TDCM Chapter 72: Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique

Once Yuan Chu moved away from the egg, it followed Yuan Chu as if it were unhappy, rolling to wherever she was at.

Ye Chenyuan thought that something major had happened and ended up staring blankly when he saw this scene. That’s because that egg was a dragon egg! How did it come out?

“Ah! Little Yuanyuan, what on earth is this?”

Yuan Chu suddenly jumped towards Ye Chenyuan and hid behind him. Ye Chenyuan only looked at them with a helpless smile before finally reaching out to carry the misbehaving dragon egg.

“Master, do you remember what I’ve told you before?”

“About what?”

Ye Chenyuan was about to speak but he suddenly recalled that Yuan Chu had assumed the identity of Yue Chengou at that time. If he told her about it, wouldn’t this secret be exposed? So he stopped himself in time and skillfully changed the subject.

“I remembered wrongly, en, I forgot to tell you. Master, when I was previously out tempering myself, I contracted a dragon egg!”

Yuan Chu now recalled that Ye Chenyuan had mentioned contracting a dragon. She had also seen that dragon in her past life, a whole body of snowy white, imposing and awe-inspiring. But now, it has yet to hatch!

“So this is it.”

“Master, what did you say?”

“Ah, nothing, it’s nothing!” Yuan Chu almost made a slip of the tongue. She walked out from behind Ye Chenyuan and poked at the egg with her delicate foot. As if it could recognise her, the egg rubbed against Yuan Chu’s foot affectionately.

Hey, it’s actually quite fun!

“When will this egg hatch?” Having made a clown of herself, Yuan Chu asked this sheepishly.

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “Venerable Li said that if we can’t find a treasure that contains a powerful life force, it’ll take about a hundred years to hatch.”

“What?” Yuan Chu was surprised but when she recalled her past life, Ye Chenyuan had already formed a Nascent Soul when the dragon appeared by his side. So to say, divine beasts aren’t easy to contract, investing a lot in the earlier stages didn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be put to use!

At this moment, Venerable Li emerged from Ye Chenyuan’s forehead and stroked his beard as he questioned, “Hey, Little Yuan, doesn’t this egg look like it’s slightly larger than before?”

Hearing Venerable Li’s words, Ye Chenyuan gave it a closer look and realised that it was indeed slightly larger, and it was also more lively than before. Previously, although the egg had been revived by the power of his bloodline, it had remained motionless and hadn’t been mischievous like it was right now.

“Could it be that…” Venerable Li’s eyes were suddenly fixed on Yuan Chu.

“Why are you looking at me?” Yuan Chu hugged herself with both hands, slightly frightened by the way Venerable Li was looking at her.

“Little Chu, have you ever tested your bloodline or physique?”

Yuan Chu rolled her eyes, instantly realising what he meant, “Don’t tell me you’re trying to say that the egg has grown because of me? That I might have some exceptional kind of bloodline?”

“En, that’s a possibility.” Venerable Li had a serious look on his face, “I’ve heard that people of the phoenix bloodline have a great nourishing effect on spiritual beasts, could you be of the phoenix bloodline?”

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up when she heard Venerable Li’s words. Phoenix bloodline, it sounds so awesome! She quickly asked, “How do we test for the bloodline? I’ve never tested it!”

Venerable Li coughed and said with a pretentious air, “Look here, now. You just have to offer a drop of blood.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu swiftly cut her finger and offered a drop of blood, then looked at him in anticipation.

Venerable Li reached out a translucent finger and drew a circle in the air. The drop of blood dispersed in the centre of the circle and the circle lit up for a moment before quickly dimming.

Venerable Li was a little surprised but still shook his head, “It seems like I was wrong, you don’t have any hidden bloodline.”


Yuan Chu was slightly disappointed, she thought she had a hidden golden finger! Sure enough, she doesn’t have the protagonist’s fate.

But just as she was feeling dejected, the dragon egg suddenly struggled free from Ye Chenyuan’s arms and exerted all its strength as it rubbed itself against Yuan Chu. Yuan Chu was unable to hold back her laughter at its eager appearance and she reached out a finger to poke it.

“Hey, do you think that this little guy has taken me as his mother?”

It was at this moment that a little blood from the cut that Yuan Chu had made on her finger got onto the dragon egg and the whole egg suddenly lit up! However, it was clear that a drop wasn’t enough so it continued to rub against Yuan Chu in hopes of getting more.

This time, not just Venerable Li but Yuan Chu’s eyes were also wide open, “This guy sucked my blood!”

Venerable Li had also seen it and it was at this moment that his expression turned grave.

Ye Chenyuan was the first to realise that something was wrong and he quickly carried the dragon egg away, lest it hurt Yuan Chu.

“Venerable Li, what’s going on, is something wrong?”

Venerable Li wasn’t too sure himself and questioned Yuan Chu bewilderedly, “Little Chu, answer me truthfully, did you feel anything unusual when cultivating?”

His nervous tone put Yuan Chu on edge and she carefully went through her memories before actually becoming aware of one strange point. However, this wasn’t something that she just noticed but had become aware of in her past life when she reached the Astral Realm.

She furrowed her brows and said, “It’s nothing much, but every time I advance, the spiritual energy I require is about twice the amount that others need. Uncle Sect Master said it’s because my foundation is weak, due to the awakening I received when I was young.”

However, she was clear that that wasn’t the case because by the time she had reached Astral Realm in her past life, her foundation was already very strong but she still required double the amount of spiritual energy to advance. As a result, her cultivation stopped at Astral Realm because she was unable to gather enough spiritual energy even if she cultivated daily.

Later, she had only managed to break through after a fortuitous encounter.

But she couldn’t tell them about these so she only mentioned the excessive spiritual energy she required, hoping that Venerable Li would be able to figure it out.

Unexpectedly, Venerable Li’s eyes became larger than copper bells when he heard this.

“Double the spiritual energy!”

“Venerable Li, what is it?” Ye Chenyuan was rather worried because Venerable Li’s expression wasn’t one of joy.

Some time passed before Venerable Li finally retrieved his lower jaw and said with a troubled expression, “I think I know what physique you have.”

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan asked in unison, “What physique?”

“It’s very likely that you have the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique.”

“What’s that?” Yuan Chu felt that she was quite experienced and knowledgeable, having seen various physiques like Pure Yang and Pure Yin. What the heck is Yin Yang Reincarnate?

Venerable Li said with a frown.

“You wouldn’t be able to understand if I elaborate too much so I’ll just get to the point. Your physique is one that is most suited for dual cultivation.”

“Du-dual cultivation?! Yuan Chu’s eyes were wide open.”

Ye Chenyuan’s ears reddened suspiciously.

It’s just a physique, how did dual cultivation get brought up?

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