TDCM Chapter 170: I Cannot Let Anything Happen To You

When that time came, no matter how powerful Yuan Chu was, she wouldn’t be able to suppress him because the moment she cuts it off, the remnants of the corrosion tree will promptly swallow up even more of her body.

Even if Yuan Chu were to eat some kind of panacea that could regrow her hand, the bloodthirsty tree will still be there and it’ll be easy for him to get rid of her.

It’s unfortunate that such a perfect plan was actually foiled.

But that’s alright, the person that destroyed his sound attack should have also exhausted his soul force and is probably on the brink of death right now. His cultivation wasn’t as high and his and yet he dared to fight with him? After that person dies, he’d like to see who else can stop him the next time round.

Yuan Chu slowly opened her eyes.

She realised that she was in someone’s embrace, and that person was very cold.

Looking up, she saw that Mu Qinghan was actually still singing. However, because his soul force and spiritual energy had been drained, his voice was uneven and there wasn’t a tune anymore.

It was like he had an obsession that was sustaining him. Even if he was like an arrow at the end of its flight, even if didn’t even have the strength to open his eyes, he continued using his martial technique to sing the Song of Ice.

Yuan Chu froze, she was shocked when she saw Mu Qinghan’s frighteningly pale face.

“M-Mu Qinghan……!”

Hearing her voice, Mu Qinghan finally stopped.

Opening his bloodshot eyes to see Yuan Chu, he smiled lifelessly.

“You’re awake……”

His voice was hoarse and it even sounded a little jarring, but he was very happy. He had kept his word, he had said that he would protect her.

Yuan Chu had only just recalled this when Mu Qinghan fell backwards. Yuan Chu couldn’t catch him and ended up falling on top of him. Mu Qinghan’s eyes were closed as he gripped onto her hand tightly.

“……I’m sorry……Little Chu, I’ve made you……suffer……”

“No, you didn’t let me down!” Yuan Chu’s eyes were a little red. Mu Qinghan’s soul had been exhausted. This was an injury that even a grade six revitalisation pill cannot remedy.

White frost appeared on Mu Qinghan’s handsome face. This was a sign that his body was breaking down. His mouth opened, looking like he had something to say, but he didn’t voice anything because……he could sense that he was dying and a dead person didn’t have the right to bring up marriage.

“Don’t be sad……” He looked at Yuan Chu, his dull eyes filled with her figure. He actually smiled at seeing her crying so miserably, but there was a bitterness in his smile.

“It’s a pity……” that I won’t be able to wait for you to grow up.

His eyes closed before he could finish what he was saying. It was as if he would never open them again. Holding onto his cold hands, Yuan Chu’s gaze hardened.


“Mu Qinghan, you’ve risked your life to save me. I too, won’t let anything happen to you!”

Saying this, she formed gold needles out of thin air and used them to seal Mu Qinghan’s main acupoints. Placing him in her jade gourd, she wiped her tears and turned to leave.

The three people at the entrance were also very worried. Halfway through the night, they had already wanted to rush in to stop Mu Qinghan from his constant use of this martial technique that was very draining on his soul force.

Who knew that the entrance would be obstructed by the All Directional Shield and they were unable to enter and could only listen as Mu Qinghan sang throughout the night.

An entire night……even if he had a Nascent Soul’s soul force and spiritual energy, he wouldn’t be able to bear such a depletion. Even if Mu Qinghan had countless treasures on him, they wouldn’t be able to stand up to being used up like that right?

After the night had passed, would……he still be alive?

So they all crowded over the moment the singing stopped. Soon after, the All Directional Shield disappeared and Yuan Chu walked out alone……

Her usual smiling expression was gone, replaced by a murderous aura. Behind her, Mu Qinghan’s figure was nowhere in sight.

Could he possibly……have really exhausted his soul force and died?!

As if she knew what they were thinking, Yuan Chu said softly, “Mu Qinghan has lost consciousness. He had yet to heal from his injuries yet he’d over-exhausted his soul force last night, causing his internal injuries to flare up and his soul to collapse.”

Yuan Huo was impatient by nature and after hearing this, he immediately asked, “No way, can a collapsed soul still be treated?”

A collapsed soul was what Yuan Chu had previously experienced. All remedies were useless and Yuan Chu didn’t know how she’d gotten better the last time, but now that the one with a collapsed soul was Mu Qinghan, she had a way.

“Although a collapsed soul is very difficult to treat, I know of a way that might be able to save his life as long as all of you help me.”

Hong Qiao quickly replied, “We’ll help. If Mu Qinghan hadn’t lured away that demon wolf by himself, we would’ve long been dead. As long as we can save him, we’ll definitely spare no effort.”

Yuan Shui and Yuan Huo also said, “We’ll also do our best!”

Yuan Chu looked at them, feeling quite touched, “Alright, come closer, I have a plan……”


The person in black was unaware of the approaching danger. Because of Mu Qinghan’s desperate fight to the death, he had also used up a lot of soul force so he planned to recuperate for a few months before activating the bloodthirsty tree’s forbidden technique.

Besides, he was currently in urgent need of treasures that could nourish his mind.

After a giant brightly coloured butterfly collapsed, the person in black drank the spiritual dew it had collected. Although this spirit beast’s rank wasn’t very high, after drinking it, he thought that it was better than nothing so he continued searching for other things that could nourish his mind.

Just as he was planning to kill one last spirit beast before going back to rest, a giant net suddenly dropped from the sky.

“Who is it?!”

The person in black was alarmed. Even with his cultivation, he actually hadn’t noticed that he was being ambushed?

He tried to cut open that net but it was rapidly shrinking. With Mu Qinghan’s storage bag in her hand, a faint smile appeared on Yuan Chu’s face.

Mu Qinghan’s bag had no lack of treasures, the only thing he lacked was a chance and strength.

The person in black tore the spirit net, but before he could escape, a dozen or more grade six exploding spirit talisman flew towards him. Because he had only just struggled free from the spirit net, he couldn’t react in time and received more than ten blasts.

He took multiple steps back, but just as he wanted to fight back, dozens of Blazing Pearls flew towards him and he was unable to fend for himself.

He took another step back as he stared at the sky angrily, “Who is it? Stop hiding, do you dare to show yourself?!”

Yuan Chu sneered, then a dozen metre-long gold needles flew towards the person in black.

Whilst the person in black was defending himself against this, she rushed forward and landed a kick on his stomach.

Even with the protection of a defensive treasure, the person in black still flew backwards before landing a far distance away.

When he saw that it was Yuan Chu, he was just about to make a counterattack when his body landed within a boundary.

The three people who had been hiding in a spirit tool that could cut off their auras immediately activated the array. In each of their hands was a spider web-like thing, and when they gave it a tug, the person in black realised that this transparent spider web-like thing was wound all around him in multiple layers. They were very thin, but he was actually unable to free himself from it.

As for Yuan Chu, she was already standing in front of him.

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