TDCM Chapter 154: High Level Mystic Realm Token

“Lady, don’t be angry.”

The person beside her who was protecting her said, “Although there isn’t much of a gap between everyone within the academy, outside the academy, she’s just an ordinary person while the Su family and Mu family are top major clans. The Mu family will know who to choose.”

Meaning, even if Mu Qinghan liked someone else, he could only marry the daughter of an aristocratic family. But which other family’s daughter would be more suitable than their Su family?

Su Heyue also understood this, but she still felt very angry.

“I can’t stand how that girl keeps going around seducing men! Uncle Gui, you’ve also seen it, she seduces them one after another! If it weren’t for the academy’s prohibition on killing, I would’ve already……!”

“Lady!” The person named Uncle Gui beside her let out a soft laugh, “Did you forget that the academy’s annual mystic realm training is about to commence?”

“So what?”

Su Heyue said rather grudgingly, “Even in the mystic realm, I don’t dare to touch her. Those that are entering cannot bring along any bodyguards and everyone will have incrimination powder on them. The incrimination powder will fall on anyone who dares to kill someone and it can’t be washed off. Once found, the academy will definitely execute the murderer.”

Because anyone that could enter the number one academy were all geniuses, the academy wasn’t worried about what they’ll run into when they go out to temper themselves, and didn’t mind the cut-throat competition among the students, but they weren’t allowed to kill each other. Once they were discovered, one will have to pay with their life.

Therefore, no student would dare to make a move in the mystic realm. Even if Su Heyue were to spend a huge sum of money to hire others to make a move, knowing the academy’s rules, that person wouldn’t agree either.

After all, those that could enter the number one academy were either geniuses or aristocrats. Although money was important, they valued their life even more.

Uncle Gui laughed as he said, “Lady, I’m not asking you to murder someone. There are many methods to make someone disappear without shedding a drop of blood.”

“It’s compulsory for all students to participate in the academy’s annual mystic realm tempering event, just that the inner and outer academy students will be entering different mystic realms.”

He lowered his voice, “If Lady can secretly change that girl’s low level mystic realm token to a high level one……even if no one from the academy makes a move, she won’t be able to survive in the high level mystic realm.”

Su Heyue’s eyes lit up. Then she said with a frown, “It sounds simple enough, but it’ll be pretty difficult to carry out right?”

Uncle Gui said with a smile, “It’s not difficult, have you forgotten? The second elder is in charge of distributing the tokens, and isn’t her only personal disciple your best friend Lady Gu?”

Su Heyue didn’t expect this situation to be so simple and she said excitedly, “Alright! I’ll go look for Sister Gu right now!”


Ye Chenyuan had already withstood two blows from the second elder. His breathing was as steady as ever and there was a hint of a smile on the corner of his lips, but impatience could be seen at the bottom of his eyes.

Why were these people doing something so unnecessary? Taking such a long time, they were holding him up from preparing food for his master. Although there were restaurants in the Empire, master had already said that the food he prepared tasted the best.

The second elder didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to be so powerful. Although she had only used a portion of her actual strength, he was merely at late stage Foundation Building. With his strength, he was even stronger than her disciple!

However, it should end here now. As long as she wasn’t willing, Ye Chenyuan could dream about withstanding three blows with her.

She sneered, “You’re pretty good, but you won’t be having an easy time next. Watch me, Silent Shining Water!”

With a wave of her hand, numerous light emitting balls of water suddenly appeared around the area. They hovered before his eyes, appearing gentle and soft when they were actually filled with a murderous aura.

Venerable Li muttered, “This woman has no intention to let you win! If you were any ordinary late stage Foundation Building, you wouldn’t be able to break this move.”

Although the great elder and the onlookers all felt that it wasn’t appropriate, they didn’t say anything because the second elder was simply doing this because she wanted to keep Ye Chenyuan. She had the intention to nurture a talent, and they also hoped that such a genius like Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t waste four years in the outer academy.

The second elder’s red lips were slightly raised and her almond eyes swept over him as she said, “Admit defeat!”

Then, with a wave of her hand, the shining balls of water that hung in the air shot towards Ye Chenyuan. Although he could teleport, the shining water could actually make turns!

Just as the second elder clasped both hands behind her back with a confident smile on her face, Ye Chenyuan also smiled.

He stepped onto the rockery and used the rebounding force to teleport to where the second elder was. The second elder was flustered because she didn’t expect that he’d still have the strength to fight back.

However, she was a late stage Nascent Soul after all, so she still reacted very quickly. In a matter of seconds, she had already exchanged several blows with Ye Chenyuan. When the second elder gripped Ye Chenyuan’s shoulder, he actually broke her suppression with the basic ‘ghost steps’ before finally turning around and seizing her neck.

“You’ve lost, second elder.”

Following the young man’s breath, the second elder suddenly heard this by her ear. She tensed, feeling as if she’d been electrocuted by something.

It was also at this moment that all the shining water disappeared and everyone was wide-eyed. Ye Chenyuan actually managed to counter the second elder’s move?!

Although the second elder hadn’t used her full strength, this wasn’t something that a kid at late stage Foundation Building would be able to counter. Just her speed alone should be able to leave him far behind in the dust, how did Ye Chenyuan do this?

The second elder’s pretty face turned red. She didn’t know if it was because Ye Chenyuan was behind her and his body was very close to hers, or because what he just said had inadvertently disturbed her heartstrings.

Ashamed, she flew into a rage, “Aren’t you going to let go of me!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows then he let her go. Truthfully speaking, he disliked the heavy fragrance of flowers on her. The mild sweet fragrance on master was the most pleasant to smell, just like honeyed milk.

If the second elder knew what he was thinking right now, she’d be infuriated by him, but Ye Chenyuan started to feel a little worried when he recalled Yuan Chu.

He gave the second elder his greetings, speaking rather quickly, “My apologies for offending you. I’ll have to thank second elder for being lenient on me. However, I’ve already taken three moves from you. I didn’t mean to discriminate against your gender, can I go now?”

He had yet to make his master’s food!

Everyone was dumbfounded. At last, the great elder coughed, then he asked.

“Student Ye, do you really not intend to take a master? You’re really talented. With a great teacher, you’ll definitely be able to improve very quickly.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned slightly at his persistence.

He straightened up and said calmly, “I’m sorry, I already have a master.”

The great elder hastily replied, “That’s alright, one can have more than one master.”

“No.” Ye Chenyuan said earnestly, “I’ll only have one master in my lifetime. I will not acknowledge any other as my master, no one else.”

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