The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊): Introduction

~ In progress, please ignore 😅 ~

Chen Xiao Qian is a screenwriter whose latest work, titled “Fierce Tiger sniffs the Rose” is set in a fictitious world where two cities with opposite principles exist. Hua Yuan City was where women led and men were the lowest on the social ladder while Xuan Hu City was the exact opposite. After Xuan Hu City lost the battle, their leader had no choice but to send his son, Han Shuo, for a marriage alliance. Unbeknownst to everyone at Hua Yuan City, Xuan Hu City had hidden their military prowess and intentionally lost to Hua Yuan City because Han Shuo was terminally ill and needed Hua Yuan City’s rare treasure, the Dragon Bone that could cure all poisons and heal all illnesses. Doctors have diagnosed that Han Shuo wouldn’t live past twenty and he was going to be nineteen soon. With his death day approaching, Han Shuo had devised a plan where he would get Hua Yuan City’s second princess, Chen Chu Chu to fall for him and get the Dragon Bone for him. After which, Xuan Hu City’s army will invade and conquer Hua Yuan City. However, Han Shuo ends up falling for Chen Chu Chu and even though he still led his troops to conquer Hua Yuan City, he spares her life. Devastated by his betrayal, Chu Chu bides her time, training up an army and leading them to conquer Xuan Hu City. Meeting on the battlefield, the two former lovers charge towards each other in a one on one fight and Chu Chu stabs Han Shuo. However, Han Shuo couldn’t bear to hurt her and had flipped his sword’s point towards himself. Having gotten her revenge with Han Shuo’s death, Chu Chu succeeds her mother as the next leader and during her ascension ceremony, the gates of heaven opened, signalling the gods’ favour.

After rushing out the script to meet the deadline, Chen Xiao Qian loses consciousness and wakes up only to find herself in the world she had written, as Chen Qian Qian, the cannon fodder who dies in Episode 3 after forcing Han Shuo to marry her, then drinking wine he had poisoned on their wedding night. After deducing that the wedding was to be held that very night, Xiao Qian cancels all the wedding festivities and steels herself to drink the poisoned wine, consoling herself that she would be able to return home. However, due to their different customs when it came to drinking the wedding wine, Xiao Qian doesn’t end up consuming the poison. Wanting to return home but too afraid to commit suicide, Xiao Qian reckons that she would be able to return home once the story ends and so she decides to play matchmaker for her husband Han Shuo and second sister Chen Chu Chu.

Character Inroductions:
◊ Main characters:
Zhao Lu Si (赵露思) as Chen Xiao Qian (陈小千) who wakes up to find herself as Chen Qian Qian (陈芊芊)

Ding Yu Xi (丁禹兮) as Han Shuo (韩烁) – was diagnosed with a heart disease at 16 (?) and doctors have told him that he won’t be able to live past 20. He’s going to be 19 soon and needs Hua Yuan City’s Dragon Bone in order to live. He had planned a ‘hero saves the beauty’ to get the second princess Chen Chu Chu to fall for him and get the Dragon Bone for him.

◊ Supporting Characters:
Pei Heng (裴恒) – Hua Yuan City’s number one eligible male who has been engaged to Chen Qian Qian since they were young.
Chen Chu Chu (陈楚楚) – Hua Yuan City’s second princess, Chen Qian Qian’s older sister, adopted(?)
Bai Ji – Han Shuo’s servant, frequently uses the wrong words.
Zi Rui – Chen Qian Qian’s servant. Very talkative because Chen Xiao Qian had given him many lines in order to reach the required word count
Zi Zhu – Chen Chu Chu’s servant
?? – Qian Qian & Chu Chu’s mother, master of Hua Yuan City
Sang Qi – ??’s servant (eunuch?)
Lin Qi – Young miss of the richest family in Hua Yuan City, owns the Academy (教坊司), likes Pei Heng, Chu Chu’s best friend?

◊ Side Characters:
Su Mu (苏沐) – Lin Qi’s best male(?)
Su Zi Ying (苏子婴) – yet to appear
Chen Yuan Yuan (陈沅沅) – Hua Yuan City’s first princess, clever but her legs are disabled

◊ Minor Characters: (In order of appearance)

Episode 1 ~ Wedding


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