Love of Thousand Years (三千鸦杀): Introduction

~ Editing in progress, very incomplete, please ignore ~
(But list of completed episodes are at the end)

Other titles: The Killing of Three Thousand Crows, San Qian Ya Sha

Character Introductions
Main Characters:
First, we have our male lead Zheng Ye Cheng (郑业成) as Fu Jiu Yun (傅九云) or Gongzi Qi (公子齐)

Next, we have our female lead Zhao Lu Si (赵露思) as Qin Chuan (覃川), Princess Di Ji () & Ah Man (阿满)

Supporting Characters:
Princess Di Ji (大骊帝女), Birth name Yan Yan (燕燕) – Princess of Great Li kingdom

Zuo Zi Chen (左紫辰) – Princess Di Ji’s love, Premier Zuo’s son. I’ll have to be honest, it’s a liiittle weird to see him acting so proper.

Xuan Zhu (玄珠) – Princess Di Ji’s elder cousin (大骊诸侯公主 – 小诸候’s daughter)

Side Characters:
Great Li Kingdom:
Second Prince – Princess Di Ji’s second brother (~ Ep 2)
Madam Qiu Hua (秋华) – Xuan Zhu’s mother, Di Ji’s maternal aunt (Ep 1 ~)

Mei Shan (眉山) – Fu Jiu Yun’s friend, a celestial (Ep 1 ~)
Xin Mei (辛湄) – Mei Shan’s mortal lover who (according to Mei Shan) has mutual feelings for him but her family had already arranged a marriage for her (Hasn’t appeared yet, only mentioned)

(Name unknown) – Yan Yan’s teacher, Mei Shan’s senior brother

Su Xian Shan (素仙山) – ? Queen mentions that Premier Zou had good relations with him (Hasn’t appeared yet, only mentioned)

Xiang Qu Mountain:
Cui Ya – Di Ji’s friend (Ep 2 ~)
Steward Zhao – (Ep 2 ~)
Er Meng – Steward Zhao’s nephew & Qin Chuan’s “fiance” (Ep 2 ~)
Lady Qing Qing – Er Meng’s crush? (Ep 2 ~)
Zi Jin – Lady Qing Qing’s subordinate (Ep 2 ~)
Yi Xin – Lady Qing Qing’s subordinate (Ep 2 ~)
White Moon Nebula Mirror (?-白月星云镜) (Ep 3 ~)

Tian Yuan nation (天原国) Enemy:
Prince Li Yuan (?mayeb) – Eldest Prince, led Tian Yuan’s army to conquer Li (Ep 1 ~)

Episode 1 ~ Girl in the Painting
Episode 2 ~ After Three Years
Episode 3 ~ Spiritual Lamp
Episode 4 ~ Zi Chen
Episode 5 ~ Personal Maidservant
Episode 6 ~


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