CHQY Novel (穿越之天雷一部)

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Title: 穿越之天雷一部
Author: 蜀客

Other Titles: (Research in progress haha) Chuan Yue Zhi Tian Lei Yi Bu / Transmigrate into a Tian Lei(?) / Love Better than Immortality’s Novel lol / Spring Flower Autumn Moon / Chun Hua Qiu Yue

What is Lei (雷)[1]?
Strictly speaking, Lei is a natural phenomenon.
But as the times progress, natural phenomenons gradually evolve into human society. The Lei we’re talking about today points specifically to a very special and extremely modernised phrase or plot, often with a high probability of appearing in dramas and novels.
What is the meaning of Tian Lei[1]?
Borrowing from Baidu’s explanation: It points to when seeing a particular text, a boom (bang/explosion) suddenly going off in your head, a sense of having been hit by lightning.
I sincerely present this writing to all friends who love transmigration and Tian Lei!

This book is already on the market and can be bought from various bookstores and online stores. The “Jinjiang (晋江)” in this writing will be changed to “Jinjiang (锦江)”, please keep an eye out for pirated versions 🙂 Thank you to all the friends who have been scoring and supporting this writing, thank you to all the friends for supporting Xiao Shu[2]!

This story is purely fictitious and isn’t exciting enough. Please be forgiving. I’ve long heard of Tian Lei Religion’s[3] great name. Even though Xiao Shu isn’t a disciple and only knows two classic lines, I’m sincerely extending my friendship. If the writing unintentionally offends anyone, I hope that you’ll be understanding. Here, I’d like to salute all friends of Tian Lei Religion! As for the title that isn’t up to standard, I’ll look forward to you all thinking of a higher level name in the future, then replacing it.
Actually, this writing isn’t Lei at all, cough.
Thank you to all the readers who have been supporting Xiao Shu up till now!
Due to the demand for spoofs, two Jinjiang editors Susu and Lilith were unwittingly borrowed to start the writing and I’d like to specially thank them here!
Thank you to the two friends for guesting: I am Susu, Zhong Hua Wu Yan[4]!
I wish you all an enjoyable read!
I’d like to re-emphasise that: This is a very very serious work that is full of educational, academic and artistic points (personal view, for reference only). This can also be regarded as idiotic writing, writing cursed at by idiots. Please put forward any opinions in a gentle manner to preserve Jinjiang MM’s[5] glorious image (you can turn on the sound while reading, there’ll occasionally be background music:)

Tags: Time travel, Soul switch, Jianghu grievances, Freak combination of factors
Search Keywords: Protagonist: ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: Thunder, Lei Lei, Transmigration, Xiao Bai, Chun Hua, Qiu Yue

[1] Lei (雷) or Tian Lei (天雷) – Thunder
[2] Author’s pen name is Shu Ke (蜀客), Xiao Shu is just a nickname for herself
[3] Author is just humorously referring to Tian Lei as a religion, and fans of Tian Lei works as followers / disciples
[4] Susu also has her own account and “Zhong Hua Wu Yan(钟花无艳)” is her pen name.
[5] MM is an acronym for Mei Mei (妹妹) which means younger sister – Author is jokingly referring to the site (Jinjiang) as her little sister

Chapter 1 – Jinjiang Time Travel Corporation
Chapter 2 – Special Operations Team
Chapter 3 – Corporation Property Details
Chapter 4 – Forced into Bed by a Handsome Man
Chapter 5 – New Job Probation
Chapter 6 – Change of Job Post
Chapter 7 – Live Exhibitionist Show
Chapter 8 – Chun Hua meets Qiu Yue
Chapter 9 – Brother and Sister’s Team Performance
Chapter 10 – A Gathering of Talented Individuals
Chapter 11 – Inadvertently Shocking Four People
Chapter 12 – Laoniang Has Come Prepared
Chapter 13 – Special Guest
Chapter 14 – Abnormal Pair of Brother and Sister
Chapter 15 – Xiao Bai’s Motto
Chapter 16 – Good Gege Bad Gege
Chapter 17 – Everyone’s A Tax Specialist
Chapter 18 – Spies Are Everywhere
Chapter 19 – In Life, There’ll Always Be Accidents
Chapter 20 – Similar To A Real Confession