TDCM Chapter 200: Venomous Plot

But it was at this moment that Liu Zhan suddenly ran over, “Top-grade Divine Comfrey! It’s Divine Comfrey!”

He pounced on the ground with no regard for his image and carefully placed them in a brand-new jade box. With a look of disbelief, he said, “The Divine Comfrey has a high price but there isn’t a market for it, where did you get this? Can you sell it to me? I’m willing to fork out any amount!”

The medicinal herb that he was missing was the Divine Comfrey!

Gu Danhong and Su Heyue didn’t think that Yuan Chu would have such a precious item. After exchanging a look, Gu Danhong quickly ran over and said.

“Mister Liu, there’s no need to hurry. We’ll wait for them to finish dealing with things first.”

It was clear that Madam Mu also didn’t expect Yuan Chu to give out something this good. She knew what’s what and could tell that these two stalks of Divine Comfrey were thousands of years old. Also, because it had demanding growing conditions, it was often priceless and couldn’t be bought anywhere.

Could someone like this really be how Su Heyue had described her, someone who curries favour with people of power and influence, a commoner girl who wanted to climb up the social ladder?

Yuan Chu was fuming with anger to see that her gift had been smashed so she tugged on Ye Chenyuan, “Let’s go.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, but Mu Qinghan panicked and quickly grabbed onto Yuan Chu, “Wait! Hold on……Qingge, that wasn’t my mother’s intention. Since you’re already here, can we talk?”

He looked at Yuan Chu expectantly, his initial cold countenance now appeared very agitated.

Yuan Chu hadn’t wanted to stay, but when she recalled how Mu Qinghan had risked his life to save her, she gave it some thought before saying in a muffled voice, “Then I’ll talk to you alone.”

Mu Qinghan heaved a sigh and turned to say to his mother, “Mother, please go out, I have something to say to her.”

Seeing that her son was so anxious, Madam Mu couldn’t say anything even if she was feeling unhappy. She looked at Yuan Chu distrustfully as she said, “I’ll be outside. Call for me if there’s anything……”

“No need, all of you, out!”

Seeing that Mu Qinghan was angry, everyone could only head outside. Madam Mu looked at Liu Zhan very apologetically as she said, “Mister Liu, this way please. I’ll have to trouble you to come over to the next room to rest for a moment.”

Liu Zhan was still thinking about the Divine Comfrey so it goes without saying that he won’t leave the Mu residence, and that was even more so for Gu Danhong and Su Heyue.

Ye Chenyuan was still holding Yuan Chu’s hand. He won’t give Mu Qinghan the chance to meet with master alone.

When Mu Qinghan saw that Ye Chenyuan refused to leave, yet Yuan Chu didn’t reject him, he couldn’t say anything even if he felt unhappy about it.

He stared at Yuan Chu fixedly. He hadn’t seen her in a long time, was she still well? Mother had cut off all his contact with the outside and he’d actually missed her a lot.

“Little Chu……” Once Mu Qinghan called Yuan Chu’s name, Ye Chenyuan’s grip on Yuan Chu’s hand tightened.

Yuan Chu gave it some thought before saying uneasily, “Senior Mu, since……your mother doesn’t like me……let’s be normal friends in the future.”

It was clear that Madam Mu liked Su Heyue a lot. If she gets too close to Mu Qinghan, there’ll only be more trouble.

Mu Qinghan panicked. Standing in front of Yuan Chu, he said nervously, “Ignore her, someone must’ve told her something, she isn’t usually like that!”

Yuan Chu frowned, “I feel that her worry isn’t misplaced. You and Su Heyue are engaged, and if we’re too close, it’ll definitely cause misunderstandings……”

She stuck out her tongue before she continued, “Besides, I don’t dare to hang out with you anymore. You probably don’t know this yet, but it was Su Heyue who switched my token.”

“What?!” Mu Qinghan was in disbelief. No one had told him about this!

Yuan Chu lowered her voice as she said, “However, this matter has already been settled and she’s received the punishment she deserves, but let’s just be normal friends. We have come to the Empire for other matters and don’t wish to provoke too many of the local noble families. About my little disciple beating you up, I’m really sorry about that, he was just too worried about me……which was why he had taken it out on you. Please do not blame him.”

Hearing this, Mu Qinghan looked towards Ye Chenyuan who was also staring back at him with a warning look.

The words that Ye Chenyuan had said that day rang in Mu Qinghan’s ear. He then took another look at Yuan Chu who seemed to be oblivious, and he started to become suspicious.

“Yuan Chu……I should be the one apologising. I really didn’t think that Su Heyue would do that. I’ll definitely give you an explanation……we’ve already experienced a few life and death situations together, do you have to push me that far away?”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan stepped forward, “Young Master Mu, you have already brought master a lot of trouble. We’re just ordinary commoners, please do not bother us.”

Mu Qinghan pressed his lips together and the instant he met Ye Chenyuan’s gaze, an intangible killing intent seemed to spread out.

A moment later, Mu Qinghan asked, putting emphasis on every word, “What if I insist on doing so?”

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Then I can only let you come back lying down again, just like the last time.”


“Mister Liu.”

Madam Mu first arranged for Liu Zhan to rest in the next room before making arrangements for Gu Danhong and Su Heyue.

Seeing that Madam Mu was speaking with her own mother, Su Heyue had slipped out to knock on Liu Zhan’s door.

“You are……” Liu Zhan squinted his eyes as he asked with a smile, “What is the young miss here for?”

Although he’d addressed Su Heyue as ‘young miss’, his attitude was very irreverent. Alchemists, pharmacists or physicians like him had very high positions in the Pill Sect, so even if it was Su Heyue, he didn’t have to show her too much respect.

Su Heyue held in her anger as she said with a smile, “Mister Liu, my mother asked me to give you this.”

Saying this, she handed him something. Liu Zhan slightly raised a brow at how secretive she was acting and accepted it to take a look.

“A plundering method? What are you giving me this for?”

Liu Zhan asked with a smile. He was a rather lecherous person but he also knew to look at who the other party was. What was this young miss planning?

Su Heyue said with a smile, “Did you see that girl just now?”

Liu Zhan narrowed his eyes, “Of course, she was such a pretty girl, who wouldn’t have seen her?” It’s a pity that although she was pretty, she was someone that Young Master Mu had taken a fancy to and he didn’t dare to touch her.

Su Heyue sneered, “I’ll leave her to you later. You still don’t know this right? She has the Pure Yin Physique and her cultivation is at Golden Core!”

Pure Yin and what not, Su Heyue had made it all up, but when she saw Liu Zhan’s eyes light up, she knew that she’d made the right gamble.

She continued angrily, “That girl is trying to climb the social ladder by making use of her cultivation and physique to marry into the Mu family as a concubine, but how can I let that happen?”

Liu Zhan’s eyes flashed as he looked at her, “Are you sure? Who’s the guy behind her?” There seemed to be more to that young man, he had a very imposing manner and although he often smiled, it vaguely made people feel threatened.

Su Heyue replied without even blinking, “That’s her older brother, but you don’t have to worry. His cultivation is only at late stage Foundation Building.”

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Update (28/06/22): Ehhh long story short, I’ll be busy in July with something else so updates will become irregular, in the sense that there’s no upload schedule. The chapters should still equal out to a minimum of 3 chaps a week tho, because I’m still trying to make up for the chapters I missed during Jan-Mar. If my calculations are right, to catch up to the missed chapters, I should be at Chp 208 by end Jun or Chp 223 by end July. So I think we’re doing good, extra chapters can resume in Aug ~

Anyway, I’m translating 207 right now, while 201-206 is pending edit.
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