TDCM Chapter 116: Having A Taste While Conscious

So he transformed into a green mist and entered Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness before sealing himself. After confirming that Venerable Li wouldn’t be able to see anything, Ye Chenyuan carried Yuan Chu into the thousand year spirit spring as he steadily transferred spiritual energy to her.

Because he had cut off the forbidden technique in time, Yuan Chu hadn’t expended too much life force. It’s just that, the half of the injuries on his body that she had healed, had appeared on her body. It was a horrible sight and Ye Chenyuan was filled with tender affections for her, not daring to touch her too much as he hugged her, lest he hurt her.

The spiritual spring gradually washed away all the blood on Yuan Chu. Her wounds were also healing at a pace that was visible to the eye. The bloodied girl became fair and clean once more. It’s just that, although her external injuries had healed, her internal injuries still needed a long time to heal……

Their clothes had been torn to tatters by the heavenly lightning, and it wasn’t until Yuan Chu’s burns had healed that Ye Chenyuan realised this. Also, the garment he was wearing was just loosely tied to his body, so……when he snapped out of his thoughts, he realised that their flesh had touched!

Ye Chenyuan’s heart was beating wildly. His newly regenerated body was abnormally sensitive and he could clearly feel how delicate Yuan Chu’s flesh was. At once, the blush on his face spread to the rest of his body and he didn’t dare to move as he embraced Yuan Chu.

At this moment, Yuan Chu had fallen into a dormant sleep. Ye Chenyuan was carrying her princess-style as he embraced her. Her long hair had spread out in the water, just like a water-born fairy, and from her head to her feet, there wasn’t one part of her that wasn’t beautiful.

Especially that fleshy pair of tiny feet, fair and delicate. Ten tiny toes were adorably curled up and they were so sparkling and translucent that he could see the blue-green veins throbbing under her skin.

One time, another time……

No! See no evil! Master, she……has yet to grow up!

Although Ye Chenyuan missed her to the point of insanity, he still knew that he couldn’t be such a beast, so he shut his eyes tightly. However, the devil in his heart was wantonly provoking him, like someone by his ear, bewitching him.

“Just look, don’t look away, look at her feet, what’s wrong?”

With these strange wicked thoughts in his mind, Ye Chenyuan waved his hand and drew over a large portion of the spirit flowers that were floating on the water’s surface and clustered them around Yuan Chu. A large portion of her body was immediately covered up by the flowers and leaves. At this moment, Yuan Chu’s eyes were shut and her white and tender feet that were surrounded by the leaves landed in Ye Chenyuan’s sight.

He reached out his hand and touched it very carefully, but Yuan Chu was very ticklish and even though she was sleeping, she could feel that her feet had been touched. A smile appeared on her face and Ye Chenyuan felt a sweetness in his heart when he saw it.

He swam towards Yuan Chu. Her long eyelashes were fluttering, and on her face that still had baby fat, her small lips were pouty, looking like she was having a sweet dream.

A trace of evil aura gradually appeared in Ye Chenyuan’s exquisite and upturned eyes. He reached out to poke Yuan Chu’s face, then poked her again a moment later. His movements were restrained, but from looking at how his whole body was tense, it wasn’t difficult to see that his patience was at its limit.

It’s been a year. Why has master not grown up yet? How long more did she need to grow up?

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips. His gaze landed on Yuan Chu’s lips, then he was no longer able to move his gaze away.

Set off by the green leaves under her, that apricot colour was even more eye-catching and looked even more delicate and charming than the spirit flowers that surrounded her.

As he struggled and hesitated again and again, the red on his body had yet to fade before a new layer was added to it.

In the end, he could no longer suppress the evil thoughts in his mind and very gently, he dropped a kiss on Yuan Chu’s lips……

At this moment, Yuan Chu was surrounded by flowers and leaves on the water’s surface while Ye Chenyuan was standing in the water that reached up to his waist.

The moment he lowered his head, his hair became entangled with Yuan Chu’s. Black hair and white skin, green leaves and pink flowers, these colours were very impactful and were branded onto Ye Chenyuan’s heart together with the kiss. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself for much longer.

Yuan Chu was unaware of all this and slept soundly.

As if she was having a sweet dream, unaware that she had just been picked[1] by someone.

By the time she woke up, it was already the next day.

Although her internal injuries were serious, she had regained her vitality. She then raised her head, only to realise that she was being held in Ye Chenyuan’s embrace.

But when she connected this with the fact that they were in the thousand year spirit spring, she thought that Ye Chenyuan might have been worried for her and had jumped straight into the spirit spring once they entered the space. Then, he had become too tired and had fallen asleep with her in his arms……

So, calm down! This was just an accident. Just let her pretend that she didn’t realise anything, and run away secretly……

Just as she wanted to move, she was shocked to realise that she didn’t have any clothes on!

Alright, her clothes must’ve been destroyed by the lightning strikes and it was normal for Ye Chenyuan to have disregarded them because of her injuries, but……why didn’t he also have any clothes on?!

Yuan Chu reached out to push her chin and close her wide opened mouth. Her whole body was tense.

Ye Chenyuan was actually wearing something, just that he was currently lying down on a giant cobblestone that protruded from the water as he hugged her, so the bottom half of his body was in the water. The white garment that Ye Chenyuan was wearing hung loosely on him after it got wet, and the knot looked like it would slide open if she made the slightest movement.

The translucent white garment had practically merged with the colour of his skin, and in contrast to his exquisite collarbones and handsome looks, his long black hair……how dreadful, Yuan Chu covered her eyes with her tiny hands. Did he have to be so tempting? She was a regular woman!

It was at this moment that she just so happened to recall the dream she had before……

In her dream, she had grown up and did something-that-couldn’t-be-described with Ye Chenyuan. The scene in front of her was very similar to the one in her dream!

Ah……she mustn’t think about it anymore! If she did, she was going to commit a crime!

Yuan Chu’s heart was pounding. With a dignified expression on her face, she moved and moved……wanting to climb out of Ye Chenyuan’s embrace.

She couldn’t help swallowing her saliva when her hands touched his astonishingly springy muscles. She really wasn’t a beast, but this disciple of hers, he’s just fifteen and a half years of age right? His figure was way too good!

Sure enough, the ancient people were precocious! Their thinking matured early, and their bodies also matured early!

Yuan Chu shut her eyes tightly and shifted her line of sight. Out of sight, out of mind!

But who would’ve thought that her leg would slip and she’d end up falling onto Ye Chenyuan. Her lips just so happened to stamp onto Ye Chenyuan’s lips and it was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan’s long lashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes.

Holy sh*t!

Yuan Chu would’ve never imagined that something like this would happen. The moment their eyes met, she stopped breathing as she looked into Ye Chenyuan’s bottomless eyes.

In the next second, she appeared on the bank in a flash, and in the second after that, she retrieved a set of garments and exited.

The whole process took no more than three seconds. This was practically lightning speed!

Ye Chenyuan had originally wanted to create an accident, to have master taste him while she was conscious. He had prepared a variety of reactions he could respond with, but in the end, he felt a strange sense of delight from Yuan Chu’s reaction.

He touched his lips, then he suddenly smiled……

This smile was breathtaking and brought spring to the entire pool. When that banished immortal like face was contaminated by fine traces of evil, his smile was as misleading as opium poppy, leaving people trembling.

Master’s reaction was very interesting……

1. Like the picking of fruits, not the ‘chosen’ picked. And as for what was picked, you can infer that from the story.

Ya’ll this chapter was so painful to translate, I cannot understand obsessions with feet 😂
Remember in a previous chapter (Chp 86), where the text said that Ye Chenyuan was looking down but I said that the vibe I was getting from the raws was that Ye Chenyuan was looking at Yuan Chu’s feet?
Because there was no such mention afterwards, I was starting to doubt myself but every time I went to change it, I would re-read the raws and that get feeling again – that he was looking at her feet!
And I was starting to think if I’m the problem.
Was I getting the wrong vibes?

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  1. turns out he really has a thing for feet HAHAHA but also, the author described the scenery in this chapter so beautifully! thank you for the translation~


  2. Lmao foot fetish~~

    But pretty feet are PRETTY OK? PLEASE DON’T JUDGE 😂😂😂😂

    kiddo, no, consent is a thing and she is still in a child’s body. I’m watching you.

    Thanks for the translation!!!

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