TDCM Chapter 198: Able To Conceive

Perhaps because this was the first time, Yuan Chu felt like her meridians were blocked. She knew that this kind of blockage could easily be treated with spiritual energy, but because Ye Chenyuan had raised her delicately, she didn’t want to do such a simple thing by herself and wanted Ye Chenyuan to do it instead.

Ye Chenyuan quickly nodded his head and quickly changed the bedsheets. After using a cleaning art on herself, Yuan Chu went to another room to put on her menstruation belt. She felt very sad, why did her menstruation come so suddenly? In her last life, it had come when she was eighteen!

When Yuan Chu finally lay down on the bed, Ye Chenyuan who’d always coveted her bed became hesitant for the first time. That’s because Venerable Li had spoken up in his sea of consciousness, “From now on, Little Chu is a young woman. You have to be more courteous towards her.”

He automatically blocked out the latter half of his sentence. All he could think of was: Master is now a young woman?

He looked at Yuan Chu who was as cute and little as before, his gaze drifting about as he thought. Master only looked just this big but she could now conceive?

Will she give birth to a child that was even smaller than herself?

As he thought about some long term things, Ye Chenyuan’s handsome face turned bright red.

Yuan Chu patted the space beside her as she said weakly, “Little Yuan Yuan, quick come over and help me rub my stomach……”

At that moment, Ye Chenyuan’s heart was beating very quickly.

He walked over while holding his breath, and seeing that Yuan Chu was lying on the pink princess bed, her face appearing even paler when contrasted against her ink black hair, his heart ached to see her like this.

Today, Yuan Chu looked especially different to him, there seemed to be……something more.

He gently lay down beside Yuan Chu. In the past, he’d always lie on top of the blankets but today, he burrowed into the blanket. In that moment, he was enveloped in Yuan Chu’s sweet milky scent and he secretly took in a deep breath.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t moving, Yuan Chu moved closer towards him, “Help me rub. Hold a little spiritual energy in your palm and rub slowly, got it?”

“En.” Ye Chenyuan replied muffledly. He’d already hugged and kissed her before, but he still felt nervous right now.

A moment later, his hand landed on Yuan Chu’s belly. Separated by a thin cloth, he realised that Yuan Chu’s stomach was actually a little cold so he quickly spread his spiritual energy over it.

He was using just the right amount of strength and other than the slight hesitation in his movements, the rubbing made her feel very comfortable.

Yuan Chu was lying on the soft bed, and she even had someone to help her rub her stomach. She was feeling too happy!

She let out a deep sigh and moved closer to Ye Chenyuan to make things easier for him.

Ye Chenyuan’s entire body was stiff right now. Although it was just a simple belly rub, her stomach was very soft, just like top-quality cakes or smooth velvet, making it hard for him to tear himself away from it since the first touch.

Neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere gradually became ambiguous, making one heat up and feel even more thirsty.

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu’s appearance. With her eyes closed and a relaxed expression, she looked like a sleeping kitten while he was a starved beast that was constantly thinking of swallowing her in one mouth.

Ye Chenyuan bit his lower lip and suppressed the urge to possess her. He didn’t dare to stop his hand motions and continued at a uniform pace.

A moment later, Yuan Chu could feel that her entire body was warm and comfortable.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, she glanced at Ye Chenyuan dazedly, only to see that he had a serious expression on his face. It was just a belly rub but he looked combat ready, as if he was facing some important matter.

She couldn’t hold back her laugh and moved closer to him before she closed her eyes and said.

“Little Yuan Yuan, thank you……it’s great to have you.”

Ye Chenyuan froze, but before he could speak, Yuan Chu’s breathing gradually evened out. She had fallen asleep very very close to him……

He gazed at her intently. Their faces were very very close, but because Venerable Li was present, he didn’t dare to do anything besides rubbing her stomach.

However, his eyes were looking her up and down greedily, from her eyes and brows to her lips, he scanned her with his gaze.

His master had grown up……although she still looked very tiny, but in her stomach, where his hand was placed right now, she could now give birth to a life.

At the thought that a mini little Yuan Chu might come out of her stomach in the future, he felt shy and excited.

What would mini Chu look like?

After a night of recuperating, Yuan Chu’s HP was full again the next day.

But because Ye Chenyuan was acting more carefully than before, Yuan Chu said exasperatedly.

“Little disciple, I’m only having my menstruation, it’s not like I’m pregnant. You don’t have to be so nervous, there’s no food that I have to avoid.”

Ye Chenyuan gazed at her intently before saying, “It’s for the good of the future!”

Huh? Future?

Yuan Chu was baffled, but just as she was about to question him, someone came looking for her.

“Excuse me, are you Mu Qingge?”

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan turned their heads to see an unfamiliar female student.

“I am, is there anything?” Yuan Chu asked.

The other party said shyly, “Young Master Mu sent me here……he wants to see you, but because the Mu family doesn’t seem to want Young Master Mu to see you, he had no way to send a message and could only ask me to pass on this message.”

Saying this, she tensed when she sensed Ye Chenyuan’s hostility, so she quickly said.

“I’ve already passed on the message, I’ll be going now.”

“Ah……alright!” After watching her leave, Yuan Chu hung her head sadly.

They’d been dealing with the bloodthirsty witherbark for the past few days and had forgotten about the incident where Ye Chenyuan had beaten up Mu Qinghan. She’d previously said that she’ll go to see him, but it’ll seem insincere now. Moreover, it was clear that the Mu family disliked her, and that would be even more the case now.

She looked at Ye Chenyuan and stuck out her tongue, “Little Yuan Yuan, why don’t we skip class today? We’ll just go to take a look. After all, he’d saved me in the mystic realm……”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t have that much of a reaction after hearing Mu Qinghan’s name anymore. With him around, others won’t have a chance so he didn’t have to worry.

So he nodded his head, “I’ll accompany master.”


Yuan Chu smiled, then the two skipped classes and left the academy.

Based on their cultivation, the academy had the intention to let them enter the inner academy, but the principal had put it off till after they returned from the divine sword mystic realm so they were currently still outer academy students.

After passing on the message and seeing that Yuan Chu had changed directions, the girl quickly sent a message to the Su family.

“They’ve just left and should be arriving at the Mu family in about an hour.”

After receiving this message, Su Heyue smiled sinisterly……

Hmph, Mu Qingge, Mu Qingge. This time around, I’ll make sure that your image is ruined in front of both men. You’ll never be able to climb up again!

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