Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 40

~ Chun Hua is dying – Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai, who will risk their life to save her? ~


Qiu Yue angrily asked what they had given Chun Hua to cause her Bai Hua Calamity to worsen so quickly. It turns out that the Snow Lotus Cai Cai had given Chun Hua was the cause. Pu Er smugly reveals that when Snow Lotus fuses with Ruan Jin Powder or Snake Saliva Incense, it will spur the Bai Hua Calamity’s toxicity. When Xiao Bai demands an antidote from Pu Er, Qiu Yue tells him that there was none, he had intended to detoxify her after the final battle but…Pu Er interrupts as he gloats that between Xiao Bai and Qiu Yue, who would be willing to give up Jianghu just to save a lady. Qiu Yue looks at Chun Hua before taking another glance at her hand, telling her that if they didn’t act fast, she would be dead in an hour. In her weak state, Chun Hua managed to speak with great difficulty, pleading with Qiu Yue not to kill anymore innocent people.

Because the Bai Hua Calamity had come from Qian Yue Cave, Xiao Bai once again demanded for the antidote from Qiu Yue and with a frustrated look on his face, Qiu Yue repeats that there was none but he knew a way to save her. Supreme internal powers were needed, ordinary internal powers wouldn’t work. It had to be either ‘Chun Yang Nei Gong’ or ‘San Yin Zhen Qi’. Hearing this, Cai Cai voices that Xiao Bai practices ‘Chun Yang Nei Gong’ and Leng Ning follows by questioning if Qiu Yue practiced ‘San Yin Zhen Qi’. At that moment, Pu Er staggers towards them as he smugly tells them that even the most powerful person would need to use their powers for three consecutive days in order to purge the poison. He then reveals that it had been his and Gu Xing Zhu’s plan to poison Chun Hua on the day of the battle between Feng Ming Manor and Qian Yue Cave but now that her poison had acted up earlier, it was even better because regardless of whoever helped to purge her poison, Jianghu would have lost one top-notch ace. But who would be so foolish to leave an opening for their opponent?

Qiu Yue was barely holding back his anger but upon hearing this, he shoots a blast towards Pu Er, knocking him out. Hearing groans from Chun Hua, he worriedly turns back to her only to see her staring blankly as she starts to have flashbacks about the moments they had spent together – Their first meeting, the time Qiu Yue had pulled out his hairstick to gift it to her, causing his hair to cascade down beautifully, the flour fight they had during the Mid-Autumn festival, the night he had gifted her the Ice Silkworm Pearl, the kisses they shared at the Ice Gorge and green field. Chun Hua then returns to the present where Qiu Yue confesses to her that he had done many things behind her back. Chun Hua only gave him a sad smile as tears rolled down her eyes and seeing this, Qiu Yue finally cries, his gaze never leaving her face.

CHQY 40-1

After enduring another bout of pain, Chun Hua forced a smile through her tears as she told him “When will the Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon end? That’s great.” With her last bit of strength, she asked why he had saved her and his confused expression quickly turns into a tearful smile that mirrored hers. Chun Hua soon became still and everyone was silent as Xiao Bai shouted her name and shook her but he got no response. Qiu Yue blinked away his tears before holding her hand as he reiterated his promise to be good to her, before proceeding to use his internal powers to purge her poison. Seeing this, Xiao Bai picks up his sword and slowly walks outside. Li Yu suggested that Xiao Bai killed Qiu Yue before using his internal powers to save Chun Hua but Cai Cai explained that he couldn’t because Qiu Yue was saving Chun Hua, they can’t take advantage of Qiu Yue’s precarious position.

Xiao Bai stood outside in the courtyard until the sun set and he gazed at the night sky as he reminisced the moments he had shared with Chun Hua – Their first meeting where she had called him ‘husband’, the times she had ‘indecently’ tried to court him, when Chun Hua had been by his side to encourage him after his father’s death, the time he had confessed to her that he liked her, their wedding day, Chun Hua confessing at the ‘Book of Sins’ meet that she had had an affair with Qiu Yue and asking him to kill her. It soon started to thunder and Xiao Bai dropped his precious Feng Ming Sword on the ground.

After Qiu Yue purged her poison, Chun Hua was brought back to Feng Ming Manor where she remained unconscious for two days. After recovering, she catches up with Liu Feng – Pu Er was to be executed, Liu Feng had gotten engaged with Leng Ning. Liu Feng then tells Chun Hua that on the day of the final battle, after Qiu Yue’s unexpected move, Ye Xing Zhu had brought him away, resulting in Feng Ming Manor’s victory without a fight. Liu Feng then asked Chun Hua if she blamed Xiao Bai for not making a decision and she tells him that Xiao Bai’s decision was correct. If he had saved her without taking the rest of them into consideration, she would’ve felt guilty for the rest of her life. With a sigh, Liu Feng tells her that after news of Qiu Yue having lost excessive vital powers circulated, all the various sects left Ba Xian Residence and Qian Yue Cave’s men revolted, chasing after Qiu Yue to kill him. Seeing Chun Hua’s worried expression, Liu Feng reassures her that Xiao Bai had ordered the good sects not to take advantage of Qiu Yue’s precarious position, stopping those who wanted revenge for the whole Longevity Fruit debacle. Three days ago, Ye Xing Zhu had suppressed the rebellion and taken control of Qian Yue Cave while Qiu Yue had withdrawn from the disputes.

With a thoughtful gaze, Liu Feng questions if Qiu Yue was the ultimate winner – Qiu Yue was a master manipulator that could even cause the good sects to fight among themselves but right before the huge battle, he had lost most of his vital powers, effectively putting a stop to the fight. Qiu Yue was good at playing with people’s feelings and even though he had treated her like a chesspiece, he always protected her, even choosing her over a golden opportunity. Teary eyed, Chun Hua remarks that Qiu Yue was foolish. Liu Feng then voices the doubts he had on what exactly it was that Qiu Yue wanted. If it had been Qiu Yue’s intention to get her, Pu Er’s final scheme where both him and Xiao Bai were faced with the same choices, Xiao Bai’s choice to uphold justice and him choosing her might have been his final move in the game of chess he had set up. As Chun Hua considers this with slightly furrowed brows, Liu Feng adds that whatever it was, Qiu Yue had won. Besides, with her by Qiu Yue’s side, they would be less worried about him and would also be more confident about keeping peace in Jianghu.

Later, as Chun Hua was packing her belongings, Xiao Bai came by her room, announcing his arrival by reminding her to close the doors because the weather was cold. With an awkward air between them, Chun Hua waits for Xiao Bai to close the doors before telling him that she was very healthy now. When he comments that she had lost a lot of weight, Chun Hua pauses for a moment before telling him that she didn’t blame him but Xiao Bai tells her that he would rather she blame him. Not knowing how to reply to that, Chun Hua changes the topic, telling him that she wants to go and see “him”. Another moment passes where they look at each other in silence before Xiao Bai replies with a whispered “When?”, offering to have someone send her, but she refused. He then lowered his gaze dejectedly, lifting them again when Chun Hua asked if he was angry with her. Avoiding her gaze, Xiao Bai tells her that if she followed him, there will come a day that she would be sacrificed, it was only with “him” that she would be placed before everything else. In contrast to his solemn expression, Chun Hua puts a small smile on her face as she told him to take care of himself. When his expression didn’t change, Chun Hua grinned and tried to lighten up the mood by telling him not to worry because there would still be many other ladies who would fall for him in the future. Hearing this, Xiao Bai forces a small smile before telling her that he will get someone to prepare a horse for her. At this, Chun Hua’s expression finally becomes serious and she steps forward to hug him. Xiao Bai hesitates momentarily before wrapping his arms around her, tightening them and gently caressing her back longingly when she thanked him. Sensing his reluctance in seeing her leave, Chun Hua pats his back comfortingly but that action snaps him back to his senses and with a sigh, he pulls away from her and leaves without a backward glance.

Xiao Bai later returned to his room to find that Chun Hua had left him a set of clothing and a letter. In the letter, she thanked him for his care, telling him that she had previously thought that love happened at first sight, or was fated, or that it meant she had to become the way he likes but she now understands that love is unconditional. No effort was needed but it was irresistible. If humans will eventually die, a lifetime of love was too short. There was bound to be sadness and happiness, separations and reunions, choices will have to be made and some things will have to be forsaken. Chun Hua ends the letter by telling him that he was a hero and will one day meet the person that he can’t resist.

Chun Hua then sets out to find Qiu Yue and she reaches a field of flowers where she sees a figure in a white hooded cloak and calls out to him. The cloaked figure turns to face her and she could tell that it was Qiu Yue even though his eyes were obscured by the hood. Standing where he was, Qiu Yue asked if she had come to see him and she replies by asking if he had been waiting for her. Qiu Yue ignores her question and instead asks her to go back because he didn’t need her anymore. He then flings her his hairstick which breaks as it lands near her feet. Chun Hua carefully picks up the broken hairstick and after a moment of thought, tells Qiu Yue that she didn’t approve of his previous means of doing things. Slightly miffed by his reply that he knew that, Chun Hua told him to hold himself back (since he already knew that she didn’t like it). With the tiniest smile, Qiu Yue agrees but Chun Hua was still bothered by his indifferent attitude towards her and asked him to come over. Seemingly surprised by her request, Qiu Yue walks towards her with his head lowered. With the hood covering the upper half of his face, Chun Hua could only see his nose and lips. Commenting that she had never seen him wear this and that it was ugly, she raised a hand to remove it but was stopped by Qiu Yue who told her that it was cold. Clasping his hand in hers and feeling that he was cool to the touch as always, Chun Hua told him that she didn’t like people with cold bodies so he had to dress more warmly next time. Qiu Yue lets slip a tiny smile before giving her his word. Still worried, Chun Hua asked if he had sustained any injuries from the people that were hunting him down and Qiu Yue tells her that it was all in the past. Slightly relieved, Chun Hua tells him that she knew he wasn’t one to die so easily and when Qiu Yue adds that she also didn’t want him to die, Chun Hua tells him that she just wanted him to live well, like he was right now. Not getting a response from him, Chun Hua threw down the hand she had clasped in hers as she called him an idiot. She then tells him that she was leaving, asking him to give her a hug. Qiu Yue smiles before stepping forward and hunching down to envelope her. Once they broke apart, Chun Hua wrapped her arms around his neck, telling him that she was going to act frivolously with him and Qiu Yue tells her to do as she wished. Then they kissed. And. As Chun Hua slowly unwraps her arms from around Qiu Yue’s neck, she stops mid-way to uncover his hood. Qiu Yue doesn’t stop her, only silently studying her expression and looking away when he saw the shock on her face, only looking back at her when he feels her hand at the side of his face. Chun Hua’s eyes darted around as she tried to collect her thoughts before she asked if he had regained his vital energy, if his hair would return to how it was before. Replying that he hadn’t regained his vital energy, Qiu Yue asked if it looked ugly. Hearing her reply that it did indeed look a little ugly, Qiu Yue lowered his gaze dejectedly, only looking back up to meet her eyes when Chun Hua continued, telling him that it was fine because she would get used to it. Caressing the side of his face as she tried to hold back her tears, Chun Hua suggests that they go home and grabs his hand as she turns to leave but Qiu Yue stands unmovingly.

CHQY 40-2

Understanding the cause of his hesitation, she cups his face in her hands, gazing right into his eyes as she clarified that her choosing to go with him was not sympathy or repayment (for saving her life) but because Chun Hua has to be with Ge Ge and Chun Hua had already planned to return with Ge Ge. Qiu Yue holds her hands in his, looking dejected as he told her that he couldn’t bring her to greater heights anymore, but Chun Hua didn’t care, they could start a new life together, but he must live well so that he could love her properly. Qiu Yue then tells her that the past cannot be erased, she had seen Fu Lou’s end – He wasn’t afraid, but he knew that she would be afraid. Chun Hua tells him that she had become braver and besides, he wasn’t Fu Lou and she wasn’t You Si, they wouldn’t end up like them. Seeing her resolve, Qiu Yue earnestly asked her once last time, if she really wouldn’t regret her decision to be with him and Chun Hua looks right into his eyes as she gave him her affirmation. But after a moment of thought, she added that she might bring it up during arguments in the future and he mustn’t take it to heart. Chun Hua then asked if his promise to always be good to her was still valid and Qiu Yue replied that it was, like everything he had ever told her. Telling him that You Si couldn’t live after Fu Lou’s death, Chun Hua made him promise to die after her, before starting to ramble on about how he wasn’t allowed to like other girls, threaten her or start cold wars with her. Qiu Yue looks at her fondly, cutting her off by telling her that she wasn’t allowed to leave him. Chun Hua agrees and they shared a hug before walking home hand in hand.

We are then shown a flashback, back at Ba Xian House where Chun Hua had woken up. After Pu Er had left the cottage, Qiu Yue had sat at her bedside as he flipped through the Medical Sage’s patient records that had been placed beside her. On the latest page, with the name left blank, the Medical Sage had written “Girl was found at Sang Tian Village, came back to life, has amnesia after waking.”. After taking another glance at her, Qiu Yue slides his fingers down the top of the page, adding her name “Chun Hua”. He then smiles as he takes another glance at her and it was at this moment that Chun Hua slightly came to, registering his blurry white figure and phoenix hairstick.


(I feel like I’ve written too much🤦‍♀️…I always tell myself that this is supposed to be a summary, to only write the “important” parts, but when it comes to Chun Hua X Qiu Yue interactions…everything somehow becomes “important” 😅 I’ll check back in a month or so when I’m not so emotional and (try to) shorten it)

My heart hurts…Xiao Bai 😭
Xiao Bai really loves her…he has been brought up to be a gentlemen and this is the first time he has touched Chun Hua like that…because he knows that she will never come back and he really doesn’t want to let her go but knows that he has to because the whole Qiu-Yue-saves-Chun-Hua-thing has shown him that even though he has the resolve to protect her, if another day comes where he had to choose between the lives of possibly millions in Jianghu and her, he would choose to forsake her…which is why, even though his heart is breaking, he’s letting her go to Qiu Yue, to safety, to someone who would protect her at all costs.
On a lighter note, Xiao Bai! Didn’t you ask her to close the doors lest she got sick? You left the doors wide open when you left!

What Liu Feng said about this whole thing possibly being Qiu Yue’s plan right from the start…this has never crossed my mind, I’m speechless and mindblown. Because considering Qiu Yue’s personality, that is a very real possibility.

Chun Hua and Qiu Yue’s conversation at the field of flowers is so broken I can’t even. Ignoring each others’ questions and replying with another question *facepalms*
Anyway, the whole portion where Chun Hua had a (slightly awkward) conversation with a cloaked Qiu Yue, it felt like Qiu Yue was baiting her? Baiting her to confess her feelings for him? Also, Qiu Yue initially didn’t let her remove his cloak but he let her do so later, after he had confirmed that she still liked him…was the great Qiu Yue perhaps…insecure?!
Whatever it is, they had a happy ending, it’s almost 2am, I’m all sad and not ready for bed, one last picture of Qiu Yue as a goodbye. (It’s taken me almost a year to complete this lol)

CHQY 40-E1

Episode 39Introduction
Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”


18 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 40

  1. I loved and am obsessed with this drama….
    Do you know the differences between the drama and the novel?
    Does he ever get his powers back?


  2. This was a perfect recap. Thanks for your hard work. I could not figure out the end because I didnt realize that it was a flashback lol. I will rewatch now I know they end up together. Much appreciated.


  3. n the novel, Chunhua also wrote Xiao Bai a letter before she left to find Shangguan Qiuyue, but the contents of the letter were never revealed. I liked it that the drama showed us what the letter said, because her words completely described her experience with Shangguan Qiuyue. Chunhua said that she initially believed in love at first sight, but later discovered that wasn’t true. Like her letter mentioned, her love with Shangguan Qiuyue was not love at first sight, but grew over time instead of randomly happening out of nowhere. Initially, he only wanted to use her to steal Xiao Bai’s internal energy manuscript, but as he spent more time in her company, he unexpectedly fell in love with her quirkiness, her liveliness, and her cuteness. Shangguan Qiuyue, the ruthless loner, eventually found himself more and more dependent on her company to feel happy and alive, until one day he realized that his life would be empty and meaningless without her, even if he were to achieve ultimate wulin domination. And that was why Shangguan Qiuyue chose to sacrifice his internal energy and his ambitions in exchange for Chunhua’s life. Chunhua, too, unexpectedly fell in love with someone whom she didn’t want to love. But that’s just how love is; it’s inexplicable, effortless, unconditional, and irresistible, just like what Chunhua wrote in her letter to Xiao Bai. Love is powerful enough to make someone as selfish and manipulative as Shangguan Qiuyue put someone else before himself and his own ambitions. It’s irresistible enough to make a villain like him want to be a better person for his little Chunhua.

    Although their story has neatly ended, I can’t help but want to see Zhao Lusi and Li Hongyi reprise their roles as Chunhua and Qiuyue. They are one of the few onscreen couples with true, palpable chemistry. It has been a whole year since Love Better than Immortality aired, yet there has been no mention of a second season. I might just write a short fanfic continuing their life after the end of Episode 40, just for kicks…


      1. Hi maryxiah. Thanks for your interest in my fanfic. Actually, I’ve already written the first chapter of the Love Better than Immortality fanfic. I just haven’t posted it. I can’t decide if I want it to be random excerpts of Chunhua and Qiuyue’s life after the ending of the drama, or actually a full blown fanfic, complete with existing and possibly new characters. I already have two stories I haven’t finished writing yet, so taking on a third, fully developed story might be too much for my schedule.


  4. I agree with Qin Liufeng that Shangguan Qiuyue might have orchestrated the entire ending confrontation among Pu Er, Xiao Bai, and himself the minute Chunhua decided to leave him for Xiao Bai in episode 32. Shangguan Qiuyue was a master at concocting poisons. In episode 36, when he snuck into Chunhua’s chambers at Fengming Manor and learned that Chunhua’s flower tattoo had not darkened, he demanded, with some tinge of irrational displeasure, whether she had not thought of him, and that was why the tattoo’s color had lightened. She confessed that she had consumed the Snow Lotus, which slowed down the Hundred Flower Calamity poison’s progress. Then, after he was almost discovered by Xiao Bai and Feng Caicai at the end of that nighttime visit (and had to hide on Chunhua’s bed), he warned Chunhua to not eat any of the food during the upcoming meal with Pu Er, because Pu Er was going to poison the food with Ruan Jin Powder. So…it was not unimaginable for someone so knowledgable in poisons like Shangguan Qiuyue to know that Chunhua’s poison would be worsened by the combination of the Snow Lotus and Pu Er’s Ruan Jin Powder.

    For Shangguan Qiuyue, this would be the perfect opportunity to unveil his final chess move – to win over Chunhua’s heart for once and all. He knew with Xiao Bai’s ingrained righteousness, Xiao Bai would never forsake the safety of wulin to selfishly save his wife-to-be, Chunhua. And because Shangguan Quiyue’s gamble was correct, Xiao Bai ended up being the “jerk who was willing to watch his wife-to-be die” while Qiuyue emerged as the romantic hero who sacrificed all to save his lady love. What woman could resist that kind of gesture?

    One might wonder if Shangguan Qiuyue’s decision to give up wulin domination, his lifelong goal, was too big of a sacrifice just to please a woman. Well, I don’t think Shangguan Qiuyue was ever one to crave limitless power and domination. He never struck me as one of those overzealous villains with the crazed glint in their eyes, only thinking of ruling over all of wulin at all costs. He seemed to want to bring all of wulin under his rule, because he felt that the orthodox sects had wronged the demonic sect. In fact, he explained to Chunhua that only a fine line separated demonic from orthodox sects, and the winners were deemed “righteous and good,” while the losing side earned the unfavorable “demonic” title.

    Before falling in love, uniting wulin under his rule so that he could be deemed “orthodox” was Shangguan Qiuyue’s ambition. However, I felt that after spending time with Chunhua in the ice gorge, his feelings of attraction for Chunhua morphed into real love. During their time in the ice gorge, he realized that she would not abandon him, and he, for the first time in his life, let down his defenses. He mentioned he never realized how warm it was to sleep in her embrace. He would watch her sleep with a loving expression on his face. Their kisses became more tender. He was truly in love by that time. I believe that it was also at that moment that his priorities shifted. His lifelong ambition to dominate wulin was still important, but that goal was now a distant second to gaining Chunhua’s love. Even then, he was insecure about her feelings toward him. If not, why would he constantly check the flower tattoo on her palm? It almost became an obsession for him to make romantic advances toward her and then check the color of the tattoo on her palm. That tattoo became his barometer for how much she loved him. When she left him for Xiao Bai, simply because of a few words from Gu Wan, Shangguan Qiuyue knew that Chunhua could never really love him and cut her ties from Xiao Bai because (1) he had manipulated her too many times prior, and (2) a part of her still wanted to choose good (Xiao Bai) over evil (Shangguan Qiuyue). Therefore, the only way to win Chunhua’s heart over completely was to show her how much he was willing to give up for her. First, in sacrificing his internal energy to save Chunhua, Shangguan Qiuyue knew someone as righteous as Xiao Bai would never take advantage of his weakened state after saving Chunhua and kill him right then and there. Thus, he was in no immediate danger, even with severely depleted internal energy. Second, his “altruistic” move to save Chunhua would put her in his debt forever. Even if she had any residual feelings for Xiao Bai, she could no longer, in good conscience, stay with Xiao Bai. So yes…Qin Liufeng was right… Shangguan Qiuyue’s greatest chess move ever won him the prize he had been searching for all his life – love and family.

    But don’t forget that Qin Liufeng himself was also a very good chess player. He could have not told Chunhua about all the details of how injured Shangguan Qiuyue was after he used his internal energy to save her, how he had to dodge assassination attempts from both rebels within Qianyue Dong and the orthodox sects. He didn’t have to elaborate to her about how Shangguan Qiuyue had surprisingly chosen her at that very life and death moment, giving up his internal energy, his safety, and his victory in the war between good and evil. If Qin Liufeng were acting as Xiao Bai’s best friend, then he would have kept those details to himself, in hopes that Chunhua would choose to stay with his best friend. Instead, it was almost as if Qing Liufeng was making sure Chunhua realized how much Shangguan Qiuyue had sacrificed for her, so that she would go find him quickly. Sure, Chunhua might have eventually decided to leave to find Shangguan Qiuyue, even if Qin Liufeng had not told her all those details, but his conversation with her at the end certainly sped up her leaving. Why would Qin Liufeng do that? It was simple. With Chunhua by Shangguan Qiuyue’s side, wulin would at least be peaceful for a few years. Chunhua would try to convince Shangguan Qiuyue to give up his murdering ways, and given how much Shangguan Qiuyue loved Chunhua, he would definitely take her words to heart. Without Chunhua’s influence, Shangguan Qiuyue might one day regain his internal energy and start causing havoc in wulin again. Thus, in way, Qin Liufeng was manipulating Chunhua, too. In subtly “convincing” Chunhua to leave and go find Shangguan Qiuyue, Qin Liufeng was sacrificing Xiao Bai’s happiness in exchange for peace in wulin.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I, too, agree that Qiu Yue orchestrated the whole thing concerning Pu Er. He was clearly masterminding everything right from the start when he instigated Pu Er with the fake Longevity Nut business. He sought to prove that the so-called righteous sects are no different than the scorned demon sects when it comes to human nature at its worst, which naturally puts them on the same level as him. This argument could work if he didn’t play the devil’s advocate and instigated the whole events concerning the fake Longevity Nut.

      However, I do not agree that Qiu Yue’s final chess piece move was to win over Chun Hua’s heart as he already confirmed her love for him through the Love Entanglement poison. His ultimate goal, or his final chess piece in this case, was to win the final battle against Xiao Bai, which would achieve two things — wulin domination under his rule and eliminating his wulin/love rival. Qiu Yue isn’t overly ambitious but he is shown to be extremely shrewd and capable of manipulating events to achieve his purpose, he was even able to bounce back from the curveball thrown by Gu Wan when the latter poisoned Chun Hua by including her in his final grand plan — win the ultimate battle, unite the orthodox and demon sects under his rule, and then retreat for a little while to heal Chun Hua with his essence (which is evident when he asked her to wait for 5 days and he will come for her) and later recover his essence by going into seclusion. It was the perfect plan, except he didn’t count for Pu Er’s backup plan — the snake saliva incense, which accelerated Chun Hua’s poison and forced him to choose between his lifelong ambition and her life. Qiu Yue proved himself to be her true love when he chose her over wulin, which Xiao Bai repeatedly failed to do.

      If Qiu Yue’s final chess piece move was to win over Chun Hua, then the ending scene would have played out differently. He would have gone to her at the Feng Ming manor. Instead, he stopped pursuing Chun Hua after losing his essence and even tried to make a clean break with her by asking her to leave and throwing the hairpin. Qiu Yue clearly lost confidence in himself as he believed he didn’t have the ability to protect her anymore as he promised in the earlier episodes. It was Chun Hua’s assurance that she wanted to stay that gave him the confidence to be with her. I really love the final scene where they were answering each other with a question, it felt raw, vulnerable, and real, as is their intention to be together despite future uncertainties.


      1. Forgot to mention this.

        I don’t think Qin Liu Feng manipulated Chun Hua in her decision making, granted he accelerated the process (in the book, she only left Feng Ming manor a month after the Ba Xian manor event), he practically spelled out his intention for her to stay with Qiu Yue to control him so that jianghu could have its peace again if only for a moment. But I am slightly disgusted that the full blame falls on Qiu Yue when the orthodox sects aren’t above dirty tricks themselves.


  5. I cannot thank you enough for your illuminating synopsis of each episode. The differing values between peoples is always fascinating. I found myself confused during many episodes. In my simple mind if one loves someone you love them warts and all. As our wedding vows state – You promise to”, Love each other in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, and forsaking all others make your vow ‘ til death do you part.” Chun Hua could going from one man who truly loved and protected her, who was her destined partner, to another who was a religious zealot and as frigid as a rock just because of first impressions , was so frustrating and annoying . There were so many opportunities to recognise the long hair, white ribbons and hair pin of Ge Ge . Did this not ring any bells? There has been much written about the relationships but not much about the lack of passion, devotion, tolerance, understanding or forgiveness. Li Hong Yi as Shangguan was hypnotic, endearing, magnetic; loved with his whole heart while Chun Hua was charming, silly at first then too analytical and cold. There was no fire, or genuine warmth, no real tenderness after his ghastly revelations on his tortured childhood. To any empathetic human being that espoused feelings of love for this person, that bearing of the heart should have been enough to invoke the deepest love, understanding and a longing to protect him even from himself. Instead she felt upset about being used which in comparison to childhood torture was trivial. Even the sacrifice of his very soul could not motivate Chun Hau to utter the words ,” Thank you for saving me at such a sacrifice – you are my hero, I have loved you despite everything and will always.

    For me this was too long but do I enjoy Rosy’s acting , she is so good – and Li Hong Yi is just too adorable. He has charisma in spades. The Leng Ning character was over done , too critical, quite spiteful and so not good enough for Quin Liu Feng who sometimes stole the show. Sheng Hui Zi is so thin as to make you concerned about her health!

    All in all it was a gripping series thanks to your elucidating all the twists and turns. 💐 without you I would have been lost.

    Since Covid I have become an enthusiast of Chinese productions and love all the young actors, Li Hong Yi has become my favourite male star and Rosy is a firm favourite too. I am amazed at the beauty of Chinese actors they have the most perfect features. I would like to visit China one day. It’s history is fascinating.

    Have you done any other series? I would love to know.


    1. Hi, I’m so glad that my posts helped you to understand the show.

      I’ve yet to complete any other series so far 😅


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