TDCM Chapter 141: Take On the Ye Family Name

“Also, I’ve kissed you that many times. Master, do you……” hate me kissing you?

Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, Yuan Chu suddenly wrapped her hands around her head and returned to her prior withdrawn state, “Argh!! I won’t hear it, I won’t hear it, I won’t hear it!!!”

Just let her die! She had trampled on her little disciple’s beautiful love at first sight, then was kissed numerous times, and she was even caught! Argh! She was going insane!!

When he saw that Yuan Chu was so embarrassed about it that she was banging her head on the ground, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t bear to press her anymore.

He’d wait a little longer……she was still so small, he’d been too impatient.

So Ye Chenyuan quickly reassured her in a soft voice and stopped her from continuing her self-harming actions.

“Alright. Master, stop banging your head, I won’t question you anymore.”

He held Yuan Chu’s forehead in his palm. Yuan Chu performed a 180° turn and used her bottom to face him.

Ye Chenyuan found it funny but also exasperating. He turned her around and made her sit up.

Yuan Chu had a conflicted expression on her face as she tugged at his clothes and with her head lowered, she said.

“Little disciple……I really didn’t do it on purpose! I only felt that……that if I suddenly turned back and you realised that you’d fallen for the wrong person, things would get awkward!

Ye Chenyuan smiled.

He hadn’t fallen for the wrong person.

Looking at Yuan Chu’s worried expression, he finally sighed.

Mu Qingge whom she had previously transformed into, her figure was too well-developed, which was why he had lost control so many times. But now, as he looked at her small appearance, he only felt tenderness towards her……and he hoped that his prior actions hadn’t frightened her.

He put his hand on her face and reassured her in the gentlest tone.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Master, have you succeeded in contracting the White Tiger?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head obediently.

Ye Chenyuan asked, “Don’t you have anything to tell me?” like the process of how it was done? So that she wouldn’t be as nervous as she was right now.

Yuan Chu thought it through before she lowered her voice and said, “Little disciple, I won’t ruin your fun in the future. I swear, I’ll definitely find a pretty young wife with a sexy figure for you in the future!”

Ye Chenyuan was unhappy when he heard this, but his smile returned when he looked at Yuan Chu.

His pretty young wife has the potential to be sexy. From now on, he’ll feed her the proper nourishment.

Of course, it’s alright even if she weren’t sexy. Because this little thing of his, no matter what she did, was able to make him heat up.


When Ye Chenyuan didn’t speak, Yuan Chu felt too embarrassed to face him so she said, “Little Yuan Yuan, don’t be angry. I swear to return to Myriad Sword Sect to go into seclusion tomorrow. It’s for real this time around!”

Although she really wanted to roam around outside, she herself also felt that she’d gone overboard this time around.

She had almost done that with her own disciple just now. Her mind had gone blank, and she didn’t know what she was doing.

She felt like there was a need for her to go into seclusion and meditate.

But Ye Chenyuan said.

“There’s no need for that.”


Ye Chenyuan looked at her and sighed, “Stay here with the appearance you had taken on before.”

“But……” Wouldn’t she be jabbing at one of Little Yuan Yuan’s painful memories like this? It hadn’t been easy for him to fall for a woman, but it ended up being his master. It was horrifying just thinking about it.

But Ye Chenyuan misunderstood her worries and he shook his head as he said, “Master, please do not worry. Now that I know it’s you……I won’t act that way again.”

Yuan Chu wasn’t quite sure why, but she kept feeling like Ye Chenyuan’s tone held some regret. She must’ve heard it wrongly.

Also, Little Yuan Yuan had actually agreed to let her stay? Didn’t he dislike her remaining in the Empire?

But this was also good, she didn’t like going into seclusion at all. Anyway, since……Little Yuan Yuan already knew who she was, he wouldn’t do those things that made her shy anymore.

“Since you’ve already said this……t-then alright!” She was happy to be able to remain here.

“But……” Ye Chenyuan suddenly changed the topic and said earnestly, “But you have to change your name, you cannot use the Mu family name.”

“Why?” Yuan Chu thought that that would be very troublesome.

Ye Chenyuan said seriously, “Master doesn’t know this, but the Mu family is the Empire’s number one aristocratic family. Their family name isn’t something that’s that nice to have. If you continue to use this family name, many people will have their eyes on you. Besides, this Mu Qinghan isn’t someone that’s easy to deal with and he definitely isn’t as simple as you thought, so you have to lessen any contact with him.”

Yuan Chu couldn’t help but to nod when she saw that he was taking things so seriously. It turns out that the Mu family weren’t ordinary aristocrats, but were elite aristocrats?

Ye Chenyuan smiled when he saw that Yuan Chu was being so obedient, “We have just barged into the academy’s underwater ice prison and taken the Silent Lotus Throne, so we have to keep a low profile right now. Master, I’ll have to trouble you with this.”

Yuan Chu wasn’t an unreasonable person, so she nodded her head when she heard this, “Alright! I’ll go and change my family name, but what should I change it to?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled faintly, “You should change it to ‘Ye’ of course.”

Yuan Chu immediately froze. Taking on her disciple’s family name……wouldn’t she lose the domineering air of a master?

Besides, ‘Ye’ was the imperial family’s family name, wasn’t that even more high profile?

Ye Chenyuan understood what she meant, and he said with a smile, “Although ‘Ye’ is the imperial family’s family name, back then, the Empire had awarded many of its officials by bestowing them with the ‘Ye’ family name, to the extent that ‘Ye’ has become a rather common family name in the Empire, so its not high profile at all.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head dazedly, “Alright, I’ll take on the family name of ‘Ye’.”

Ye Chenyuan smiled, then he proceeded to discuss proper matters with her.

“Master, I don’t think that the people in the academy know about the White Tiger that’s locked up underwater, because the person that attacked us that day only asked me to hand over the Silent Lotus Throne and didn’t mention anything else.”

Yuan Chu said, “Is that so? But even if they didn’t know about it before, they should’ve found out about it now. Although I’ve already contracted the White Tiger, the cage and White Tiger blood is still there so they should be able to guess that something had been locked up in there.”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, “That might not be so, because water flows. Previously, there was a constant scent of blood in the water only because the White Tiger had been bleeding all along. Now that the White Tiger isn’t there, without its source, the scent of blood will naturally become weaker. As long as the academy doesn’t have a divine beast, they won’t be able to guess this so easily.”

Yuan Chu said, “What about that Jellyfish? After we moved the dragon throne away, it would’ve smelt the strong scent of blood.”

Ye Chenyuan reassured her, “Master, don’t worry. When I released the heavenly tribulation thunderbolts, I sensed that it had died then. Although it’s controlled by that person, the Jellyfish wasn’t very intelligent and I think that it wouldn’t have thought to convey its discovery to that person. They can only make their own guesses by looking at the empty cage.”

Yuan Chu finally relaxed when she heard this. They were here for that imposter and didn’t want to create too much of a commotion when they’d just arrived. If news of the appearance of a divine beast were to come out, it’d create even more of an uproar than just losing a top-grade immortal tool.

But talking about that White Tiger, Yuan Chu felt rather pleased.

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