TDCM Chapter 106: The Cursed Family

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Besides his younger sister, he had never shown his back to anyone else.

He had many wounds on his back, most of which were old injuries, but none of that was important. The main point was that Weisheng Ji had a frightening ghost infant on his back. It looked like a curled up infant, only that its features were hideous and its arms and legs were twisted, striking fear in anyone who saw it.

Not hearing anything from Yuan Chu for a long time, Weisheng Ji’s heart chilled and he smiled wryly……with such a scary body like his, shouldn’t he have long gotten used to it?

He still remembered the time when he was secretly taking a bath, where a girl had accidentally seen his back when peeping at him and had been frightened to tears. So why was he still hoping for something else?

However, he couldn’t deny that as he was removing his clothes, he had hoped to obtain her acceptance.

He wished that there’d be someone in this world who would know everything about him, and yet not treat him as a monster.

As expected……was he going to be disappointed?

His heart fell to the pits……but it was at this moment that he felt a cool touch on his back. A soft finger was dabbing ointment onto his back little by little. She didn’t seem to be the slightest bit afraid of the protruding ghost infant, her finger didn’t even shake as she touched it.

Weisheng Ji’s eyes widened slightly. As a thought suddenly came to him, he abruptly turned around and avoided her.

“You……aren’t you afraid?”

He looked back and saw Yuan Chu’s slightly puzzled expression.

She tilted her head cutely, her round eyes looking at him in confusion.

“Why should I be afraid?”

Weisheng Ji said anxiously, “The thing on my back, it’s a ghost infant. Anyone who touches it will be cursed by it!”

Yuan Chu’s expression became strange when she heard this.

“Who said that?”

Weisheng Ji lowered his head, “Everyone, everyone says that……”

Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from shaking her head, ignorance was terrible.

She moved behind Weisheng Ji and calmly continued to apply medicine on him.

“Stop dodging, the injuries on your back are really serious.”

On his back were not only injuries he had recently sustained, there were also marks from lashings and what not. Most frightening was the deep indentation on the ghost infant’s head. It seemed like someone had tried to gouge out the ghost infant from Weisheng Ji’s body back then, but was unsuccessful, leaving behind such a deep scar.

Yuan Chu felt rather sympathetic, and her hands didn’t even stop for a moment. Sensing her concentration and earnestness, Weisheng Ji calmed down and stopped avoiding her, and his tensed back also gradually relaxed……

Yuan Chu, she really wasn’t afraid?

Weisheng Ji’s heart trembled. For so many years……this was the first time that someone was willing to touch his back. The place that even his parents detested, was there really someone who had no ill feelings towards it?

At this thought, Weisheng Ji felt like smiling but before he knew it, his eyes had turned slightly red.

Yuan Chu’s gentle voice sounded from behind him as she asked, “Was this the cause of your unhappy childhood?”

Recalling the small grave mound in the cave, she continued, “What about your sister? What happened to her?”

Seeing that Yuan Chu was really not afraid and was even willing to find out more about his past, Weisheng Ji pursed his lips, before he finally smiled.

“Her? She was more pitiful than me……”

From the moment Weisheng Ji spoke those first words, his heavy past seemed to have become lighter with Yuan Chu’s gentle voice.

“……the ghost infant on my back, at least it’s covered when I’m wearing clothes but my sister……she had two heads, two hands and four legs.”

Yuan Chu froze.

Weisheng Ji closed his eyes as he recalled his unbearable past……

“My father was the strongest person in the Weisheng clan. He had awoken the frost flame bloodline, which was perfect to cultivate the Weisheng family’s secret heirloom technique —— Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell.”

Weisheng Ji sneered at this, “Later, in order to preserve this bloodline in his children, the clan didn’t allow him to marry anyone else and instead forced him to marry his own twin younger sister……but very soon, they got their retribution……”

Weisheng Ji had a sombre expression on his face, “They had first given birth to a boy, but he didn’t live past three years before dying in an accident. Then……they had me……I’ve heard that thunder descended from the heavens when I was born, and I was born as a sudden clap of thunder sounded. I looked normal from the front, but fused into my back was a ghost infant half my size. They said that the ghost infant’s eyes were even moving under its eyelids. The midwife that helped to deliver me immediately died from the fright.”

As she imagined this scene, Yuan Chu also felt that it would’ve been quite frightening. With all this, it was inevitable that Weisheng Ji would have to endure hardships from his birth.

“The clansmen had wanted to kill me immediately, but unexpectedly, they realised that I was born with the frost flame bloodline, so they let me live and ordered that no one else was to find out about my back. However, I don’t know if there’s really a curse, but ever since my birth, the Weisheng family has experienced disaster after disaster……”

“First, the spirit rice they had planted became a total crop failure, then the spirit animals they reared started dying in large numbers. At that time, someone had said that I was jinxed and the Weisheng family would only be at peace if I was burned to death. It’s just that, because of my bloodline, I was ultimately spared from being put to death. However, when I was eight, my sister was born……”

Weisheng Ji’s body tensed up again as he recalled something.

“I had watched my sister’s birth. She was born with two heads and four legs, even the demon race didn’t have such frightening creatures. With the addition of her being in poor health and not having any spirit roots, the clan’s resentment towards us that had been building up for a long time reached a breaking point after her birth.”

Weisheng Ji’s voice became strained as he tried to repress his emotions.

“It just so happened that on the day after she was born, there was a strange surge of beasts at the border town and many Weisheng clan members that had gone to repel the beast tide ended up dying. Angered and with nowhere to vent their anger, those clansmen ended up directing it at us.”

“……the first one to be put to death was my mother. Having given birth to two monsters, they considered her an inauspicious person and everyone wanted to burn her to death……but she was my father’s blood-related sister after all, and having been born from the same parents, my father couldn’t just watch her die so he had fought desperately to save her. Then, he was overwhelmed by the angry clansmen’s joint attack and they burned him alive together with my mother……”

“At that time, I had been terrified after seeing all these and in order to survive, I had taken the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell that my father had left behind, and fled into the forest with my sister in my arms. I don’t know if it was because the gods were protecting us, but not one spirit beast in the forest had attacked us. We then found a cave and hid in it……”

“Because we were already gone, and the clansmen’s anger had been quelled by killing my parents, they didn’t make any big moves or come to kill us. Like this, I lived in hiding with my sister for three years and I had been the one taking care of her for those three years. Because the both of us were monsters, I wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of her and she naturally wasn’t afraid of me either.”

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