TDCM Chapter 136: You’re Not Valuable Anymore

“That’s impossible! It’s difficult for the divine beast clan to reproduce, and we were extremely rare even during the ancient times! I’ve only been locked up for ten thousand years, how could I have become worthless?” It said indignantly, “It must be you, this ant, that’s lying to me!”

Yuan Chu sneered and said scornfully, “I’m saying that you’re stupid! Ever since three thousand years ago, when a genius discovered DNA and invented cloning technology, divine beasts have become of little value! Now, we only need a drop of divine beast blood plus ten thousand high grade spirit stones, and the Science Academy will be able to clone a divine beast that’s exactly the same as the original, just like the duplication spell! Take a sniff if you don’t believe me, aren’t you a divine beast? Can’t you smell the scent of a White Dragon on me? Besides, I’m only a Nascent Soul and have already bought a White Dragon to be my sidekick, how rare do you think you are right now?”

“You……you……” The White Tiger trembled with anger, but its soul force became increasingly weaker. No way, it wasn’t a rare and noble clan anymore?!

This person must be lying, but it didn’t understand the terms she had used and it seemed to be the truth, appearing very complex and profound. Could the world have changed while it had been dormant for the past ten thousand years?


Yuan Chu used her soul force to pursue this retreating enemy as she said with a ‘hmph’, “I’ve decided! If you refuse to form the contract, I’ll go and tell the scientists that clone divine beasts that there’s an ancient divine beast here. They’ll definitely be very interested.”

“Besides, you won’t be able to escape with this cage here. When the time comes, in order to research more breeds of spirit beasts, they’ll conduct various experiments on your antique body that’s been alive for who knows how long, then they’ll force you to breed with other spirit beasts, and when you’re of no use to them, they’ll slice you into pieces and make specimens out of you!”

The more Yuan Chu spoke, the more it seemed to be the truth and her voice also became louder.

“If I cannot obtain you, I won’t let you have it easy either! You can take your pride and just go and die! If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just save up to buy a cloned White Tiger!”

Saying this, she suddenly withdrew her soul force and although the White Tiger looked amazing, it had lain dormant for many years and it didn’t have the strength to carry on once Yuan Chu withdrew.

With the addition of the specialised terms Yuan Chu had used that it’d never heard of, it couldn’t refrain from panicking slightly. Did people treat divine beasts so cruelly now? What happened to venerating them?

In the past, mortals who wanted to even take a look at it would have to give numerous treasures in exchange, but the attitude of the girl in front of it showed that she didn’t think much of it.

It was at this moment that the space shook again, a result of Ye Chenyuan’s fight with the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish.

Yuan Chu was worried but she didn’t show it and instead sneered.

“It seems like I’ve made too much noise and attracted the scientists here? The people outside will be coming in soon, and I’m sure that an antique like you will still be worth some money. Since you do not wish to follow me, I’ll just sell you to them.”

Saying this, Yuan Chu smiled, revealing a neat row of white teeth. That chilling smile actually made the White Tiger feel like all the fur on its soul body had stood up on end!

Those eyes that looked like they were eagerly waiting for a good price, the fact that it couldn’t find any flaws in what she had said, and the sounds coming from outside that were getting louder, all made the White Tiger grit its teeth.

“Alright! Enough, I’ll let you form a contract with me alright? But I’ll say this first, with this fate-bound contract, don’t even think about calling me out to fight. And your blood, I want one bowl every day. My vital energy has been greatly injured and to recuperate, I want the best quality treasures of heaven and earth everyday, also……”

Yuan Chu had listened to all this with that same smile on her face, “Save it!”

She interrupted the White Tiger with a wicked smile, “You can choose to be sold as a test subject to the scientists, or you can form a master and servant contract with me. Fate-bound contract? Equal contract? Sorry, I’m not willing anymore! With your bad temperament, why should I contract you and anger myself? It’ll be better to sell you for money!”

“What? You’re actually raising the conditions?!!” The White Tiger was shocked. It had already given in and agreed to form a fate-bound contract with this ant, agreed to sharing their life, but this ant actually dared to go back on her word!

“That’s right, I’m raising the conditions! Since I’m the one that found you first, you’re my merchandise!”

Yuan Chu crossed her arms and said calmly, “Don’t worry, I’ve seen many hybrid breeds, like the White Tiger and Celestial Wolf, or the Vermilion Bird and Lustrous Chicken, but I’ve never seen a White Tiger and Spirit Boar! After selling you, I’ll bring up a small request saying that I want a Tiger Boar beast, I’m sure that they’ll agree!”

White Tiger……a-and a Spirit Boar? A Tiger Boar beast?!

The White Tiger’s weak soul was so angered that it almost died there and then. Fortunately, it managed to stay strong and the phantom of a White Tiger appeared in the waters as it bared its fangs and brandished its claws at Yuan Chu.

“If not a fate-bound contract, t-then let’s form an equal contract! You’ve already said that I’m worth something, shouldn’t you show me the appropriate respect?”

Yuan Chu pursed her lips, “That option had been available, but it’s a pity that you’re too detestable so it’s now off the table! You’re left with a master and servant contract, just tell me if you’re sealing it or not. I’ll count to three, and if you don’t agree, I’ll sell you! One!”

She had a calm expression on her face as her fingers tapped on her arm impatiently.

The White Tiger pondered, it’ll rather die than form a master and servant contract! Otherwise, how was it supposed to live it down in the future! But when it thought of a White Tiger and Spirit Boar breed……it suddenly shivered.

“Two.” Yuan Chu frowned, her impatience was even more evident now. That’s because she had never wanted this White Tiger and was only forming the contract because Ye Chenyuan had pushed it to her and she felt like she shouldn’t waste this chance.

At this moment, this sentiment of hers was revealed in its entirety, making the White Tiger feel like it was dispensable.

“Can’t……can’t we negotiate this?” the White Tiger’s ferocious phantom was now gone, and it asked rather pitifully.

Yuan Chu made her decision promptly.


“Alright alright, I’ll seal it!” It wanted to leave this d*mn place, it didn’t want to be dragged away and bred! It’ll just seal it! It only hoped that this person would treat it well. But why did it get the feeling that its future was bleak when it saw Yuan Chu’s eyes light up suddenly?

The blue halo of a master and servant contract descended on the both of them. The White Tiger sealed it unwillingly, feeling extremely regretful. If it’d known that things would turn out like this, it would’ve agreed earlier, it had been a fate-bound contract at first!

But it didn’t think that the world would’ve changed so much, this was simply digging a pit for tigers!

After the contract was formed, the White Tiger’s soul force was exhausted and it turned into a white light that flew out of the square cage and into the space in Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness.

Yuan Chu laughed, but there wasn’t time for her to feel pleased with herself. Ye Chenyuan was still waiting for her outside.

She quickly swam out, but once she reached the tunnel, she noticed that there was a strong smell of blood. Yuan Chu was shocked. Was it Ye Chenyuan?

She became tense, then she quickly used her Thousand-Leaves Mask to change her appearance, and as the battle sounds continued, she carefully climbed out of the iron bars……

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