Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 (九州天空城): Episode 2

~ Jing Kong saves Ru Che from assassins & a blood test to find the real queen ~


Jing Kong can stop time? Why didn’t he do that earlier?! And when he called her ‘Ah Che’ I was like 😳 were they together in a past life or something?
Also, the second fight where Ru Che won easily…in reviving her, did Jing Kong give her his powers? And Jing Kong’s subsequent fight with the creepy big-eyed dude…who is he? Why is he after Jing Kong? Revenge for something Jing Kong did in the past?

Urgh…the blood testing thing was so creepy. That alien looking thing that moves as if it were alive and pricks into their back…eww

It turns out that the leaf-looking thing the maidservant took from Ru Che’s back was a scale from her wing slit…and I called it a leaf 😂

Dang Dang in armour! He looks so handsome…
Why does he keep swearing on his mother’s name though 😂

Episode 1  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 3


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