Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 29


As Ye Xing Zhu stands guard at the Lotus Pond Pavilion, the entrance of Qian Yue Cave, Chun Hua brings a blanket into the Ice Gorge and covers Qiu Yue with it, commenting that it was a good thing they had Ye Xing Zhu guarding otherwise they wouldn’t be able to retrieve necessities. When Qiu Yue tells her that he had thought Ye Xing Zhu would escape with Gu Xing Zhu, Chun Hua retorts that Ye Xing Zhu had always been really good to him. Qiu Yue was still cold even with the blanket so Chun Hua started a fire in a pan and fed him mooncake to warm him up. When Chun Hua commented on the fact that he actually ate mooncakes everyday, Qiu Yue told her that he liked eating mooncakes with her. Qiu Yue then asked for a drink but when Chun Hua brought the spoon up to his lips, he told her that that wasn’t the way to feed him and she sets the bowl aside with a huff and goes to warm herself in front of the fire, ignoring his comments that he was cold. Qiu Yue persisted, telling her that he was injured and couldn’t move so she had to take on all the responsibility, shamelessly telling her to “come hug me”. When Chun Hua relents, Qiu Yue smiled as he told her that she was good to him and Chun Hua retorts that once he had healed, he should look for someone else to hug. Qiu Yue replies that he will only let her hug him.

CHQY 29-1
( The peace before Qiu Yue startles awake )

Qiu Yue soon falls asleep leaning on Chun Hua and she traced his eyebrows and eyelashes, commenting that he really was a Yao Nie[1]. She then recalls what the system had told her about the first person she meets being her fated one and knowing that going against her fate will not end well, she brushes it off and rests a hand on the side of Qiu Yue’s head. Qiu Yue startles awake before calming down when he realised that it was just Chun Hua. He then explains that up till he was 15 years of age when he had escaped, ‘that lady’ had forced him to read and practise martial arts daily and he only got 2-4 hours of sleep. When he was 5, he had sneaked out but due to his unfamiliarity with the traps and mechanism, he had fallen into a ice ravine. He was soon found because he had sustained severe injuries and the blood on his clothes and water had frozen. He was beaten and starved for 3 days, only managing to survive by eating the pieces of ice in the Ice Gorge. Since he was 6, regardless of whether it was day or night, she would launch sneak attacks on him to test his kungfu and reflexes. Every time she succeeded, he wouldn’t be given food for a day. Naturally, between a restful sleep and living, Qiu Yue chose the latter. She was only soft-hearted towards the Ice Silkworm and carefully grew them in the Ice Gorge. When he was 12, he burned all her Ice Silkworm and she almost killed him, forbidding him from eating or drinking for 5 days. When Qiu Yue explained that all this was done because she wanted him to avenge her, Chun Hua realised that he had been referring to Shang Guan Hui and reacted with disbelief but he told her that people will be changed by their experiences. Hearing this, Chun Hua became downcast so Qiu Yue held her hand and promised not to let her end up like Hui. Chun Hua was curious about what happened to Shang Guan Hui and Qiu Yue explains that after Hui was abandoned by Xiao Yuan, she spent the latter half of her life confined in the Ice Gorge and in order to survive, she followed many man, some who were later killed by her while others were bewitched by her to do bad things. Chun Hua sympathised with Hui because in her position, Hui had no other choice. Qiu Yue had only found out that Hui was his mother just as she was dying. He adds that every Mid-Autumn, she would force him to swear to kill Xiao Yuan. In the end, Hui died in front of Xiao Yuan and Xiao Yuan died at the hands of her old friend (Chief Li).

Meanwhile, in a forest clearing, Chief Leng orders a small group of masked men dressed in black to act quietly. After they had left to carry out their orders, Chief Leng mutters to himself with a hard glint in his eyes, telling Feng Cai Cai not to blame him for being heartless since she insisted on getting to the heart of the matter.

Xiao Bai and Cai Cai arrive at Ba Xian House and seeing that he had zoned out, Cai Cai left to give him some time alone. It wasn’t long before Xiao Bai heard Cai Cai calling out for him and he arrived to see her fighting with a group of masked men and he knocks them down with a single swing of his sword. Just after Cai Cai had questioned if they were sent by Mr Shi, Xiao Bai condemned their actions before using his Xiao Xiao Feng Ming Sword’s last move and killing them all. As the masked men fell, an uncharacteristic smirk appears on Xiao Bai’s face, before he quickly snapped out of it when he finally heard Cai Cai calling for him. Cai Cai shared her suspicion that since the men were clearly after her and their identities were well hidden, the instigator must be someone they knew, who was involved with the Medical Sage’s death and didn’t want them to continue investigating.

Back at Qian Yue Cave, Qiu Yue watched Chun Hua as she slept, leaning in to plant a kiss on her forehead. Chun Hua awakes and when she realised what he had done, she told him that she would leave if he did it again. Qiu Yue clutched the hem of her dress and slowly pulled it towards himself as he told her not to leave. Chun Hua’s expression softens and she tells him in a gentle voice, to concentrate on recuperating and not to think about anything else.

Meanwhile, Liu Feng and Leng Ning arrive at Ba Xian Residence and discuss whether it was alright for them to walk right in or if they should pretend to be seeking medical help. Before they could enter, they were met with Li Yu at the entrance. A chase soon ensues but Leng Ning was hit and immobilised when Li Yu shot needles at them. They realise that the needles Li Yu had used was acupuncture needles, not the silver needles that could control puppets. After some banter and more teasing from Liu Feng, Leng Ning was able to move again and they continue the chase. When they finally caught up with Li Yu, it was only because he had waited for them so that he could clarify any misunderstanding they had of him as a suspect. Li Yu explains that since the leader (Xiao Bai) had ordered an investigation of the Longevity Fruit matter and he, as the Medical Sage’s disciple had found out that it was related to the puppet’s silver needle, he had to obey the command.

Gu Xing Zhu and Ye Xing Zhu are seated at Qian Yue Cave’s main hall and he tries to convince her to betray Qiu Yue, telling her that Qiu Yue’s life was in his hands and that he will give her the title of Qian Yue Cave’s leader and offer her the seat with Qiu Yue’s blood. Ye Xing Zhu rejects his offer and drinks from a glass she had previously poured an unknown substance into. She then connects her mouth to Gu Xing Zhu’s and feeds him the liquid. Gu Xing Zhu doesn’t push her away, even holding her lightly but he soon falls to the ground weakly. He tells her that he would never hurt or refuse her, even thanking her, saying that he was contented and didn’t have any regrets. It turns out that the substance she had given him would cause him to lose his kungfu so that he wouldn’t be of any threat to Qiu Yue. Ye Xing Zhu then tells him not to appear in front of her anymore before storming away.

Later, Chun Hua exits the Ice Gorge to check out the situation and bumps into Ye Xing Zhu who tells her that her subordinates had captured all the rebels and that Gu Xing Zhu was dead. However, they had yet to investigate all the former members of Chuan Qi Valley so Ye Xing Zhu suggested that Chun Hua stayed with Qiu Yue in the Ice Gorge until he had fully recovered.

CHQY 29-2
QY: “You’re so good to me.”

Chun Hua returns to the Ice Gorge with a steaming bowl of buns, excited to finally be having hot food and asked Qiu Yue to help himself. Before taking a bite, Qiu Yue smiled as he told Chun Hua that she was so good to him, he had to treat her even better. Chun Hua then tells Qiu Yue that the rebellion had almost been dealt with and he could leave once he had recovered. With a sad gaze Qiu Yue told her that his injury hadn’t recovered yet and Chun Hua replies that he could also recuperate at Qian Yue Pavilion (his room). When Qiu Yue replied earnestly that he only trusted her, Chun Hua gave him an awkward smile and pushed a bun into her mouth.

CHQY 29-3
CH: “The fire pan is over there, go warm yourself.”

After finishing the buns, Chun Hua pats her stomach in satisfaction and when Qiu Yue complained about feeling cold, she told him to warm himself over the fire pan. Dejected, Qiu Yue goes over to the pan and throws her one last look before putting his hand right over the fire. Seeing this, Chun Hua rushed over frantically and pulled him away, asking if he was crazy. With a happy smile not befitting the situation, Qiu Yue told her that he had burned his hand. Chun Hua initially chastised him but worry soon took over and she pulled him in for a hug. However, when Qiu Yue later commented that she was the one who liked him first, she pulled away, telling him not to take her for Hua Xiao Lei. Qiu Yue agrees, saying that Hua Xiao Lei had willingly followed him but wanted to announce his crime to the world once she saw him kill someone. He continues, saying that she was different, a little blockhead who only saw him as an older brother, at a loss of what to do whenever she saw him. Qiu Yue tells her that she wasn’t Hua Xiao Lei and that he would be good to her, before pulling her into another hug.

Xiao Bai and Cai Cai arrive at the abandoned Ba Xian House. After looking around, Cai Cai surmised that the murder must’ve been done by an acquaintance because there was practically no trace of a fight. When Cai Cai questioned if there was no other witness besides Chun Hua who had been unconscious, Xiao Bai replies that the Medical Sage had pointed out Chun Hua before he died. However, it couldn’t be Chun Hua because she didn’t know any martial arts. Xiao Bai then recalled that day’s scenario and realised that besides Chun Hua, Chief Feng was also in the area that the Medical Sage had pointed out.


1. 妖孽 refers to an evildoer or demon but is also an internet slang to refer to someone who is exceptionally good looking, with hints of envy and admiration

Just to clarify that ‘Ba Xian Residence’ and ‘Ba Xian House’ are two different places. The ‘residence’ is a larger, mansion-like house while the ‘house’ is a simple, wooden, cottage-like house.


So. Many. Chun Hua. Qiu Yue. Moments. I’m so happy. This Qiu Yue is so fluffy and cute I can’ttt.
I don’t think he was actually as cold as he pretended to be. Afterall, he had lived in the Ice Gorge for 15 years. I think he just wanted hugs from Chun Hua. I mean…Qiu Yue isn’t stupid enough to burn his own hand, plus, the sheer joy on his face when Chun Hua was scolding him – It wasn’t joy at being burnt, it was joy at seeing Chun Hua worried for him.
Also, all this talk about recuperating but they never actually showed Qiu Yue’s wound being taken care of lol.

Ye Xing Zhu feeding Gu Xing Zhu mouth to mouth – She must’ve learned this from Qiu Yue 😂
Ok, on another note, Gu Xing Zhu is creepy and obsessive but I do kind of pity him, he chose the wrong girl.

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4 thoughts on “Love Better than Immortality (天雷一部之春花秋月): Episode 29

  1. Yes, the time Chunhua and Shangguan Qiuyue spent in the cave were so fluffy and cute in the drama! I watched these few episodes over and over again. The cave scenes in the novel did not give off as fluffy of a vibe as the drama scenes. I think it was because in the novel, right before the Gu Wan rebellion and the cave recuperation scenes, Qiuyue had tried to rape Chunhua. He would have succeeded, too, if he weren’t interrupted by the Gu Wan rebellion incident. With the attempted rape in Chunhua’s mind, it was pretty hard for her to snuggle up to Qiuyue, though she did so in the novel, anyway, to keep him warm, since she felt guilty about the part she played in his injury. In the drama, this rape scene was replaced by a scene where a drunken Chunhua kissed Shangguan Qiuyue, who nobly did not take advantage of her inebriated state. What a difference in events!


  2. Yes, Gu Wan is quite creepy. But how come no one finds Shangguan Qiuyue creepy? Even the drama version of Shangguan Qiuyue, who was much nicer, could be considered creepy. In the drama, he kept showing up unannounced in Chunhua’s chambers, watching her sleep, walking in on her while she was bathing, and kissing her multiple times on the mouth while pretending to be her brother. Then, he forbade her to marry her own fiance, Xiao Bai. He crashed her wedding and abducted her, ordered for her wedding gown to be thrown into the lotus pond at Qian Yue Dong. He certainly gave off the “obsessive stalker” vibe. Yet, no one ever called him creepy. Haha. It’s probably because he’s handsome.


    1. Besides him being handsome 😅 for me it’s also Chun Hua’s reaction to him. She reacts shocked / surprised but she doesn’t seem to really dislike his presence / actions (excluding the bathing one 😂)


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