If you want to use my song translations, please read this~

(Please read the whole thing) I feel happy & honoured (& everything in between) that you like my translations enough to want to use it. So, to answer the question, you can. But please credit, with a link where possible. It is basic courtesy to say a word of thanks when you take something from … Continue reading If you want to use my song translations, please read this~

TDCM Chapter 252: Unexpected Situation

The corner of Ye Chenyuan’s lips twitched. He could only blame this on his excessive nervousness. How nice would it be if he’d just sent her into the Sky Pearl? Then all this wouldn’t be happening. Yuan Chu was also very unhappy. She was currently stuck very close to Ye Chenyuan and the medicinal liquid’s … Continue reading TDCM Chapter 252: Unexpected Situation

TDCM Chapter 251: Bullied Underwater

But on second thoughts, they had grown up together and she’d already seen everything so after organising her thoughts, she said calmly, “Stand properly, I……I’ll help you remove your clothes.” Ye Chenyuan was already topless because he’d been checking his injuries before. He had intended to take it off himself but since Yuan Chu was … Continue reading TDCM Chapter 251: Bullied Underwater

TDCM Chapter 243: An Ill-Fated Relationship

Moqi Tingyu had only done this after careful consideration. Although she believed that her brother would take good care of her daughter, no external force, no matter how powerful, could beat her daughter having the ability to defend herself. That’s why she’d taken the risk and used a forbidden technique to enlighten her. She believed … Continue reading TDCM Chapter 243: An Ill-Fated Relationship