Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 (九州天空城): Episode 1

~ Ru Che gets her wings…and they’re golden?! ~


The fact that Ru Che seems to be an orphan worries me greatly…did Feng Tian Yi and Yi Fu Ling not have a happy ending?

Ru Che’s numerous gadgets remind me of Yu Huan Zhen in the first season. Maybe she learnt all this from Uncle Huan Zhen 😂 My favourite item will have to be the bag that can contain an infinite amount of items (the sound effects are a plus) and maybe also the invisibility cloth just because it’s useful for hiding.
I was shocked when Ru Che first called Jing Kong ugly but after realising that it was because her mother, Yi Fu Ling ended up marrying the guy she told was handsome, it’s actually kind of funny.

I also really like that Ru Che can fight and isn’t a total damsel in distress.

But what on earth was the maidservant doing to Ru Che during her bath? And was that a leaf she plucked from Ru Che’s back?! Whatever it was, it’s most likely something to help Du Xian Yin proof herself. No idea what that leaf-looking thing is supposed to do though.

On another note, Du Xian Yin seems to have been forced? She doesn’t seem very willing?

Dang Dang is kind of growing on me. He’s cuteee 👉👈😅

Does Xue Jing Kong like…have an inner evil or something? There’s these occasional flashes where he’s dressed in black and there’s something very off with the gaze in his eyes. Whatever it is, he’s very powerful and that’s good because he’ll be able to protect Ru Che from everyone who wants her dead. My only worry is that he seems to have bouts of weakness where he’s overcome by…frost?

Introduction  ♡  Episode 2



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