting more experienced with his tricks, instructing Ye Xing Zhu to leave them to scare themselves witless for a few days and to keep a closer eye on Gu Xing Zhu.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Xiao Bai was practicing with his Feng Ming Sword outside the main hall, destroying pillars of lights around him. Cai Cai and Lu Xiu soon came to see what was going on and seeing his aggressive energy, Cai Cai grabbed Lu Xiu’s sword and flung it towards Xiao Bai. He easily deflects it, stumbling back after he does so, seeming slightly out of it.


As things progressed and we learned of Fu Lou and You Si’s past, I could understand the anger Chun Hua felt when Xiao Bai kept denying things/making excuses and justifying his actions. I was also furious and disappointed with him. However, at the end of this episode, I started to understand Xiao Bai more. He was also having his own conflict, between what he knows and what he feels. He has been brought up to be the future leader of the martial arts circle so the values he hold are instilled so deeply in him that they aren’t something that can be easily changed. His actions and words in the day were all from his head. It’s only at night when he’s alone that he entertains what he feels, even if it’s only regarding Chun Hua. He knows that she isn’t suitable to be the wife of the leader but he wants her to be his wife 💔

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