Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 27

~ Chun Hua gets drunk + Feng Ming Manor re-investigates the Medical Sage’s death ~


Cai Cai advised Xiao Bai not to practice while he was distracted so as to avoid hurting himself. Xiao Bai apologised before leaving and Lu Xiu comments that he had reverted back to how he was before he met Chun Hua, prudent and reserved.

Back at his room, Xiao Bai’s eyes landed on the outfit Chun Hua had made him and with a smile, he reminisced the time she barged into his private pool and forced him to wear it. His grip tightened around the garment before he tore it, his face void of any emotion.

The next morning, Ye Xing Zhu finds Gu Xing Zhu drinking alone in the woods. He was initially excited to see Ye Xing Zhu, thinking that she had come to see him after she was done with her duties but she relayed Qiu Yue’s orders to give Chuan Qi Valley’s disciples a sense of crisis. As Ye Xing Zhu turned to leave, Gu Xing Zhu stopped her, telling her that he had pondered many things deeply, Feng Ming Manor had thought that they were clever but ended up losing face because they hadn’t realised that they needed Chuan Qi Valley to keep the peace and that Qiu Yue would be the one who wanted Fu Lou dead. When he adds that she shouldn’t run around making marriage clothes for others, Ye Xing Zhu leaves in a huff. Gu Xing Zhu stared at her retreating figure as he resolved that he would continue to speak daringly even if she didn’t want to hear it just because he was wholly devoted to her.

Meanwhile at Qian Yue Cave, Chun Hua was sitting at the lotus pond pavilion when Qiu Yue came to accompany her, asking whether she had slept well. He tells her that he wanted her to stay at Qian Yue Cave because she was good to him, plus ‘春花秋月何时了’ (When will the Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon end). Chun Hua reminded him about how he had treated Hua Xiao Lei, asking if Hua Xiao Lei betraying her family and fiance to follow him wasn’t already being good to him. Qiu Yue then had a flashback of the moments he had spent with Chun Hua and he told her that she was really good to him. Chun Hua then brings up Fu Lou and You Si’s end, reminding him about what he had previously said – it was easy to defeat someone who has a weakness – and telling him that it wasn’t good for him to have her by his side. When Qiu Yue promised that they wouldn’t end up like that, Chun Hua told him that Xiao Bai had also once told her with absolute certainty that he wouldn’t let the day come where he would have to make a choice between her and his righteous cause.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Cai Cai went to the main hall to check on Xiao Bai, asking if he had stayed up through the night again. Xiao Bai ignores her question and instead talks about work – It is very likely that the whole Longevity Fruit fiasco was Qian Yue Cave’s doing and with Fu Lou’s death, Chuan Qi Valley would most likely merge with Qian Yue Cave and they have to make preparations to fight back. Cai Cai then told Xiao Bai that alongside Liu Feng, she will assist with contacting all the good sects to be on the alert. Xiao Bai then tells her that she’s really good, she has an upright character, is gentle and thoughtful, is able to see the bigger picture and has the courage and determination to sacrifice herself for the right path. Liu Feng stops Xiao Bai from continuing by bringing up Fu Lou’s accusation towards Chief Feng and the decision was made that they would visit Ba Xian Residence to investigate. After Cai Cai had left to pack for the journey, Liu Feng confronts Xiao Bai as to what he had wanted to say to Cai Cai – that she was very good and is adequately capable of being the martial arts leader’s wife. Liu Feng was shocked and reprimands Xiao Bai, saying that he cannot make use of Cai Cai like that. When Xiao Bai tells him that Chun Hua would never return to him again, Liu Feng was at a loss for words and decides to discuss important matters with him instead. Liu Feng had found out that the only living relative of the puppet at the Longevity Fruit auction had died suddenly. They would split up to investigate – Xiao Bai and Cai Cai would investigate the Medical Sage’s death while Liu Feng and Leng Ning would investigate the puppet.

Later, Ye Xing Zhu catches Gu Xing Zhu chatting secretively with one of Chuan Qi Valley’s man and he tells her that he was just asking Fu Lou’s former right hand man for tips on how Fu Lou made You Si happy. He confesses that he had always fantasised that the both of them would leave Qian Yue Cave and build a family together. As Ye Xing Zhu turned to leave, he grabs her hand and tells her to just kill him if she refuses to agree to this. When she striked him with a blow to his chest that left him on the ground, he tells her that she hadn’t used her full strength because she still had feelings for him. (not necessarily romantic, could simply be friendship)

CHQY 27-1
CH: “Am I wrong?”
CHQY 27-2
CH: “There’s a very small Xiao Chun Hua in your eyes.”

Chun Hua was thirsty and asked Qiu Yue to bring her a cup of tea but Qian Yue Cave doesn’t have any so they both end up in Qiu Yue’s room where Chun Hua downed glass after glass of wine. Seeing that she was increasingly becoming drunk, Qiu Yue stopped her from having another glass. They soon shared a hug and Chun Hua bared her heart to him – despite her low demands and earnestness in simply wanting to be with a person, it couldn’t be achieved. Was she wrong? Qiu Yue tells her that she hadn’t done any wrong, she had always been right, he would accompany her and be good to her. Chun Hua pulls away from the hug, telling Qiu Yue that she didn’t believe him – Xiao Bai had given up on her and he had plotted against her. However, a look of fascination soon crosses her face and she cups Qiu Yue’s face, telling him that she could see a very tiny Chun Hua in his eyes. When Qiu Yue tells her not to take advantage of her drunkenness to act frivolously with him, Chun Hua angrily retorted that he kept saying that she was acting frivolously with him even though she hadn’t, adding that she will show him how she really acts frivolously with him. Chun Hua then hooks her arms around Qiu Yue’s neck and kissed him. Qiu Yue pushed her away gently, telling her that he didn’t like this Chun Hua who had given herself up to despair, telling her not to treat him as the cure to her injuries. He then uses his powers to help her sober up.

Chun Hua was still nursing a resulting headache when a Chuan Qi Valley disciple (Fu Lou’s former right hand man) came to report that Gu Xing Zhu had gotten severely injured while suppressing the Chuan Qi Valley rebellion and his condition wasn’t looking good. After Qiu Yue dismisses the man, Chun Hua questioned if he wasn’t going to visit, Gu Xing Zhu had gotten injured while carrying out his orders after all. Qiu Yue tells her that he had his own carelessness to blame and that in the evil sects, it was the survival of the fittest. Hearing this, Chun Hua asked him if she were to get injured in the future, would he also ignore her like this? Qiu Yue replies that he would go to save her, he had promised to be good to her.

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue then went to the main hall to take a look at Gu Xing Zhu who had been brought in on a stretcher. The doctor relays that Gu Xing Zhu’s condition was critical but upon Chun Hua’s questioning, reveals that Qiu Yue had great internal powers and could…(he didn’t dare to finish his sentence). Chun Hua turns to Qiu Yue excitedly but soon realises that he was unwilling so she tries to convince him. Qiu Yue refused to budge, telling her that Gu Xing Zhu will kill him if he saved him. Chun Hua then tries pleading with him but when she realises that Qiu Yue had made up his mind, she let go of the sleeve she had been tugging at and voices that they should leave. Qiu Yue glances at her before looking up (as if thinking god help me) and dismissing everyone in the hall.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Cai Cai was packing her belongings when Xiao Bai came to her room. The smile slipped off her face when he told her that he wanted to discuss her father’s matter. Xiao Bai tells her that Fu Lou’s accusation towards Chief Feng should’ve been the priority right after the ‘Book of Sins’ and apologised for overlooking it. Cai Cai tells him that he was exaggerating because this was her family matter afterall. She tells him that he didn’t have to second guess his decisions and choices, adding that she had great respect for his self-sacrificial acts to uphold righteousness and maintain order in Jianghu and was more than willing to aid him. Xiao Bai gazed at Cai Cai with a different glint in his eyes and thanked her with a sincere smile that left her speechless for a moment before she quickly changed the subject to ask about Leng Ning and Liu Feng. Xiao Bai tells her that Leng Ning and Liu Feng would be going to Ba Xian City to investigate the Medical Sage’s death and the truth about the Longevity Fruit auction.


Chun Hua has a new hairstyle and yoooo it’s so pretty. It also gives her a new, more mature look. Qiu Yue’s styling has also changed but he looks good as always albeit kinder-looking hehe.

As much as I want to support Gu Xing Zhu in his pursuit of Ye Xing Zhu, he’s creepy. Creepy and obsessive towards Ye Xing Zhu.

Chun Hua says she didn’t have high demands…let’s refresh our memories → Episode 1, Chun Hua’s requirements for this adventure: “He has to be very handsome, devoted to her, powerful, dote on her, the story must be slightly heart-wrenching, very sweet, a few bugs is alright, full of twists and turns, kindness and enmity, Mary Sue is alright, an unpredictable ending and not too stereotypical.”
Yup…very low demands.

I’ve lost count of how many times Qiu Yue has confessed to Chun Hua. “I’ll be good to you.” counts right?

Episode 26  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 28
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢


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