Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 39

~ Pu Er’s poison, Xiao Bai vs Qiu Yue ~


The five youths and Li Yu attend Pu Er’s feast. After they were all seated at the table, Pu Er tries multiple times to get them to start eating but they all sat at the table unmovingly. Liu Feng and Xiao Bai then steer the conversation towards the Longevity Fruit and Pu Er soon slips up, revealing his knowledge that the Longevity Fruit was a fake. Just as Liu Feng and the rest were starting to become smug, Pu Er brings up what had happened between Chun Hua, Xiao Bai and Qiu Yue when the fake Longevity Fruit had been destroyed at the ‘Book of Sins’ meet. Xiao Bai looks over at Chun Hua hesitantly but retracts the hand he had reached out to hold hers.

Pu Er then tries to get them to eat the food again but Cai Cai straight up revealed that there was Ruan Jin Powder in the food. When Pu Er sneers at her accusation, saying that she had no evidence, Liu Feng placed a small piece of mushroom on his hand before whistling for a bird to come and eat it. When the bird fell dead, everyone looked over to Pu Er who acted shocked before pushing the blame to Li Yu, saying that he was the one who had prepared the feast. When Cai Cai stands up for Li Yu, Pu Er starts to insult Li Yu, bringing up his past as a gambler and reiterating his own reputation as a philanthropist.

Hearing this, Leng Ning brings out Ba Xian Residence’s books, pointing out the fact that his business that was formerly in a mountain of debt had met with a sudden ‘windfall’. Realising that they had gotten the books from Li Yu who had first stolen it from him, Pu Er shouts at him as he slams the table in anger. Standing to his feet, Li Yu tells Pu Er that before the Medical Sage’s mysterious death, he had treated him and his mother well so after seeing all the things that Pu Er did, he had purposely flashed the silver needle to Xiao Bai to lead them to Ba Xian Residence.

Pu Er continues to deny that he is Mr Shi, pointing out the fact that he would have more properties if he were. At this, everyone fell silent. Thinking back on everything that had occurred so far, Li Yu connects Pu Er’s weird habit of cleaning the hallway multiples times a day and the “three” that Zhou Gongzi had written when he suddenly asked to meet him, only to ask about the pillars. With Li Yu’s direction, Xiao Bai splits open the third pillar in the hallway to find that it had a golden core.

As Liu Feng walks back into the main hall to confront Pu Er, the rest who had been watching from inside the main hall started to feel out of sorts. Li Yu manages to mutter a warning but Liu Feng had already entered the hall and he too fell to his knee. Cai Cai, Leng Ning and Liu Feng quickly focused their attention on pushing out the poison with their internal energy but Li Yu and Chun Hua were left helpless on the ground.

Banking on the fact that Xiao Bai couldn’t enter the hall, Pu Er smugly reveals that he had long known that Li Yu wasn’t trustworthy so he had a backup plan, Snake Saliva Incense – It smelled of food and wine and had been given to him by Gu Xing Zhu. He had taken the antidote in advance and the three youths that didn’t have it would need four hours to fully expel the poison with their internal energy, four hours for him to do whatever he wanted because Xiao Bai wasn’t strong enough by himself and Qiu Yue had gone missing after being severely injured.

As Pu Er continued to gloat, he turned his attention to Chun Hua, wanting to find out how ‘precious’ the lady who both Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai protected was. At that moment, Li Yu figures out that the incense was coming from the incense burners and shouted this to Xiao Bai who immediately knocked them over with his Feng Ming Sword. Xiao Bai then holds Pu Er at sword point, demanding that he hands over the antidote but Pu Er immediately becomes docile, proclaiming his innocence and insisting that everything had been Qiu Yue’s plan. At Xiao Bai’s angry demand for the antidote, Pu Er concedes and slowly reaches into his sleeve before pulling out a knife and attacking him. Xiao Bai easily deflects Pu Er’s attack before counter attacking and sending him flying.

At that moment, Qiu Yue makes his grand entrance before proceeding to reveal the truth behind the Medical Sage’s murder – After hearing that his brother had resurrected a lady, Pu Er had paid him a visit to convince him to sell the Longevity Fruit for profit. At the same time, Pu Er had slipped his brother a medicine Gu Xing Zhu had given him – It was a medicine Qiu Yue used to make puppets and could paralyse a body for a few hours and leave no trace. At that moment, Feng Qian Wei had come in search for the Longevity Fruit and attacked the Medical Sage with a strike to his chest before searching the cottage and leaving when he didn’t find anything. Pu Er had then come out from his hiding spot and fed his injured brother a pill before continuing his proposal. Angered when he was instead given a lecture, Pu Er stabs his brother with a hand axe he had hidden in his sleeve, killing him. Qiu Yue had come by the Medical Sage’s cottage to find out how Hua Xiao Lei had risen from the dead but had instead witnessed this whole situation.

Qiu Yue ends by telling them that he had only proposed a few suggestions which Pu Er took, becoming Mr Shi and releasing news of the Longevity Fruit auction. He concludes that it was human’s evil nature that resulted in the subsequent events. Hearing this, Chun Hua rebuts this, stating that if he hadn’t made use of human’s weakness, the countless deaths wouldn’t have happened. Saddened that his Chun Hua didn’t trust him and saw him as someone who was wicked beyond redemption, he took a step towards her but was stopped by Xiao Bai. Turning his anger onto Xiao Bai, Qiu Yue threatens to kill one of them – Afterall, Xiao Bai couldn’t possibly protect all of them at the same time. Stating that he wouldn’t let any of them be harmed as long as he was alive, Xiao Bai proceeded to deflect Qiu Yue’s subsequent attack towards Liu Feng and Cai Cai.

Worried for her friends, Chun Hua pleaded with Qiu Yue to spare them but he points out that he didn’t have to listen to her because she had broken all ties with him. Qiu Yue then challenges Xiao Bai to a fair fight, which Liu Feng found ironic – Besides, did he think that he could defeat Xiao Bai in two hours? Qiu Yue reveals that it didn’t matter because there were more than ten sects in the vicinity who were after Xiao Bai, after Feng Ming Manor. Refuting Liu Feng’s accusation that he must have threatened them, Qiu Yue reveals that it was because they were more willing to believe that he was better suited to lead Jianghu. Then, as if he were seeking Chun Hua’s approval and praise, Qiu Yue tells her that he hadn’t killed innocent people, he had only told them how to achieve what they wanted, but Chun Hua reacted coldly towards him.

Still focused on the important task at hand, Xiao Bai asked Qiu Yue how many sects he had on his side, which Qiu Yue revealed that there were seventeen in total. Hearing this, Liu Feng angrily reveals that they had countermeasures in place, the sects who were on their side had also gathered near Ba Xian City. Qiu Yue remains indifferent, stating that it would end up being a fight among the various good sects afterall. When Cai Cai called him sinister, deceitful and vicious, Qiu Yue takes it as a compliment but adds that he had nothing to do with the events that had happened because everything was instigated by Pu Er. He only happened to be passing by.

Angered, Xiao Bai drew his sword and the two started to fight in the courtyard. Chun Hua panics and shouts to Xiao Bai that Qiu Yue really hadn’t done ‘that thing’ but her poison soon flares up again and she looks at her palm only to see that the flower was a deep red. As Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai continue to destroy the residence in their fight, Liu Feng finally manages to force out all his poison and quickly helps the rest with theirs, finally turning to Chun Hua only to see that she was in a critical condition. He immediately informs Xiao Bai who rushed to her side, with Qiu Yue following close behind. As Xiao Bai helps Chun Hua into a upright position leaning on him, Qiu Yue checks her palm.


So much happened in this single episode!

I’m surprised that Qiu Yue didn’t reveal to them that Chief Leng had killed Chief Feng? Could he possibly be unwilling to put any strain in Cai Cai and Leng Ning’s friendship?

I have no idea what ‘thing’ Qiu Yue didn’t do…did I miss something?

Also, what is time? Time is nothing, it’s out of whack in this drama. When Pu Er first poisoned them, he told them that it would take four hours to fully expel the poison from their bodies. After some fighting, Qiu Yue’s arrival and story telling, Liu Feng was two hours away from fully expelling the poison. While Xiao Bai and Qiu Yue were battling it out in the courtyard, Liu Feng finally expelled all his poison.
Well…they say time flies when you’re having fun!…Right?
Or it could just be because he was the last one to step into the hall and hadn’t been as severely poisoned.

Episode 38  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 40
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢

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4 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 39

  1. Thank you so much for your recaps – cleared up a lot of the episodes as the subs on youtube can be so confusing! Xant wait to see your take on the final episode …. JIAYOU!!


    1. Haha you’re welcome ~
      I’m afraid to watch the last episodeee 😂😅🤦‍♀️
      But since you already jiayou I’ll start on it soon 🤗


  2. I just watched the last episode on Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, they don’t subtitle the written words in the show. Please tell me what it says at the end!


    1. Sorry it took a while but if you’re still interested, everything’s on the last paragraph of Episode 40 🙂


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