Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 10

~ Breaking Chun Hua’s engagement with Xiao Bai ~


Night fell and Chun Hua was preparing to sleep when Qiu Yue’s voice sounded from outside her room, asking if she was still awake. She quickly told him that she had already gone to bed and that he wasn’t allowed to enter her room. Not getting a reply from him, she peeked out of her front door only to see that there wasn’t a shadow in sight. With a relieved smile, she shut her room’s door only to have all the candles in her room go out at the very same moment. She knew that he was already in the room and fearfully warned him to stay away from her, adding that she was very good at kicking people, doing a few kicks at the air for good measure. Glancing around her room but seeing nothing, Chun Hua asked him what he wanted, her exasperation clear. Qiu Yue used the voice imitation technique to speak with Chun Hua’s voice, saying what she had told him earlier in the day “As long as you don’t tell Xiao Bai, I’ll do anything you want.”

2 Cheating
QY: “You wouldn’t have lost.”

What Qiu Yue wanted her to do ended up being a ice silkworm pearl glowing competition, to see whose pearl could stay glowing for a longer time. The loser had to do whatever the winner wanted. Seeing that her pearl was starting to lose its glow, Chun Hua panicked and grabbed her pearl, running outside to let it bask in the moonlight. Qiu Yue followed her out, telling her that she wouldn’t have lost because as long as his was still glowing, hers would never die out.

Back at the inn, Xiao Bai was polishing his sword when Liu Feng barged into his room unannounced, curious as to how everything had turned out at the Hua Manor. After Xiao Bai updated him on the days’ events, Liu Feng comments that it was weird that Lord Hua and Hua Que would lack etiquette to the extent that they caused Chun Hua to lose face in front of a guest. Xiao Bai explains that the both of them might have been overly excited to have their Xiao Lei back.

1 Shocked awake
( She’s too cute all curled up like that )

The next morning, Chun Hua was still asleep in bed when Xiao Bai’s voice sounded from outside her room, asking if she would like to return to Feng Ming Manor with him. Chun Hua replies with a sleepy “No” and we realise that it was actually Qiu Yue outside her room. Hearing her answer, a hint of a smile made its way onto his face and he questioned her reply, to which she added that unless he married her, causing the smile to slip off Qiu Yue’s face. Chun Hua then heard Qiu Yue’s voice, asking if she didn’t want him anymore. She froze in shock before opening her eyes to see that Qiu Yue was right beside her bed, staring intently at her. She screamed in shock and hurriedly sat up as she hugged her knees, telling him that she had been sleep-talking just now. Understanding what she was trying to get at, Qiu Yue asked if he was such a petty person in her heart, to which she quickly denied but muttered in her heart that he should know better if he was petty or not. Chun Hua then went to dress herself and because Qiu Yue refused to leave the room, she could only compromise by asking him to turn around. She didn’t trust him and turned around to check that he had really turned away and Qiu Yue impatiently commented that if she didn’t hurry, she would miss Xiao Bai.

At the Hua family main hall, Xiao Bai greeted Lord Hua, saying that he had to return home because his father was unwell. Chun Hua smiled excitedly, assuming that she would be returning with him. Talk of Xiao Bai and Chun Hua’s marriage soon came up and Qiu Yue butted in that Xiao Bai was just going through the motions. Xiao Bai quickly apologised, saying that he will send people to deliver her dowry and that it will not be lesser than the first time they sent it. Qiu Yue corrected him, saying that there won’t be a wedding because he couldn’t entrust his sister to him. The previous time he did, Hua Xiao Lei had died in a fire that up till now, no one had been held accountable for. The ever peace-keeping Xiao Bai relented, saying that he will return home to discuss this issue with his father before giving them a reply. Xiao Bai then left, leaving Chun Hua at the Hua Manor.

3 Ugly
CH: “You’re calling me ugly?!”

Back in her room, Chun Hua questioned Qiu Yue about his actions, his meddling in her personal affairs with Xiao Bai. She got more emotional the more she thought about it, crying as she wailed for Qiu Yue to compensate her. Hearing nothing from him, she looked over only to see him staring at her with a stoic look on his face, causing her to freeze mid-wail. She then grabbed the edge of his sleeve to dab her tears, commenting that he was being fierce to her, continuing her cries that he should stick to being a good brother. Qiu Yue finally had enough and told her to stop, adding that she looked ugly when she cried. Hearing this, Chun Hua’s wails got louder as she fell back onto the bed and kicked her feet, only stopping when Qiu Yue told her that she could leave. Despite her initial disbelief, after he reiterated that she was free to leave, she happily bade him goodbye, saying that she would return to visit him. Qiu Yue’s face fell as he watched her leave, throwing a backward glance at the ice silkworm pearl she had left behind. He then asked Ye Xing Zhu for ideas to make Chun Hua return and she suggested releasing news that the Longevity Fruit was at the Hua Manor so that Xiao Bai would return, Chun Hua naturally tagging along.

4 Leave CH
CH: “I’ll come back to visit you.”

4 Leave QY

The scene then cuts to everyone finding out about the Longevity Fruit, Fu Lou telling You Si of its ability to revive the dead, Chief Feng and Chief Leng being informed by their man that the Longevity Fruit was at the Hua Manor, Xiao Bai and the three others finding out from notices that had been put up on the streets.

Meanwhile, Chun Hua had stopped by the inn they had previously stayed at only to find that the group had already left. She wandered the streets aimlessly as she lamented the fact that it would take her forever to catch up with them. Her hunger finally caught up with her and she stopped in her tracks when she saw a street stall selling buns. Coincidentally, Cai Cai had come to purchase from the stall. Reunited with the group, Chun Hua stuffed her face with a satisfied look on her face as Xiao Bai looked at her blankly. When Xiao Bai asked why she was there, she declared that she had left to elope with him, much to everyone’s shock. Xiao Bai then told her that they were returning to the Hua Manor and Chun Hua quickly tried to convince him that their relationship didn’t need her family’s approval before Liu Feng finally cut her off, telling her about the Longevity Fruit.

Xiao Bai, Chun Hua and Liu Feng went back to the Hua Manor while Cai Cai and Leng Ning returned back to the inn. Inside Hua Manor, Liu Feng excused himself and went to question Lord Hua separately. Qiu Yue told Xiao Bai that the Longevity Fruit was at their manor but he didn’t know it’s location and his father was insistent on selling it. He added that that was also the reason why Lord Hua was suddenly against the marriage, because he was worried that Chun Hua would steal the Longevity Fruit to give to him.


So much comedy gold in this episode! Chun Hua freaking out and kicking at air, “sleep-talking” and waking up to Qiu Yue, wailing to Qiu Yue and getting called ugly. As hilarious as this episode was, things are getting tense because the net is tightening. It won’t be long before everyone will uncover Qiu Yue’s true identity and I’m really anxious about that.

( Qiu Yue is so gorgeous, I literally can’t )

Also, I’m slightly put off / annoyed by how Xiao Bai didn’t even try to fight for Chun Hua. He’s a righteous and polite gentleman, I get it. But hello? She’s your wife-to-be. Show a bit more possessiveness will you?! Even Chun Hua tried fighting harder than he did.

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One thought on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 10

  1. Hmmmm…yes, Qiuyue looks good in this style also.

    Favorite scene for me was the silk worm competition. That was just too cute with them under the covers and she focused the worms and he focused on her.

    But yes, despite the humor, I was definitely feeling anxious…

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