Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 9

~ Chun Hua finds out that she is Hua Xiao Lei & that Qiu Yue isn’t her brother ~


1 Gift
QY: “Here, Ge Ge will help you to put it on.”

Qiu Yue shows Chun Hua a pair of ice silkworm pearls, gifting one to her. He explains that the pearls could call out to each other and that if one of them died, the other wouldn’t be able to survive. He then helped her to put it on, telling her to speak an incantation whenever she needed help or wanted to see him. He chose “春华秋月何时了” (When will the Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon end) and remembering what had happened at the poem meet, Chun Hua asked if they could choose something else but Qiu Yue refused, saying that the Ice Silkworm babies had already heard it. He then instructed her to let it bask in the moonlight every night and Chun Hua giggled, saying that she had never heard of such a thing. Qiu Yue told her that as long as there was Xiao Bai who basked in the sunlight, there would be him who basked in the moonlight. Chun Hua soon realised the time and told Qiu Yue that she had to leave. He was reluctant to let her go and only agreed after making her promise to get the Xin Fa in ten days.

2 Revelation

It was already midnight by the time Chun Hua returned to the inn and despite the hour, Xiao Bai was pacing the inn’s entrance as he waited for her to return. Chun Hua then made up a story about going to buy mooncakes, getting lost and hungry, eating said mooncakes, then going to buy more. Xiao Bai didn’t question her further, only telling her that he had something to discuss with her. Sitting across from each other at a table, Xiao Bai handed her a scroll which she assumed was a present from him. Upon unrolling the scroll, she thanked him excitedly as she asked when he had gotten someone to do this painting of her. He then explained that he had visited the Hua family and Lord Hua had recognised the painting to be of his daughter, Hua Xiao Lei. Chun Hua’s excitement died down when she heard this, not initially making the connection. When she finally did, confusion set in as she pondered how she could be Qiu Yue’s sister and Xiao Bai’s fiancee at the same time. Seeing her confusion, Xiao Bai suggested that they went to visit the Hua family together the next day. Still confused by the turn of events, Chun Hua asked if he had long suspected her identity as Hua Xiao Lei. Xiao Bai started blushing furiously, only replying her with one word “scar”, before excusing himself to let her rest for the night.

Back at the Hua Manor, Lord Hua told his son, Hua Que about Xiao Bai finding Hua Xiao Lei. He instructed his son to make sure that she didn’t come to see them.

Meanwhile, at Qian Yue Cave, Ye Xing Zhu reported back to Qiu Yue about the Hua family’s activities. She also warned him about his recent closeness with Chun Hua by bringing up Fu Lou and his wife, to which he scoffed at as he fiddled with his ice silkworm pearl.

3 Hua Que
Hua Que: “You have to agree even if you don’t.”

Back in her room, Chun Hua was in front of her dressing mirror as she contemplated her new reality, when a knock sounded on her door. Even though the person had a different voice, he claimed to be her brother and even called her Xiao Lei. Confused as to how Qiu Yue knew that she was Hua Xiao Lei when she herself had just found out about it, Chun Hua opened the door only to see someone she had never met before. The strange young man who claimed to be her brother told her to leave and to never return to the Hua family, commenting that her thing with Qiu Yue had caused the Hua family to lose face. When she enquired about what he meant, he told her that she had had a love affair with Qiu Yue. The forever trusting Chun Hua believed him immediately and asked a pressing question she had. Does Xiao Bai know about all of this? He retorted that if Xiao Bai knew, their whole family would be in trouble, adding that if she didn’t agree to stay away from the Hua family, she must not blame him for not taking their sibling-hood into consideration. Hua Que then left her room in a huff and we are alerted to the fact that Ye Xing Zhu had been outside the room the whole time. Hua Que soon returns with a stack of hay that he places in front of Chun Hua’s door. With a fire starter in hand, he muttered to Chun Hua that the Hua family would only be safe if she was gone, before making a move to blow at the starter. Ye Xing Zhu acted quickly, throwing her hidden weapon and hitting Hua Que in the neck, killing him.

When Ye Xing Zhu returned to Qian Yue Cave and reported back to Qiu Yue, he was initially furious at her for killing Hua Que without his orders and only calmed down when a thought came to his mind – he will return a brother to Chun Hua. Qiu Yue then went to the Hua Manor with Hua Que’s jade pendant, telling Lord Hua that Hua Que had asked him, his son’s friend, for help to resolve the current issue with Xiao Bai. Qiu Yue then managed to convince Lord Hua that he had a plan with Hua Que which entailed him taking over Hua Que’s identity, to which Lord Hua accepted after some hesitation.

4 Hiding
( That posture – I can’t 😂 )

The next morning, when Xiao Bai came to fetch Chun Hua, she quickly hid under the bed after a few initial moments of panic. Xiao Bai was dumbfounded when he couldn’t find her but Liu Feng guided him to fake leaving the room, luring Chun Hua to slide right out from under the bed.

5 Brother
( Fussing over Chun Hua )

They soon arrive at the Hua Manor and Chun Hua stood in front of the door as it opened, only to see Qiu Yue walking towards her. Her lips start to tremble in fear as dread washed over her about the impending fight. However, Qiu Yue hugged her and started to fuss over her as she stood shell-shocked over the fact that Xiao Bai had seen neither Qiu Yue or Hua Que before. Qiu Yue then invited Xiao Bai into the manor for a feast that Lord Hua had prepared as an apology. Chun Hua instinctively sat herself beside Xiao Bai but Qiu Yue put her in her awkward position to force her to sit beside him, before proceeding to load her bowl till it was sky-high with dishes.

6 QY2
QY: “Hua Xiao Lei likes me…but you don’t.”

After that, Xiao Bai headed back for the inn alone, much to Chun Hua’s despair. Alone with Qiu Yue at the Hua Manor, Chun Hua confronted him about what he had done with Hua Que and about how he had been lying to her all along. Qiu Yue replies saying that he just wanted to have a taste of what it felt like to have a family, reminding her that she had promised to stay with him forever. After more questioning from Chun Hua, Qiu Yue reveals that he knew about not just the birthmark but every part of her, implying that he had had a close relationship with Hua Xiao Lei. Flustered and distressed, Chun Hua put some distance between them before telling him that she wasn’t Hua Xiao Lei. Once someone had amnesia, you had to treat them like a different person, everything that had happened before should be forgotten. Qiu Yue forlornly agreed with her, saying that they were different, because Hua Xiao Lei liked him but she didn’t. Chun Hua quickly jumped at the chance to conclude that Chun Hua and Qiu Yue didn’t have anymore relations but he cut her off, saying that she was still his little sister. After some back and forth where Qiu Yue pointed out Hua Xiao Lei’s affair with him, Chun Hua finally made a compromise with him, saying that he would continue to be her older brother and in return, maybe not tell Xiao Bai about their past.


The Ice Silkworm babies! – I feel like they might become important in the future. Like maybe Qiu Yue will be in danger and Chun Hua is frantically searching for him when her ice baby dies, sending her into further panic.

Qiu Yue photo spam! – These were literally seconds apart – The duality


The part where Ye Xing Zhu was eavesdropping outside Chun Hua’s room is kind of ridiculous. She was pretty much standing in plain sight but Hua Que doesn’t see her and just proceeds to set the fire. Wouldn’t you check your surroundings before committing a crime? Apparently not Hua Que. Which was why he ended up dead.

Lastly, Xiao Bai’s blush when he told her about the scar. IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!

Episode 8  ♡  Introduction  ♡  Episode 10
♢  Lyrics for “Unfinished Moment”  ♢



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