TDCM Chapter 146: Adulterers Are Caught In Pairs

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu had fabricated a wild tale about her engagement to Mu Qinghan and Wen Liang.

They fell silent when they heard it, and this strange silence made Yuan Chu feel very embarrassed……so she stood up and said.

“That’s what happened, but since Brother Mu’s fiancee doesn’t like me taking on the Mu family name, it’s better that I change it. Of course, I won’t forget the help that Brother Mu has given me, I’d gotten many advantages because of this family name!”

Yuan Chu looked at Mu Qinghan sincerely.

Mu Qinghan felt very troubled as he was being looked at by Yuan Chu’s pretty eyes.

That Ye Chenyuan, he’s born from a poor and humble family, how could he be worthy of “Mu Qingge” who was from a hidden clan?

Even if he was very outstanding, was he better than himself?

Besides, it was just an engagement and there was still room to turn things around, or perhaps he wasn’t worthy of his little cousin at all?

He exchanged glances with Wen Liang. Having been good brothers for so many years, Wen Liang instantly understood Mu Qinghan’s intentions.

Yuan Chu said with a smile, “Umm, I still have something on today, I’ll treat the both of you another day. That fiance of mine has been called to the academy for a talk and I’m a little worried. I’ll go and take a look.”

Who knew that Mu Qinghan would also stand up, “I’ll accompany you.”

“That’s right!” Wen Liang also stood up. He wanted to see who that Ye Chenyuan was, and whether he was worthy of his little cousin. If he wasn’t, he would not simply watch as his little cousin entered into the fire pit.

So he said earnestly, “There are some things that the academy can overlook for our sake. We might be able to help you if we come along!”

They definitely weren’t going along to help a love rival.

Yuan Chu looked at them. She was moved. These two were so warm-hearted, they’re good people! She had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to enter the principal’s office because she had heard that students weren’t allowed to enter or leave as they pleased.

“In that case, I’ll have to thank you! I’ll definitely treat you to some wine next time!”

The three hit it off and they headed to the principal’s office. Along the way, they came across a group of students that were talking about something. Curious, Wen Liang went over to hear what it was about, only to learn that they were talking about how Gu Qingke had bravely stopped the vice-principal and saved the students. The one speaking was one of the four that had been brought in, and his words were filled with gratitude towards Gu Qingke.

“It seems like we don’t have to go to the principal’s office anymore.” A mischievous smile flashed in Wen Liang’s eyes as he spoke to Yuan Chu, “They’re saying that Gu Qingke had held back a good-looking male to have a word with after saving them. Umm, it wouldn’t happen to be your fiance right?”

Honestly, Yuan Chu felt awkward when she heard the word ‘fiance’, but since she had already told them that, she braced herself and continued, “That should be him.”

Because the name Gu Qingke sounded very familiar to her. It seems to be Ye Chenyuan’s……cousin?

Mu Qinghan and Wen Liang exchanged looks and understood what the other was trying to convey. Wen Liang quickly said, “I’ve heard that that Gu Qingke is an outstanding beauty and is well liked by many students. How about this, Little Ge’er, we’ll search for them together, they should be nearby.”

Yuan Chu didn’t give it too much thought, only thinking that these two were quite enthusiastic. But that was good too, it’ll be faster with three people searching than if she were to search alone.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Gu Qingke took another step towards Ye Chenyuan.

“Chenyuan gege, I’m really grateful towards you, thank you for saving me.”

But Ye Chenyuan felt that with so many people in the residence, Gu Qingke’s important person might not be him. Just as he was about to voice this, Venerable Li’s faint voice abruptly sounded in his sea of consciousness.

“Little Yuan Yuan, you might actually be her important person!”

“Why do you say so?” Ye Chenyuan asked, puzzled.

Venerable Li said, “I’d been watching your every move from before you even knew of my existence. Do you remember plucking flowers and plants to eat whenever you were hungry when you were young?”

At the mention of that past, Ye Chenyuan looked rather stiff.

“I remember.”

Venerable Li laughed mischievously, “That was also the first time you met Gu Qingke. Back then, she was weak and didn’t often come out to meet with people. That day, she had come out to view the flowers and although you didn’t know her, you were worried that she would tell on you for plucking the spirit flowers. So you stuffed a bunch of petals into her hands and instigated her to eat them. Do you still remember this?”

Ye Chenyuan immediately fell silent. His thoughts had been very simple back then. If this person also ate the flowers, she’d become an accomplice and wouldn’t be able to tell on him. The flowers he’d plucked that day were the spirit flowers that the elder had planted to make wine.

Bribing someone with petals, nobody could beat that.

“Could it be that those spirit flowers can control the Celestial Winter Bloodline?”

Venerable Li looked at him rather sympathetically, “Silly child, your hands were bleeding and that girl felt pity for you so she had eaten the petals that were stained with your blood.”

Your Divine Emperor Blood isn’t the average bloodline. Other bloodlines are very thin and need to be awakened before they’re of any use, but you were born with the primeval veins so the Divine Emperor Blood in your body is very concentrated. This should have something to do with your parents. As a result, although you’d yet to awaken your bloodline at that time, your blood could also save her life.”

Ye Chenyuan was surprised, so that’s what happened?

Venerable Li continued, “That imposter had bluffed his way into securing the marriage with the Gu family. Otherwise, would people like the Gu family be in such a hurry to form a marriage alliance with the imperial family? You might have to think of something, otherwise wouldn’t it be very pitiful for such a good young lady to be married to an imposter?”

The realisation dawned on Ye Chenyuan. He had almost forgotten this point. If Gu Qingke were to marry the imperial grandson, what was Gu Qingke supposed to do if he killed that person in the future?

It was at this moment that Yuan Chu noticed Ye Chenyuan. Just as she was about to call out his name, Wen Liang covered her mouth.

“Hold on! This looks like an illicit affair!”

Yuan Chu froze, then she looked over again.

It seemed to her that Ye Chenyuan and Gu Qingke were behaving in a very proper manner, with a distance of over a metre between them when they were just conversing. This Wen Liang was too gossipy!

On the other hand, Wen Liang was very pleased.

Great, they’d caught them. Sure enough, this Ye Chenyuan wasn’t a good person, actually having a secret tryst with Gu Qingke, and they even seemed to be very familiar with each other. This was……just great!

If Little Ge’er were to become jealous and break off the engagement, wouldn’t he have a chance?

Mu Qinghan pointed to the rockery at the side, signalling for them to eavesdrop from there.

“That……wouldn’t be very good right?” Yuan Chu asked softly.

Wen Liang was disappointed by her lack of improvement and he looked at her with slight resentment, “Your fiance is about to cheat on you but you’re still questioning if it’ll be good or not? That Gu Qingke is very good at seducing people!”

The corners of Yuan Chu’s mouth twitched. She was just about to tell them that she knew her, but before she could do so, Wen Liang had covered her mouth and brought her to hide behind the rockery.

Even Mu Qinghan acted generously and used a spirit tool that could conceal their presence, and because Venerable Li wasn’t paying attention to their side, they ended up openly eavesdropping on them.

Then they heard Ye Chenyuan say solemnly, “Cousin, you cannot marry the imperial grandson.”

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