TDCM Chapter 96: Master Is Critically Ill

Ye Chenyuan noticed this immediately and he advanced swiftly in Liu Ping’s direction. The spirit beast followed after him and the ground rumbled as the earth quaked.

“Let her go.”

Dressed in his usual white garments, Ye Chenyuan looked like an immortal untainted by dust and he quickly caught up to Liu Ping.

Liu Ping didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to be able to divert his attention over to them whilst he was being pursued by a spirit beast, and he panicked slightly.

“Don’t come over! Otherwise I’ll kill this woman!”

Hearing this, Wan Ling’er looked at Ye Chenyuan with red eyes. It seems like she had caused trouble for Ye Chenyuan once again……

At this moment, the huge spirit beast behind Ye Chenyuan opened its abyss-like large mouth and suddenly chomped down on Ye Chenyuan. In the next second, Ye Chenyuan suddenly disappeared.


From the time he first used teleport, he had become more skillful at it. He had already reached a speed that only cultivators at the Golden Core stage could achieve.

All of the large earthworm’s attacks had landed on thin air and when it raised its head and “saw” that Ye Chenyuan was standing behind Liu Ping, it rushed at the three of them. Liu Ping was still glancing around, not realising that Ye Chenyuan was now behind him.

When Liu Ping finally realised that Ye Chenyuan was behind him, it was already too late. Ye Chenyuan grabbed Wan Ling’er before sending a full-powered kick at Liu Ping, sending him flying, and right in front of him, was the giant worm’s wide opened mouth.

“No —— !”

Ye Chenyuan ignored Liu Ping’s miserable cry and hauled Wan Ling’er along as he turned to avoid the giant beast’s attack. It was at this moment that the mystic realm opened.

One after another, all the people that had previously played dead emerged and flew towards the exit once they saw that the mystic realm had opened.

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t hesitate to bring Wan Ling’er out but he had just flown off the ground when a soft whip coiled around his waist.

Ye Chenyuan looked down, only to see Liu Ping who had a malevolent expression on his face. Only the upper half of his body was hanging out of the giant worm’s mouth.

“Follow me……to your death!”

With a frown, Ye Chenyuan shoved Wan Ling’er and sent her out but before he could wrestle off the whip on his body, he suddenly felt a stab of pain on his sea of consciousness.

It’s the white dragon……the white dragon has met with a mishap?!

But the white dragon lived in master’s sea of consciousness. If something happened to it, it meant that master……

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan desperately wanted to rush out of the mystic realm but it was at this moment that his vision darkened and he abruptly fell from midair.

The white dragon and Ye Chenyuan had formed a life contract. When its life was in danger, Ye Chenyuan would also be affected.

The huge earthworm took this opportunity to strike towards Ye Chenyuan and at the same time, the mystic realm’s exit instantly shut.


Ye Chenyuan’s senses hadn’t been wrong, the dragon egg was currently in danger indeed.

“Ah —— ”

With a blood-curdling scream, Yuan Chu shot right up as her eyes flew open.

However, she soon fainted again, and another bloody wound appeared on her body out of nowhere.

Yuan Chu was now extremely weak. The only reason she was still alive was because the dragon egg had protected her heart at the critical moment. However, it had exhausted all the energy it had stored up during this period of time, so much so that a small crack had even appeared on its eggshell.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with her? Why are these wounds appearing out of thin air?!” Weisheng Ji had never seen such a strange situation before and he tugged on the doctor as he asked anxiously.

They were currently in a medical hall at the border town and that doctor was rather experienced and knowledgeable. After examining her, he said with a frown.

“She has fallen into a high-level illusion. High-level illusions are not comparable to ordinary illusions and if one were to get caught up in it, it’ll sense the truest fear in their hearts and slowly overwhelm them.”

He pointed to Yuan Chu who was lying on the bed and said, “And in a situation like hers, she’s most probably trapped by her own obsession. She’ll die over and over again in the illusion until her soul is unable to bear it anymore, then she’ll die for real. The injuries she suffers in the illusion are real. These wounds……seem to be from some sort of silver pellet from a hidden weapon. She’s most probably being killed by something like this in the illusion.”

Weisheng Ji was even more alarmed when he heard this, “Then what do we do now? How can I save her? She looks like she can’t hold on any longer!”

The old doctor carried his medical chest and shook his head as he walked out.

“With her current situation, she can only rely on herself to get out of the illusion. Otherwise, even a true immortal wouldn’t be able to save her.”

Saying this, he lifted the hanging screens and left.

Weisheng Ji didn’t expect the situation to be so complicated. Moreover, he hadn’t gotten a reply for the message he had sent to his master and guessed that he might’ve gone into seclusion again. Did he really have no other choice than to wait for Yuan Chu to get through this herself?

Could……she get through it?


After killing the huge earthworm with a single strike, Ye Chenyuan fell onto one knee as he propped himself up with his sword. He covered his forehead with his other hand, the pain in his sea of consciousness was unrelenting.

Venerable Li said anxiously, “What do we do? Now that the secret realm has closed, we will have to wait another two years before it’ll be opening again. You……”

“I cannot wait two years!”

Ye Chenyuan gritted his teeth as he staggered to his feet. The ground was bloodied and his white garments were blood-stained.

“White dragon is on its last breath, it must be because of master! I can’t wait, something has happened to her!” He surveyed his surroundings, “No matter what, I have to go and save her!”

Venerable Li was also very worried about Yuan Chu. He thought about it for a long time before he suddenly said.

“How about this, there’s a forbidden technique in the life contract called telepathic body change. It’ll allow you to attach your soul to your contract partner for a short period of time. Why don’t you check out the situation first……besides, once you use this forbidden technique, your strength will be greatly reduced and you’ll be in danger if you were to encounter an attack at this time.”

When Ye Chenyuan heard that there was a way for him to see Yuan Chu’s current situation, he agreed without a second thought, “I’ll look for a temporary shelter, tell me the incantation now!”

Venerable Li nodded and taught him the incantation.

Ye Chenyuan found a cave a short while later. Just as he was about to start the spell and enter a meditative state, Venerable Li said gravely.

“I’ll protect you while you’re in a meditative state, but you must remember that after possessing the white dragon, you can only watch and you must not act rashly. If your soul is harmed, you might not be able to return and if your soul dies, you will die too!”

Ye Chenyuan understood the importance of this matter and nodded solemnly. Then, with his blood as an offering, he dotted two fingers between his eyebrows and his soul force congealed.

“Telepathic body change, white dragon, help me!”

He then closed his eyes. At the same time, the white dragon in Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness trembled, then in the next second, Ye Chenyuan could “see” Yuan Chu’s situation through the white dragon.

At one glance, he realised that Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness was very tumultuous. Looking at her condition, she had probably fallen into some sort of illusion.

Moreover, Yuan Chu’s breath was extremely weak and if it weren’t for the white dragon’s desperate fight to protect her heart, she might already be……!


Ye Chenyuan’s hands that were positioned at his knees clenched into fists.

If this was an illusion, Ye Chenyuan felt that he had to enter Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness. How should he do that? He had to figure this out quickly!

Sugakookie’s Note:
I feel kinda dumb right now, because the most difficult part about translating this novel was all the names (of the powers, talismans, places etc) and I just realised that…this novel has a manhua, I can use the terms that the manhua translators have decided on, it’ll also be less confusing when cross-reading…
And to think that this idea only came when I was forced into a corner by the translation for 传神换体, telepathic body change. (It literally translates to ‘transmit spirit change body’, look, how am I even supposed to translate that 😭 it’ll end up being long and uncool.)
Anyway, for now, the terms I’ve already translated will remain as such. Meaning, I’ll leave ‘Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’ as such, instead of following the manga’s ‘Feng Chao Kingdom’. And that’s because I purposefully left it in english to reduce the pinyin characters that will be appearing.
Edit: Manhua translators later changed it to ‘Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’ too, ahaha ~ we’re on the same wavelength ~

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  1. oh I had no idea this novel has a manga/hua! will check it out but thank you for translating the novel chapters 🙂 it really is a cliffhanger T_T


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