CHQY Chapter 3: Corporation Property Details

After waiting for a long time and not sensing any movement behind him, the gongzi instead found it strange: “Why aren’t you singing?”

What what what is this plot? With such a kick-ass example, Lei Lei didn’t dare to sing anymore so she said: “Actually, I can’t sing.”

The gongzi remained silent.

Lei Lei remembered something: “Who is He Tai Ping?”

The gongzi did not bat an eyelid: “Chief He.”

“He’s the highest-ranking?”

“The chief is in charge of the whole realm and commands all warlords. Only with order in Jianghu can the people have peace, his responsibility is huge, of course he’s extremely important.”

After replying with an “Oh”, Lei Lei stopped talking and started to think things through.


After being jolted around for a full two three hours, she reckoned that this body didn’t know how to ride a horse either. She was completely unable to adapt. Lei Lei barely managed to bear with it, until noon when the gongzi guided the horse to stop in front of a tea shop on the side of the road. Steward Zhao and the two servants had already been waiting there for a long time and stood one after another when they saw the two people. Suddenly catching a glimpse of the pair of claws around the gongzi’s waist, everyone’s expressions revealed indignation at once.

The gongzi threw Lei Lei off the horse.

Confused from being jolted around, Lei Lei looked up to see a tall signboard next to the store’s entrance, with “Zhong Hua Wu Yan Tea Shop” written in large characters.

Zhong Hua Wu Yan Tea Shop?

This shop’s name is really strange, why does it sound so familiar……Lei Lei was taken aback but because her brain was busy accepting new things, she had no time to dwell on it. By the time she snapped out of her thoughts, she had already followed them into the store.

The shop wasn’t big but business was very good. There were only eight tables but seven were already sat with customers. Lei Lei looked around and soon found the charm —— a gorgeous boss sat at the counter.

Seeing the gongzi, the boss immediately stood up and flung her hair, batting her lashes and with an enchanting smile: “Speaking of the devil, finally everyone’s here!”

The gongzi frowned: “Tea shop?”

“This shop used to sell tea and some occasional small dishes, regular customers would know.” The lady boss swung her hips as she walked out from behind the counter and poured out her grievances, “This whole area within a radius of tens of Li[1] is Xi Sha Sect’s territory, the taxes are very high. Gongzi look, except for us, who else dares to open a store on this road.” She then puts on a pitiful expression and lowered her voice: “It’s not easy to earn a living now, besides, there are many travelling merchants that pass through. It won’t do to be without a restaurant. We’re also making things convenient for them by selling quietly.”

Economic problems wasn’t under his control, the gongzi nodded to express his understanding.

The lady boss was reassured and said with a smile: “Steward Zhao has already ordered the dishes just now, please take a sit first, sit!” Then facing the interior to shout: “The guests at table eight are all here, quick serve some tea!”

“Coming —— ”

The shop is very efficient and the “tea” was soon placed in front of them. The green and white vegetables were bland, except for the glistening half roast duck in the middle which fragrance drifted towards everyone at the table.

Everyone started to eat.

Chivalrous men with swords were seated at the neighbouring tables and they drank as they boasted about their experiences in Jianghu. Lei Lei listened with interest.

Suddenly, she heard a soft voice from an adjacent table: “This time, the news is definitely accurate. Someone at Bi Shui City wants to auction the Longevity Fruit and it’ll be sold to the highest bidder. It has been scheduled for the night of New Year’s day!”

Once this was said, everyone at her table froze, including Lei Lei.


“Is this really true?”

“Absolutely. It cost me ten thousands silver taels to buy this information!”

“Who sold this information, can it really be trusted?”

“I’ve never seen him either. I only sent the money to the designated place to try it out. Who would’ve imagined that he really left a note……”

Someone suddenly coughed: “Brother Wang!”

The person who had spoken earlier also suddenly realised that something was amiss and intuitively shut his mouth. With loud voices, the rest hurriedly changed the subject.

What treasure is this Longevity Fruit that so many people would spend money to buy its whereabouts? Lei Lei found it strange, the gongzi and Steward Zhao’s expressions didn’t look very well. That person had previously approached Master Tie too. Fortunately, Master Tie was upright and had reported the matter. Listening to these people now, this issue wasn’t a standalone matter. Selling one information for ten thousand taels. Just by offering this information for sale, the person would have profited a lot. Moreover, what kind of temptation would a Longevity Fruit auction be? At that time, gallant men will gather at Bi Shui City and there would bound to be men from the evil sects. That person only sought personal gain but never considered that once the Longevity Fruit appeared, it wouldn’t be a matter that could be resolved with a business transaction. It will lead to a scramble, creating devastating disorder and if it fell into the hands of the evil sect, things will take a turn for the worse.

“Gongzi, isn’t it……”

“Master Tie will report this matter to Chief He. We’ll discuss this further when we return to the Manor.”

Everyone nodded before turning their attention back to the table only to find that the half roast duck was gone so they all looked towards Lei Lei simultaneously. They watched as this lady ate her rice in an extremely refined manner, with very small bites. They immediately found it strange, confused about the duck’s whereabouts.

Everyone left after they were done eating but suddenly heard Steward Zhao exclaim in surprise from behind them.

“What! This simple meal is selling for nine taels and eight coins[2]? Is this a scam?!”

“Hey, it’s wrong of you to say that. My shop has always offered sincere treatment to the old and young alike.” The lady boss explained patiently, “Grandfather, please take a look at the billing details. Although the other dishes were simple, that half roast duck is fairly priced!”

Whenever he went out, Steward Zhao always managed the accounts diligently and felt that he had been cheated: “Half a roast duck for Five Taels?”

The lady boss said: “Five Taels is already considered cheap. This is the ‘Su Su Brand Roast Duck’ that is renowned in Jianghu, have you heard of it? Su Su Brand Roast Duck, an essential foodstuff for travelling! Qin Liu Feng Gongzi once praised it in my presence! My shop only prepared half for you because I’m running low on stock!”

Su Su Brand Roast Duck? Lei Lei couldn’t refrain from turning her head to look back. This name sounded very familiar……

After learning about the roast duck’s fame, Steward Zhao became silent and took out a silver ingot: “Here, Ten Taels!”

The lady boss shifted her eyes, looking troubled: “My shop doesn’t have change……”

Lei Lei immediately regained her memories with this sentence and as she lamented the lady boss’ business acumen, she began to seriously doubt the trustworthiness of that Jinjiang Time Travel Corporation. Painstakingly designed? It turned out to be this kind of Jianghu. Forget about the pirated《The East is Red》, even the names are subpar, Zhong Hua Wu Yan Tea Shop, Su Su Brand Roast Duck. That Manager Su and Manager Zhong are actually registered here to conduct business!

Steward Zhao was fuming, looking like he was about to jump up: “Opening a shop, how could you not have change?”

The lady boss rolled her eyes: “Can’t you see that our business is booming? Why don’t you wait, I’ll give it to you when I have it.”

An angry Steward Zhao was stumped for words.

The gongzi turned around: “It’s alright, let’s go.”

The lady boss’ expression immediately became kind and pleasant, her eyes curved into crescents: “This gongzi is generous indeed, not stingy like others. Gongzi please take care, do remember to come back next time!”


That afternoon was a continuation of being jostled around on horseback and Lei Lei wasn’t in the mood to ask questions anymore. Her bones were about to break and seeing that she couldn’t keep it up any longer, the gongzi requested a short rest at Jinjiang City and instructed Steward Zhao to inquire about the purchase of a carriage, delaying their journey for a woman. Steward Zhao almost killed Lei Lei by death from a thousand cuts with his glare.

Taking his image into consideration, the gongzi dismounted the horse outside the city and entered on foot. With her feet back on the ground, Lei Lei relaxed considerably.

Jinjiang City was situated at the center of Jianghu. It was very lively and bustled with activity. Tall buildings and heavy traffic, the people also had plenty of recreational activities. There were a great number of teahouses and restaurants, street performers and cockfighting. The sound of drums, gongs and qin were jumbled together. It wasn’t difficult to catch a glimpse of the building’s excellent standards and the brilliant spirit and style. Apart from the wine selling young man’s occasional burst of “Walking in Jianghu, who can go without drinking wine”, or the sudden ear-bursting singing with a heroic spirit of “Seeing injustice on the streets and stepping in to help”, the rest were very easy to adapt to.

Everyone stopped at the doors of a big inn.

The gongzi spoke: “We’ll stay here for the night.”

Seeing the “Jinjiang Inn (晋江客栈)” in four huge antique characters, Lei Lei immediately thought of the Jinjiang Time Travel Corporation and ignored her fatigue, stopping the gongzi with an indignant look on her face and expressing her objection: “We can’t stay here!”

On account of her tone and determined attitude, the two servants and Steward Zhao were frightened and thought that something was really wrong with this inn so they stayed silent, not daring to express their opinions.

The gongzi did not object, aloofly saying: “Then let’s go to another.”

After turning past thirty-five main streets and side streets and having seen thirty-five inns, the sun had already set and everyone was back at the starting point, stopping at the doors of Jinjiang Inn. Besides the gongzi, everyone’s expression showed great resentment. There’s something wrong with this woman!

Steward Zhao said indignantly: “Gongzi, look……”

The gongzi took a quick look at Lei Lei who was hanging her head dejectedly and stepped towards Jinjiang Inn, making a decision with his movement.

Lei Lei had nothing to say. Moreover, her legs already felt like jelly from the walk so she could only follow him in gloomily.

Damn it! They were all named Jinjiang Inn!

From Jinjiang Inn No. 1 to Jinjiang Inn No. 35!


Allegedly, two years ago, Chief He had put inn management rules in place to make it easier to put an end to fraudulent stores. All the inns in Jianghu changed their names to “Jinjiang Inn” and were registered with the city as a unit and a number to differentiate them. Hence, travelling merchants could easily distinguish which cities and which number. If it didn’t have a number or had any other name, it was a fraudulent store. Although this reason made sense, Lei Lei firmly believes that the fellow in the R&D department that designed this was lazy, lazy to think up names for the inns. At the same time, she also felt quite disheartened. It seems like she can’t boycott them anymore.

Fortunately, the inn was in good condition and the bedding was soft. Lei Lei slept soundly until night fell when a knock sounded on her door.

Steward Zhao stood outside the door: “Gongzi asks you to go down and eat!” With that expression of his, he seemed to have a deep hatred for her, causing Lei Lei to think that this old man would like to see her starve to death.

She had first inconvenienced and caused them trouble so Lei Lei behaved sensibly and went down the stairs without a word.

The gongzi was waiting downstairs.

After taking a bath, he was still dressed in blue and white robes, only the style was slightly different from before, unrestrained with hints of ease. Lei Lei noticed that he practically always carried his sword. People always say that those who carry swords look elegant and in the gongzi’s hand, there was no sign of any boorishness, instead there was a loftiness in his gentle and refined demeanour.

Steward Zhao put on an amiable smile: “Gongzi, dinner has been set up, it’s at the restaurant right across from here.”

The gongzi nodded and led everyone out.


Night hung over Jinjiang City, the lantern-filled streets were bustling with people. The city’s night scene was different from the daytime and there were many couples, “Seeing injustice on the streets and stepping in to help” had changed to “It’s a night of perfect happiness here”, or “I’ll fly with you”, a totally different style.

“Xiao[3] sounds come from outside the building and in the midst of intoxication, a guest arrives.”

Quaint antithetical couplets hung on both sides of the restaurant’s entrance, full of Jianghu flair with a tinge of scholarliness. It was rather elegantly and magnificently decorated and there was a happy warmth coming from inside where it was filled with guests, giving a good impression with just one glance. However, after looking up to see the flamboyant calligraphy on the board and realising that the large characters read “Shu Ke Restaurant”, Lei Lei immediately stepped back: “Not here!” firmly resisting.

This time, including the gongzi, everyone did not spare her a look and went straight in.

Lei Lei wanted to show that she had backbone and go on a hunger strike but she had no choice because her stomach was more important than having a backbone. She was penniless and the energy she got from half a roast duck had mostly been expended by the bumpy road. After pacing for half a minute, she finally walked through the doors.

The restaurant’s business was extremely good and after passing several tables and muttering numerous “Sorry”, Lei Lei finally found the group. The table was already filled with sumptuous dishes and no one paid too much attention to her late arrival, only squeezing to the other side as if setting a clear boundary. The seat beside the gongzi was immediately vacated.

Under an overhanging roof, she had no choice but to yield and Lei Lei silently sat down to eat.

Perhaps due to the strange disappearance of that afternoon’s half roast duck, this time, everyone fixed their eyes on her chopsticks. Even though Lei Lei was thick-skinned, she was worried and ate rather reservedly. She cursed at them mentally, laoniang didn’t even eat your food, damn it.

Gradually, the gongzi also realised that something was wrong: “Why aren’t you eating the dishes?”

Lei Lei replied implicitly: “I don’t feel like eating.” There’s so many people guarding against thieves!

The gongzi paused thoughtfully before instructing Steward Zhao: “Order half a roast duck.”

Despite Steward Zhao’s look of disdain, Lei Lei was moved to tears. Where else can you find such an attentive and thoughtful all-rounder like this “Xiao Bai”? She should find a chance to snare him!


In order to attract guests, the restaurant featured a storyteller who was now excitedly narrating the originally normal story but with his glib tongue, the story became very exciting, with guests chiming in from time to time.

The storyteller drank a mouthful of tea: “Next, I’ll talk about another matter. It’s regarding Bai Sheng Manor’s young master, Xiao Bai, Xiao Gongzi.”

Lei Lei looked up immediately.

As expected, someone spoke out.

“Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword?”

“Exactly,” the storyteller looked pleased with himself. “Bai Sheng Manor is highly esteemed in the martial arts circle and has always taken it as their duty to uphold justice. It’s exactly because they have this Feng Ming Sword that Qian Yue Cave and Chuan Qi Valley dare not do as they wish, so that there is peace in Jianghu……”

Someone interrupted him: “You don’t need to mention this, who doesn’t know that the Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword is the best in the world. Currently, Chief He claims to be ‘Left Xiao Right Qin’ and this ‘Left Xiao’ is referring to Xiao Bai Gongzi.”

The storyteller sneered : “What do you know? Even though the Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword is famous, for Xiao family’s successive generations, Xiao Bai Gongzi is the only one that mastered the last move of ‘Xiao Xiao Feng Ming (Xiao Xiao Phoenix’s Cry)’. Chief He has also admitted that it is difficult to defeat him!”


“Perhaps it’s not the truth?” Everyone was doubtful.

The storyteller rebuffed him with no hesitation: “It’s absolutely true! Qin Liu Feng Gongzi’s personal page boy[4] said so.”

One by one, everyone became excited.

“Young hero!”

“It’s a pity that he has always lived in seclusion and is rarely seen.”

“Xiao Gongzi abhors evil but how can Chief He trouble him with these little things? Ever since he beheaded ‘Sea Rakshasa’ two years ago, it’s been a long time since he has appeared in Jianghu. That is, until the Longevity Fruit incident.”


It turns out that “Xiao Bai” was well-known! Lei Lei was pleasantly surprised and cast a sideway glance at him only to see that Steward Zhao and the rest had proud looks on their faces. Only the gongzi’s expression remained unchanged, as if he hadn’t heard. She couldn’t help but to admire him all the more as she secretly laughed at those people, “Xiao Bai” is right in front of you and you don’t even know it.

Someone urged: “Aren’t you going to continue?”

The storyteller said with a smile: “I was just about to. When he was young, this Xiao Gongzi was engaged.”

Lei Lei was shocked when she heard this, so he is engaged. However, she quickly got over it. It’s just an engagement, even if it was a marriage there’s still divorce! As long as I, a time travelling girl fancies, the fiancée will have to move aside!

The men in the audience were curious while the women were disappointed: “Which family’s guniang is so blessed?”

The storyteller was pleased with himself: “This matter has yet to be made public. Besides me, I’m afraid that there’s no one else who is able to get this information.”

Everyone was anxious: “Who is it?”

The storyteller replied unhurriedly: “Actually, this guniang is also from a distinguished family. Who do you think it is? It’s Ye Tan City’s Old Master Hua’s daughter, Hua Guniang!”

1. One Li is about 500m
2. A coin is one tenth of the value of a tael
3. Xiao – A bamboo flute that is blown vertically
4. Page boy – A young boy that serves in a scholar’s study

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