Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 (九州天空城): Introduction

(In progress, please ignore 😅)

So…I already have way too much on my plate but I loved Season 1 and I’ve watched the first episode of Season 2 and it seems really exciting so I’ve decided to go ahead and write this. The only difference from my usual writing is that it’ll just be my thoughts.

~ And as usual, list of completed episodes at the end ~

Main Characters

First, we have our female lead, Ru Che (如澈) portrayed by Wang Yu Wen (王玉雯). This drama would be the second one I’ve seen her in, with the first being “Super Star Academy” where she acts alongside Xiao Zhan. Ru Che is an orphan who grew up on the streets. On her 18th birthday, she suddenly sprouts golden wings that saves her from falling to her death. Recognised as the prophesied sole daughter of the former King and Queen, she is brought into the palace and crowned queen. Having grown up on the streets, she has no idea how to rule but with the help and protection of her teacher, Xue Jing Kong, will she be able to be a good queen?

Next, we have our male lead, Xue Jing Kong (雪景空) portrayed by Xu Zheng Xi (徐正曦). He’s a teacher who has no recollection of his past. Despite being unimaginably strong, he refrains from using his powers because it always backfires on him and a mute figure will appear to attack him. When he first met Ru Che, she was a female thief but in the span of a few days, she was crowned queen. Having found his younger brother’s pendant on Ru Che, he decides to stick by her in hopes of finding him. To achieve this, he applies to be her teacher.

Supporting Characters

Yun Mu Yang (云沐阳) – Xue Jing Kong’s ‘brother’, rescued him from being frozen in an icy lake

Du Xian Yin (杜纤音) – Also has golden wings and was used to attempt to take over the throne

Bai Dang Dang (白当当) – The general who found Ru Che and brought her to the palace, once got injured in the process of protecting her.

Wei Yuan Ting – Pervy wastrel dude

Xuan Ji (璇玑)

Xu Yu (须臾) – Evil creepy big-eyed dude that appears whenever Xue Jing Kong uses his powers. Killed Jing Kong’s adoptive parents two(?) years ago

Xing Shang Li (星商离) – Master of Xing Chen Pavilion, a healer, Xue Jing Kong’s friend (Ep 2 ~)

Lian Yi – Yun Mu Yang’s adopted sister. Currently imprisoned in Yue Zi Hao’s sky prison

Episode 1 ~ 18th Birthday
Episode 2 ~ Real vs Fake
Episode 3 ~ Deserted
Episode 4 ~ Conspiracy


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