Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 30

~ Chun Hua finally realises that the first person she saw was Qiu Yue, not Xiao Bai ~


CHQY 30-1
QY: “That means you like me, so can I act frivolously with you?”

Chun Hua helps Qiu Yue to comb his hair and finds the hairstick familiar but brushes away the feeling. Noticing that she was deep in thoughts, Qiu Yue asked if she was thinking about acting frivolously with him and Chun Hua replied that in his current state, he can’t be sure whether she would act frivolously or kill him. As she said this, she put the hairstick’s tip towards Qiu Yue’s neck. With a calm demeanor, Qiu Yue asked whether she felt happiness or reluctance if she wanted to kill him, before grabbing her wrist to put the hairstick to his neck. When Chun Hua wrestled her wrist and the hairstick away from him, Qiu Yue backed her into the wall before asking her “Since you don’t want to kill me, that means that you like me, so can I act frivolously with you?” Chun Hua doesn’t reply but when she closed her eyes, Qiu Yue leans in to kiss her before pulling her into hug, saying that the wall was cold and he was warm.

Later, Chun Hua awoke to see Qiu Yue smiling down at her. She returned his smile before the realisation that he had been watching her sleep dawned on her and she quickly sat up, avoiding his eyes. Seeing this, Qiu Yue teased her, asking why she was still so cold towards him when she had already acted frivolously and hugged him, adding that she had taken advantage of his weak health but since she likes him, he will forgive her misdeeds. When Chun Hua retorts that he was spouting nonsense, she hadn’t said that she liked him, Qiu Yue tells her that there were many benefits to liking him, with an example being that he would let her act frivolously with him for as long as he lived. Seeing Chun Hua’s expression as she told him that that wasn’t that easy, Qiu Yue tells her that he was reminded of the first time they met – At that time, Hua Xiao Lei had died at the doorsteps of Ba Xian House after being chased by Ye Xing Zhu. When Qiu Yue arrived, Chun Hua was already lying in Ba Xian House and he had kept watch over her until she started to regain consciousness. Qiu Yue had initially questioned how she could’ve came back from the dead but he realised at first glance that she was another person because her expression was very innocent. However, Xiao Bai soon arrived so Qiu Yue could only watch from afar. Hearing all this, Chun Hua’s expression turns serious and she reaches out for his hairstick, asking if he had worn it that day. Chun Hua’s eyes widen in shock as she asked if was him, the first person she laid her eyes on, and when Qiu Yue gives her an affirmative, Chun Hua cries as she held the hairstick. Confused but worried, Qiu Yue pulls her into a hug and as she wails, asking why it was him, Qiu Yue comforted her by saying “It’s my fault, don’t cry.”

Upon returning to Feng Ming Manor, Xiao Bai tells Liu Feng about his suspicion that Chief Feng could’ve been the Medical Sage’s killer but adds that something was odd because Chief Feng’s internal force was equally matched with the Medical Sage and he shouldn’t have been able to kill him with one strike. Xiao Bai tells Liu Feng not to tell anyone about this, especially Cai Cai, until they have investigated fully.

That night, Liu Feng was in his room pondering the mystery involving the puppet, silver needle, Medical Sage and Li Yu. Cai Cai soon came by and he invited her in but his face was full of trepidation as he closed the door. Liu Feng had thought that Cai Cai wanted to talk about Fu Lou’s accusation of her father but they soon cleared up the misunderstanding and Cai Cai told Liu Feng about the surprise attack they had experienced, Xiao Bai coming to her rescue and using the Feng Ming Sword’s last move. They both agreed that it wasn’t typical of Xiao Bai to act that way because he usually thought things through and wouldn’t kill without finding out the truth first. Liu Feng found it odd that Xiao Bai hadn’t told him about this, explaining that even if Xiao Bai had become muddle-headed due to his longing for Chun Hua and ended up dealing with the attackers too harshly, it was too careless of him to forget to tell Liu Feng about all these when he returned. Cai Cai adds that Xiao Bai’s sword form had a murderous aura and didn’t look like it was just due to his emotions.

Meanwhile outside the Ice Gorge, Ye Xing Zhu had guarded the entrance for three days without sleep or rest, rejecting her subordinates’ suggestion to take turns.

CHQY 30-2
( Just a hug and some small talk before ↓ )

Later, Chun Hua told Qiu Yue that she had a dream when she was lying in Ba Xian House. A person had told her that when she opened her eyes, the first person she saw will be her fated one, and she had always thought that Xiao Bai was the one. Qiu Yue comments that the person wasn’t wrong, it’s just that Chun Hua had been mistaken but luckily, it wasn’t too late, promising to be good to her for the rest of his lifetime before leaning in for another kiss.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, the four youths had a meeting to discuss what they had uncovered so far. They concluded that if Li Yu was in cahoots with Mr Shi, he would’ve been silenced so they cleared Li Yu from their suspect list. Liu Feng then mentions the surprise attack at Ba Xian House, stating that since someone was still trying to prevent them from investigating the Medical Sage’s death, it lowered the possibility that Chief Feng was the culprit (because Chief Feng is already dead). Leng Ning adds that since the puppet’s silver needle came from the Medical Sage, after his death, his skills would’ve been inherited by Ba Xian Residence. They shouldn’t focus on his disciple Li Yu but should do a thorough search of Ba Xian Residence.

They then went to Ba Xian Residence and after some small talk and formalities with Pu Er, they asked him for the know-how on making the silver needles that could control puppets, with the excuse that they could use it in their fight against the evil sects to reduce the good sect’s losses. When Pu Er commented that the puppet technique was a forbidden art, Liu Feng explains that even if it was the dark arts, its valid if they could use it for good. Pu Er denies knowing the puppet technique but tells them that back when many good sects Xin Fa were stolen, his brother’s notes on the making of the silver needles were also stolen and sold on the streets for a pittance. With no leads on their investigation, they left the residence and bumped into Li Yu at the entrance. When Cai Cai asked Li Yu why he was serving them drinks when he was the Medical Sage’s disciple, he replied that even though Pu Er and Pu Lao (Medical Sage) are brothers, they have very different personalities. The Medical Sage was kind-hearted and magnanimous but Pu Er was a miser. Seeing their questioning looks, Li Yu comments that he was just complaining and quickly excused himself, saying that Pu Er will reproach him otherwise. The four youths decide to continue with their original plan, Liu Feng and Leng Ning will investigate the puppet while Xiao Bai and Cai Cai would keep an eye on Pu Er.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Chun Hua comments that her Ice Silkworm Pearl had dimmed considerably because it had been a while since she had let it bask in the moonlight. Qiu Yue found it to be a good thing, adding that if she were too good to the pearl, he would get jealous. He then tells her to open her hand and when she did, he interlocks their fingers, telling her that he would be good to her for the rest of life regardless of what she said or did. When Chun Hua asked how he would prove that, Qiu Yue tells her to look into his eyes. When Chun Hua did so, she had a sudden thought that the system had never said that she would have a happy ending with her fated one. She then withdrew her fingers, telling a worried Qiu Yue that she was just worried, but quickly diverts his attention by suggesting a game. Truth or dare.


Chun Hua worrying about whether she’ll have a happy ending with Qiu Yue is frustrating me to no end. We’re at Episode 30, there’s not much time left, you’ve already spent 75% of the drama chasing the wrong guy, stop hesitating and get together already!

Also, two kisses in one episode kyahhh ♡

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2 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 30

  1. Happy I found your site,love to read your thoughts. I have watched the Untamed five times lol. Would love to hear your feedback on this also.


    1. Hii 😄
      Hehe. Thanks! 💜
      Five times?! 🤯 What’s your favourite part?

      I’ve been meaning to start on The Untamed but…🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ we’ll see


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