Love of Thousand Years (三千鸦杀): Episode 5

~ Qin Chuan is now Jiu Yun’s personal maidservant but…Zi Chen wants her too? ~


Qin Chuan was unwilling to take up the position of Jiu Yun’s maidservant but due to her status, she was unable to refuse him outright so she tried to reason with him, asking why he had chosen her. Jiu Yun replies that she was unique, so she won’t have to look at Qing Qing’s expression anymore and besides, he could help to keep her secret. Qin Chuan denies having any secret, insisting that the seahorse spirit had already died, she was innocent. When Jiu Yun continues, asking if she had ever heard of “abandon the chariot to save the soldier”, Qin Chuan muffles her ears, telling him not to tell her anymore secrets but Jiu Yun pulls her hands away from her ears before pulling her into a backhug, explaining that he was telling her all this because he wanted her to be more careful. Jiu Yun then leaves after reminding her that he had his eyes on her.

By nighttime at the servant’s quarters, Cui Ya had heard of Qin Chuan’s imprisonment and was balling her eyes out as two fellow servant girls tried to console her. When Cui Ya’s wails got too loud, one of them warned that the celestials were clairaudient and a flying sword might come for her head if her cries roused any of them from their sleep. All of Cui Ya’s worries were allayed when Qin Chuan later walked through the door but they quickly returned when Qin Chuan told them that she had to pack her belongings – Was she going to be driven down the mountain? Meanwhile, giving no regard to the fact that it was the middle of the night, Jiu Yun had dropped by Steward Zhao’s living quarters to arrange for Qin Chuan’s transfer. When Steward Zhao later announced Qin Chuan’s transfer, all the servants gathered at the courtyard as they gossiped excitedly – Some were envious because there was a rule that anyone who served the four senior disciples could also become a disciple while others weren’t because they had heard that Jiu Yun was a demon that had tortured his former teacher to death.

Much to all the servant’s envy and awe, Jiu Yun had sent a red palanquin to escort Qin Chuan. Upon arriving at Jiu Yun’s residence, Qin Chuan awkwardly scurries out from the palanquin before greeting Jiu Yun. He tells her that she was now his person, instructing her to prepare a late-night snack for him before staying by his side through the night. Hearing this, Qin Chuan stands in a daze as she imagined the worse case scenario – Jiu Yun coming onto her. Seeing her standing silently with conflicted expressions on her face, Jiu Yun walks up to her and gently puts a hand on her head, startling her back to reality. Quick witted as always, Qin Chuan explains that she had been thinking about what to get for his late-night snack. When Jiu Yun tells her to go to the kitchen and see what they have there, Qin Chuan realises that she didn’t know where the kitchen was but when she turned to ask Jiu Yun, he told her to look for it herself.

Qin Chuan later serves Jiu Yun his late-night snack, immediately withdrawing her hands when he reached out to grasp hers. Ignoring her obvious discomfort, Jiu Yun asks her to sit and drink with him, offering her a toast to congratulate her on becoming his personal maidservant. Qin Chuan unwillingly obliged, offering him a toast in return. Jiu Yun then voices that he was tired, asking her to wait upon him in bed but Qin Chuan tells him that it wasn’t that late yet, suggesting that he had another glass of wine or wash up first. On Jiu Yun’s insistence that she lay his bedding and quilts, Qin Chuan rushed to get it done before excusing herself but Jiu Yun told her to get onto the bed first, slowly pushing her forward as she rambled on about her Dou Dou. Jiu Yun then spins her around to face him, asking if he wasn’t comparable with her Dou Dou – Who was this Dou Dou guy and what exactly was so good about him?

Faced with her “master” Qin Chuan could only reply that Dou Dou couldn’t compare to him. She then starts to panic when Jiu Yun pushed her onto the bed, crossing her arms in front of her as she tells him that even though she was a maidservant, she still had her dignity. When Jiu Yun replies that it was cheesy of her to bring up dignity at this point, Qin Chuan fires back that even if he got her person, he would never get her heart. Jiu Yun tells her that he didn’t need her heart, he just wanted her person. Qin Chuan immediately changes her tune, telling him that she would give him her heart instead. It was then that the playful glint in Jiu Yun’s eyes faded and he told her that from then on, she had to be loyal and committed to him, seeing no one else but him. Seeing Qin Chuan bob her head, Jiu Yun leaned forward to clarify: How about Dou Dou? When Qin Chuan replies that Dou Dou was excluded from this, Jiu Yun comments that women were indeed fickle, adding that she had become bolder after seeing her Dou Dou, even refusing to help him warm his quilts.

Relieved that he simply wanted her to warm his bed, Qin Chuan proceeds to do so but Jiu Yun pushes her away, telling her that he would do it himself. Embarrassed that she had misunderstood his intentions, Qin Chuan stands by his side attentively and collected his shoes as he removed them. Assuming that she had no intention of leaving, Jiu Yun tells her that he’ll be merciful and allow her to sleep on the couch that was under his bed. Qin Chuan then prepares for bed grudgingly and as she does so, Jiu Yun tells her that he liked loyal women but she had broken his heart so she will be punished with no food tomorrow and she had to stay one zhang (3.33 metres / 10.95 feet) away from him. Qin Chuan gives him a stink eye, grumbling about his double standards as she settled into her bed.

That night, Qin Chuan dreams about a conversation she had had with her mother, where she had expressed her unwillingness to part with them. When her mother had told her that they would die one day, she had replied that she would go with them.
The silence of the night was broken by sniffles that woke Jiu Yun up. Seeing that Qin Chuan was crying, he reached out a hand towards her but she suddenly grabbed it as she wailed about Dou Dou leaving her. After withdrawing his hand from her grasp, Jiu Yun reached forward once more to pinch her cheek, calling her a little liar. Once Jiu Yun had settled back in his bed, Qin Chuan turns her back to him, holding in her tears as she tries to return to sleep.

The next morning, Qin Chuan awakens before Jiu Yun and crept out of the room only to be startled by a young man dressed in white (Bai Gongzi). She later serves him his breakfast and stands to the side but was called over only to be told that she stank and didn’t fit in at Xiang Qu Mountain, a place that was particular about fairy-like beauty and grace. Bai Gongzi gives her a set of clothing, telling her to tidy herself up lest he vomited his food when he saw her later. Qin Chuan quickly got changed and he complimented her before a sudden bout of headache hit him. When the pain subsided, Bai Gongzi looked at her in confusion as he questioned what she was doing in his room while dressed so poorly – This was Xiang Qu Mountain, a place that was particular about fairy-like beauty and grace. Before Qin Chuan had time to fully process what was going on, Bai Gongzi was hit by another bout of headache and after it had passed, Qin Chuan took the initiative to repeat his previous complains about her. Just as she was feeling pretty proud of herself, Bai Gongzi recalls everything and chases her out to continue her chores.

Later, Jiu Yun and Bai Gongzi had a wine function to attend and instructs Qin Chuan to do their laundry, which consists of six full pails of various clothing items. With no choice but to do as she was told, Qin Chuan proceeds to wash the clothes by vigorously scrubbing, wildly beating and stabbing with the washing paddle, joyfully stomping on and harshly grating with the washboard, finally ending with tearing up the pieces of clothing. When Jiu Yun and Bai Gongzi return, they were shocked and angered to see the state their clothes were in but at that moment, Qin Chuan notices their return and immediately greets them with a small bow, letting go of the vase in her hands to clasp them at the side of her waist. “Realising” what she had done, Qin Chuan immediately kneels to beg for forgiveness, explaining that she was clumsy and wailing about being unable to stay any longer. Contrary to Bai Gongzi’s stance of wanting to send Qin Chuan away, Jiu Yun didn’t blame her, showing his understanding that she was still new to Xiang Qu Mountain. However, since she had torn his clothes and broken his vase, she had to pay for it. As a servant girl, Qin Chuan only had two liangs of silver so she had to pay for the damages with labour, starting with drawing water for Bai Gongzi’s bath. Looking at Qin Chuan’s retreating figure as she trips, Bai Gongzi asked Jiu Yun why he had chosen her. With a cheeky smile, Jiu Yun replies that it’s just because he wants to.

Later, as Qin Chuan was collecting water from the river, Cui Ya arrives and excitedly asks if Jiu Yun had brought her to ‘seventh heaven’, receiving a whack on the head and a lecture from Qin Chuan. After answering Cui Ya’s question about what she had done with Jiu Yun the night before, Qin Chuan goes on her way, passing by other gossipy servant girls. Upon her return, Jiu Yun asked if she had met with anything that delayed her return, telling her that he had heard that everyone was talking about him and his little maidservant. Reluctant to discuss this, Qin Chuan excuses herself and Jiu Yun lets her leave after a reminder that Bai Gongzi was very precious and that his bath water couldn’t be too hot or cold.

Qin Chuan carries the pails of water into Bai Gongzi’s room only to find that it was empty. As she set down the pails beside the bathtub, she sees something in the tub and picks it out, puzzled by why there would be a broken mirror in the tub and cringing at the possibilities. Qin Chuan then goes outside the room to wait for Bai Gongzi to come and take his bath and was startled when he exited his room. When he tells her that he had been inside all along, Qin Chuan started to put the pieces together and was shocked at the realisation that Bai Gongzi was the White Moon Nebula Mirror. That night, Qin Chuan enters Bai Gongzi’s room with a hammer in hand, determined to kill him while he slept. Her plan was foiled when Bai Gongzi tossed in bed, first mumbling about teaching her after she was done with the laundry, then telling her that Jiu Yun will give her a sum of money when she was of age, so that she could live out the rest of her days in peace. Hearing his vague concern for her, the resolve she had during the first two tries faded and she stood in the room for a moment before hearing Jiu Yun hollering for her to pour him tea.

Qin Chuan enters Jiu Yun’s room only to find that Zi Chen and Xuan Zhu were also there. It turns out that Zi Chen had come to ask for Qin Chuan to work at his residence, telling Jiu Yun that he had felt a connection with her. Everyone was shocked when they heard this request but Jiu Yun quickly puts on a smile, telling Zi Chen that he would agree even if he requested for any other thing from his residence, explaining that he had long heard of and admired Zi Chen’s talent – Any literary work or music that passed through his hands, regardless of how mediocre it was, would become extraordinary with just a few changes. But. If he wanted Qin Chuan, he would have to ask if she was willing. Before Zi Chen could complete his sentence, Qin Chuan cuts him off with a refusal, explaining that they had only met once and weren’t familiar. Jiu Yun then spoke up, urging Qin Chuan to agree to Zi Chen’s request, telling her that he could just get another maidservant if she left. Shocked and confused, Qin Chuan asks Jiu Yun if he didn’t want her anymore but he doesn’t reply, simply sipping on his tea. Helpless, Qin Chuan makes up another excuse, telling Zi Chen that even though she was just a lowly servant, she wasn’t a plaything that he could just take, explaining to him that his actions had made her feel humiliated. Zi Chen immediately stands to his feet, explaining that he didn’t mean to make her feel that way and will not disturb her anymore if she was unwilling. Jiu Yun then reprimands her for being rude before throwing her under the bus by asking her to reconsider – Didn’t she say that Zi Chen was gentle and kind?

As Zi Chen and Xuan Zhu made their way back to their residence, Xuan Zhu asked why he hadn’t told her about his plan beforehand, explaining that they shouldn’t have broken etiquette. Hearing this, Zi Chen halts his footsteps, curtly asking if he needed to tell her about everywhere he went. Xuan Zhu tries to appease him, explaining that she was just trying to reason with him. Zi Chen aloofly replies that his principles (reason) were gone. Like his eyes.

The next morning, Mei Shan comes across Qin Chuan as she was watering the plants at Qiong Hua Hai and called her over. Much to Qin Chuan’s confusion, after she tells this celestial that Jiu Yun had gone out, he circles her as he gives her a once over before speaking falteringly – Di…You…What’s your name? When Qin Chuan told him her name, he commented that it sounded like a name “he” would’ve chosen, confusing Qin Chuan further. Mei Shan ignores her confusion, telling her that if his senior brother was still alive, his disciple would be around her age. He then proceeds to grab her by the sleeve and jostle her around, commenting that it would be fun if his senior brother’s disciple were here for him to mess with. He then decides to get back to business, clearing his throat before telling Qin Chuan that he was here to share a bottle of celestial wine with Jiu Yun and instructing her to warm up the wine. Just as Qin Chuan was leaving, Mei Shan stops her, worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it properly. When Qin Chuan reassures him that she was in charge of warming up all of Jiu Yun’s celestial wine, Mei Shan shakes his head and comments that Jiu Yun was too deeply in love – He had treasured one wine for thousands of years but it’s too strong and always burned and damaged him. Qin Chuan gives him a small nod, telling him that she will remind Jiu Yun to drink less. Mei Shan tells her that she didn’t understand, this wine could’ve stayed quietly in the cup but it insists on choking Jiu Yun with no regard for his feelings. Leaning in towards Qin Chuan, he continues in a gradually lower voice, saying that it might one day cause Jiu Yun’s death. Mei Shan then dismisses Qin Chuan but she turns back with a question – Wine was still wine and couldn’t possibly cause Jiu Yun to die. Mei Shan tries to explain further but was interrupted by Jiu Yun’s arrival.

Qin Chuan then takes her leave and bumps into Er Meng who was carrying a chamber pot. This gives her an idea and she asks Er Meng for it with a cheeky smile on her face.

With a familiar looking chamber pot on the table, a slightly drunk Mei Shan praises Qin Chuan’s wine warming ability as he downs a cup. Jiu Yun, who had yet to take a single sip from his glass, sarcastically asked who was the one who had told Qin Chuan a load of nonsense to scare her. After explaining that he was just concerned for him, Mei Shan remembers what he had came for and holds out a Gui Yuan Hu Xin Pill (Literal: Revert to the Beginning, Protect Heart) that will ensure that his spiritual powers won’t be damaged regardless of how seriously injured he was. Jiu Yun initially rejected it, confident that he would be able to manage the Dragon King but Mei Shan tells him not to underestimate “that thing” that was in his body. Jiu Yun then relents and eats it but he gags at the taste and Mei Shan explains that he had buried the pill at Wan Shi Mountain’s peak to let it absorb the sun and moon’s essence. Mei Shan then passes Jiu Yun a glass of wine to wash down the taste but Jiu Yun smelled a strange odour which Mei Shan attributes to the fragrance of wine. Mei Shan soon falls unconscious and Jiu Yun finally notices the chamber pot, realising that Qin Chuan had taken her revenge.


Favourite part of this episode would have to be Qin Chuan ruining their clothes and throwing aside the vase to greet them with a bow.
But I would just like to point out (because I’m proud of myself for noticing this 😂) that if you pause the video at a moment before the vase hits the ground, the vase was already broken. Probably from a previous take.

Jiu Yun telling Qin Chuan about abandoning the chariot to save the soldier…
Chariot = Bai Gongzi (White Moon Nebula Mirror)
Soldier = Qin Chuan
So…he knowingly sacrificed Bai Gongzi to save Qin Chuan?

Jiu Yun is such a tease, purposely saying things that would make her misunderstand before subtly and nonchalantly clarifying things just so he can see her swinging from panic to embarrassment.
Also, the palanquin that Jiu Yun sent to fetch Qin Chuan…let me just say that with the red…it looks like a wedding palanquin. And I say that it was totally on purpose and Jiu Yun totally enjoyed it.
When Jiu Yun pretended to admire Zi Chen and brought up his music skills…
Jiu Yun is still salty about the changes that were made to his song. 😂 But it’s been three years! 😂😂

I got chills when Zi Chen told Xuan Zhu that his principles were gone. Like his eyes.
He was so cold to her…not cold cold but like…this is Zi Chen we’re talking about. He’s kind, charming, sweet and many other good things…I’m starting to pity Xuan Zhu a little. He didn’t even come across as cold as this back in Episode 4 when he had been playing chess and ignoring Xuan Zhu.

Qin Chuan’s teacher died. What! When? Why!?
I guess this answers my question of how Qin Chuan has kept up communications with her teacher – She hasn’t, because he’s dead.

Mei Shan’s wine…ermahgawd Qin Chuan you’re so gross!!

Episode 4  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 6 →
Lyrics to OST “昙花一现雨及时”


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