Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 36

~ The calm before the storm? ~


Cai Cai returns to Feng Ming Manor with the account books of various businesses that had dealings with Ba Xian Residence. Met with her three friends’ astonishment, she explains that using her wits, she had approached the various businesses differently. They later checked through the account books, with Leng Ning reading out the details, Cai Cai doing the calculations and Liu Feng taking notes. Xiao Bai felt useless that he couldn’t be of any help but when he expressed his apologies to his friends, Cai Cai pointed out that he was their pillar, only he had the ability to safeguard the martial arts world. Looking through the account books, Ba Xian Residence wasn’t rich like they had thought it should’ve been after the Longevity Fruit auction.

Suddenly, they heard a thud outside the hall and run out only to see Chun Hua unconscious on the ground. Xiao Bai instructs Liu Feng to call for Pu Er and despite Liu Feng’s worry that Pu Er could very well be Mr Shi, Cai Cai asserts that what they needed now was the best doctor. After he had taken a look at Chun Hua, Pu Er tells them that she had been poisoned by a poison he had never even heard of. When Pu Er later left to make a medicine that Xiao Bai insisted he personally made, Cai Cai pulled Xiao Bai aside and updated him about the tip Li Yu had given and the heightened possibility that Pu Er was Mr Shi, questioning if they should really let Mr Shi prepare Chun Hua’s medicine. With the reasoning that Qiu Yue probably gave Chun Hua the poison to keep her under his control, Xiao Bai tells Cai Cai that if Pu Er added poison into the medicine, they would then be able to confirm his identity as Mr Shi, reassuring Cai Cai that he wouldn’t let things get out of control.

Meanwhile, Liu Feng and Leng Ning were strolling through the city when Ye Xing Zhu shows up, asking to have a word with him. It is then revealed that Ye Xing Zhu is Liu Feng’s younger cousin and that she was with Qian Yue Cave because Qiu Yue had rescued her when her whole family was massacred. However, word on the streets was that her family had been killed because she decided to follow Qiu Yue. Chief Qin (Liu Feng’s father) knew the truth but Chief Xiao had numerous long talks with him to convince him to keep quiet on the matter. Ye Xing Zhu then told Liu Feng about Chun Hua’s Bai Hua Calamity.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Liu Feng and Leng Ning are at it again as Liu Feng tells her everything in a bid to convince her that there was nothing going on between him and Ye Xing Zhu. Xiao Bai was passing by when he heard them mention ‘Qiu Yue’ and stopped to question them. After Liu Feng tells him about Ye Xing Zhu, Xiao Bai didn’t react to the news, only focusing on the fact that Qiu Yue was in the vicinity.

Pu Er presents the medicine to Chun Hua but before she could drink it, Cai Cai enters the room and hands her a Snow Lotus pill, an expensive herb that was effective in curing many other poisons. When Chun Hua told Cai Cai that she shouldn’t have used such expensive herbs on her and that Cai Cai herself was really suitable for Xiao Bai, Cai Cai comforted her and expressed her sincere wishes for her and Xiao Bai to be happy.

Later, Liu Feng tells Cai Cai and Leng Ning about the Bai Hua Calamity and they were both stumped because they had never heard of this poison before. Just as Liu Feng was cautioning them to keep this a secret from Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai’s voice sounded from outside, calling for Liu Feng. Away from the two girls, Xiao Bai tells Liu Feng about his hunch that Qiu Yue was probably the one who poisoned Chun Hua and that they had to find him. Even though Qiu Yue came and went without a trace, their key to finding him lay with Chun Hua – He always seemed to appear whenever she was in danger. Liu Feng then tells Xiao Bai that Chun Hua’s poison had no antidote and panic flitted through Xiao Bai’s eyes as he tightened his grip on his sword.

Night fell on Feng Ming Manor and everyone were in their rooms except for Xiao Bai who was standing at the pavilion as he gazed towards Chun Hua’s room. In her room, Chun Hua was forlornly resting her head on the table when her Ice Silkworm Pearl lit up and Qiu Yue soon appeared from behind, pulling her into a backhug before plunging the room into darkness with a wave of his hand. Dismissing Chun Hua’s worry for his safety, he tells her that whereever she was was the safest place for him, adding that he hadn’t visited her because he was worried about her Bai Hua Calamity but had missed her. Sensing movement outside her room, Chun Hua quickly hushed him with her fingers and when he later saw that the redness of her Bai Hua Calamity flower mark had lessened, he angrily(?) pulled her into a hug and asked if it was because she hadn’t missed him. Explaining that it was the Snow Lotus’ effect, Chun Hua retorts that she hadn’t missed him but her Bai Hua Calamity flared up again.

CHQY 36-1
~ CH (Pretending): The details are exquisite, why hadn’t I noticed it before? ~

Hearing her pained cry, Xiao Bai who had come to stand right outside her room started to knock on her door frantically and Chun Hua panickedly pushed Qiu Yue to her bed before covering him with the bedspreads. Because he hadn’t gotten a reply, Xiao Bai had called for Cai Cai to check on Chun Hua who now tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary as she reassured Cai Cai that she had been sleep-talking. However, Cai Cai saw a shoe peeking out from under the blanket and when Chun Hua realised where Cai Cai’s eyes were trained on, she quickly raised her arm, blocking her line of sight with her sleeves as she pretended to check out the details on the furnishing. Even though Cai Cai had caught on to what was going on, she left without exposing them. When they were alone again, Qiu Yue tells Chun Hua that Cai Cai was a good lady, asking her to pass a message that Li Yu wasn’t Mr Shi and that the food at the banquet that Pu Er would invite them to in three days were all laced with Ruan Jin Powder, cheekily warning her not to be a glutton.

The next morning, Ye Xing Zhu meets up with Qiu Yue in the forest and reports that Qian Yue Cave’s Xing Zhus and servants had gathered outside Ba Xian City but their movements had been noticed by the good sects. Feng Ming Manor had yet to solve Mr Shi’s clues but Qiu Yue was more concerned with the good sect members who might have hidden agendas because it will create additional trouble. Qiu Yue then reminds Ye Xing Zhu to be ready for a fight and she in turn advises him to find a safe place to hideout but he brushes her concern away because his Chun Hua was on edge about her poison and he didn’t want to be far from her.

Cai Cai was checking the account books in the main hall when Chun Hua came by. Chun Hua then passes Qiu Yue’s message that Li Yu wasn’t Mr Shi and Cai Cai agrees with her, telling her that Liu Feng had found out that the lady boss had worked in a brothel but was chased out when she became pregnant with Li Yu. The Medical Sage had then taken her in and later, when Li Yu grew up and started gambling after falling into bad company, the Medical Sage had taken him in as a disciple and set him back on the right path. As such, mother and son would have been deeply grateful to the Medical Sage and wouldn’t use the skills he had taught them for evil unless they were forced to. After some thought, Chun Hua shares her theory that Pu Er’s riches might be hidden right at Ba Xian Residence.

Cai Cai, Liu Feng and Leng Ning visited Ba Xian Residence again and searched the entire place but found nothing. Xiao Bai had remained at Feng Ming Manor because he was too distracted by his worry over Chun Hua’s poisoning. Cai Cai then shares her belief that the shoes she saw the night before belonged to Qiu Yue because Chun Hua’s flower mark had darkened when she saw her that morning. Li Yu then chances upon the trio and calls out to Cai Cai who went over to have a word with him. Liu Feng looks at Cai Cai and Li Yu with a knowing smile.

Cai Cai asked Li Yu if he knew of any place in the Residence that could hide treasures and Li Yu was forthcoming with his answers this time around, telling her that Pu Er was very cautious and only ordered him to do things but never revealed the location of his wealth to him because he was a miser who loved money as much as life itself. When Cai Cai jokes that he would’ve taken the money and ran if he knew where it was kept, Li Yu replies with a teasing smile that he would’ve missed the chance to meet her if he did that. Cai Cai quickly changes the subject by asking if Pu Er had any unusual hobbies. It could be due to a love of cleanliness or an unwillingness to pay for cleaners but Pu Er had a weird habit of sweeping the very hallway they were in, sometimes up to three times a day. Cai Cai then took a glance around her but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Back at Feng Ming Manor, Chun Hua was taking a stroll when she came across a boy who had been sent by a man dressed in white. He had drawn a flower on the child’s palm, telling him that the laziest lady in the Manor would give him money if he showed it to her. Chun Hua hands him a few pieces of silver and when she asked the child whether the ‘uncle’ had said anything else, the child retorts that he was an ‘older brother (ge ge)’, asking Chun Hua how she could call him ‘uncle’ when he was so young. The message the child had for her was ‘Chun Hua’ and when she offers him more silver to convey a reply that she wasn’t going today, the child stuck out his tongue at her, telling her that the ge ge had told him not to be greedy. Chun Hua worries for Qiu Yue’s safety.


Once sentence: Wth Xiao Bai.
He was so offhand and careless about Chun Hua’s safety but when he later heard that Chun Hua’s poison had no cure, the expression on his face, I forgive him. We’re cool again. You can’t stay mad at Xiao Bai for long. He’s too cute.
Also, typical Xiao Bai. It’s inappropriate to enter a lady’s room so he called for Cai Cai. What if it had been an assasin? Chun Hua would be dead by then 😂

This episode…I haven’t been this shook…like ever. Liu Feng and Ye Xing Zhu are cousins?! Lady boss and Li Yu are mother and son?!! New couple: Cai Cai X Li Yu ??!!

It’s weird that Qiu Yue would send a child to bring Chun Hua a message. It makes sense because Feng Ming Manor wouldn’t have their guard up against a child but when has Qiu Yue ever cared about the danger? The child said that a ge ge in white sent him…Xiao Bai wears white too…Xiao Bai isn’t with the rest at Ba Xian Residence…Xiao Bai wanted to lure Qiu Yue out to get the antidote…

(My laptop died on me…maybe I worked it too hard last week with daily posts or it died from the shock presented in this episode 😂)

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