TDCM Chapter 87: Rebellious Disciple Defies Master

Upon hearing that he wanted to confine her, Yuan Chu was reluctant and ran barefoot to stand in front of Ye Chenyuan. She tugged on his clothes as she looked up at him with a large pair of misty eyes, making great efforts to act cute.

“Little disciple, you cannot destroy the bridge after crossing the river, I had only done that for you-”

Seeing the look in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes, her voice became softer and softer, until she finally scraped the ground with the tip of her toe as she said reluctantly.

“I promise not to cause trouble or to act wilfully and recklessly in the future, okay? When Hunyuan Sect previously initiated the kidnap, I didn’t have time to let you know. After all, it was such a good opportunity and I was thinking of finding their lair sooner, I hadn’t taken this risk on purpose.”

Besides, if it weren’t for her wits, how could they have found Hunyuan Sect so quickly and eradicated this cancer?

Hmph! He didn’t reward her and even blamed her. So unreasonable!

“You don’t say?” Ye Chenyuan’s handsome face was tense, “If I had gotten to you any later, if I hadn’t caught up with that small island and you were brought away by them, did you intend to fight three Nascent Souls all by yourself?”


“If the Demon Serpent hadn’t been injured, do you think that you could’ve escaped unscathed?!”

Yuan Chu lowered her head.

Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes and forced himself not to become soft-hearted. After knowing about her physique, master initially still knew to be scared but she was too forgetful! In the blink of an eye, she continued to do whatever she wanted to!

If he hadn’t caught up to the small island…he didn’t dare to think about the consequences. She actually still wanted to follow him to the Empire?

She can come along, but first, she has to do some soul-searching in the Sky Pearl and they can discuss this again after she knows what she has done wrong.

After giving it some thought, Yuan Chu felt like what he said made sense so she tugged on his sleeves, feeling wronged.

“I knew that you would come to save me and believed that you would find me, which was why I dared to act so recklessly. I was wrong, are you still angry with me?”

With her acting like this, Ye Chenyuan suddenly became a soft-hearted mess.

“I don’t want to stay in Sky Pearl or to return to Myriad Sword Sect. I want to follow you, I promise to be good and not cause trouble, okay?”

Seeing that she still wanted to follow him, Ye Chenyuan turned around suddenly.

“No! You have to do some soul-searching!”

The resolute figure of his back made Yuan Chu purse her lips, “Wah! Little Yuan Yuan is bullying me! I don’t want to live anymore!!”

Yuan Chu started running around Sky Pearl as she cried loudly, but if you looked closely, it can be seen that she was just crying loudly without any tears, that it was just thunder without any rain.

Finally, she threw herself onto a large lotus leaf in the water and was immersed with her crying, to the point where Ye Chenyuan’s heart had melted into a puddle and he was flustered.

Venerable Li also felt sorry for her so he told Ye Chenyuan, “Look at you, why did you have to be so fierce with her? She’s only ten years old and has no sense of propriety. Can’t you be a little more lenient towards her?”

Ye Chenyuan frowned, feeling guilty.

What he hadn’t voiced out was his worry that if his Divine Emperor Bloodline was inherited from the Empire, the Empire’s old hag Ancestors would also have contracted spirit beasts that were strong and very ‘Yang’ like the white dragon.

What if master’s physique was discovered when she followed him? This was the reason he didn’t want Yuan Chu to appear in front of others.

But Yuan Chu’s crying was making him feel sorry for her. Left with no choice, he exited with a flash and sealed his spiritual sense so that he couldn’t look in on the situation in the Sky Pearl.

Yuan Chu stopped crying the moment Ye Chenyuan left. She sat on the lotus leaf as she pouted, looking very unhappy.

This move of hers had always worked on Venerable Sect Master, Little Yuan Yuan actually dared to avoid it? But that was fine, because him avoiding it meant that it had an effect on him and she just had to make a fuss for a little while longer and this matter of confinement would be over.

Things were going as she had planned. Venerable Li floated over and said with surprise, “You were actually fake crying?!”

Yuan Chu responded with a ‘hmph’, “He refuses to bring me out to play and even wants to confine me in the Sky Pearl, what’s wrong with me fake crying?”

Venerable Li could sense that Ye Chenyuan was currently unaware of what was happening in the Sky Pearl. His uneasy frown turned into an ill intentioned smile.

“But this move of yours is very skilled, I feel that Little Yuan will surrender soon.”

“That’s right” Yuan Chu held her chubby face in her hands as she said cockily, “anything that can be resolved by acting cute or crying isn’t any trouble at all!”

Venerable Li: Alright, he won’t remind her that she was the master. The current situation was a little reversed after all.

Once Ye Chenyuan came out, he ran into Wan Ling’er who had come looking for him.

Ye Chenyuan was currently in Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom and had been treated as a distinguished guest because he had helped to rescue the Princess.

“Childe Ye.” Wan Ling’er was magnificently dressed, unlike her sorry state that day. She walked over gracefully with her maidservants.

Within the realm of the ten immortal sects, people usually addressed each other as dao friend or fairy but within the Empire’s realm, the address was more secular.

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “Greetings, Princess. Does Princess have any matter with me?”

Wan Ling’er said with a smile, “Of course there’s something that I’m looking for you for, and it’s quite a major happy affair!”

Although she was usually wilful and unruly, she would appear lively and pleasant towards anyone who had her approval, “Among the first-rate kingdoms, there’ll be a chance to enter Tianxuan Mystic Realm every two years. Three days from now will be the time to enter the mystic realm and every first-rate kingdom has twenty places. When the time comes, why don’t you come along? There’s many treasures inside Tianxuan Mystic Realm!”

As for Yuan Chu, someone who could kill the Demon Serpent, was there still a need for her to temper herself?

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes as he thought about it. If he really were to go to the Empire, his current strength was not enough so it wasn’t a bad idea to go to the mystic realm to temper himself. He’ll also bring master in to play, lest she feels stifled.

So Ye Chenyuan nodded his head in acceptance.

Seeing that he had answered so readily, Wan Ling’er couldn’t hold back a smile, “Then I’ll go and make preparations now, I’ll see you in three days!”

Saying this, Wan Ling’er left gracefully. What she had forgotten to mention was that only cultivators below Golden Core Formation and above Qi Condensing could enter, so Wan Feng wouldn’t be around this time.

Yuan Chu stroked her chin after hearing Venerable Li’s report.

She remembered that Ye Chenyuan had an encounter with a beautiful woman in the Tianxuan Mystic Realm. However, many things had either been brought forward or disrupted due to her interference so she wasn’t sure if this encounter would still happen, but the treasures would definitely still be there.

At this time, Venerable Li ratted on Ye Chenyuan, “Little Yuan is coming in, do you want to prepare yourself?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu pursed her lips and her eyes reddened. She had to make Ye Chenyuan give in, she’ll see if he still dared to restrain her in the future. Hmph!

This was what Ye Chenyuan saw the moment he entered and he immediately felt sorry.

He squatted in front of her helplessly as he looked at her with a complicated gaze.

“Master, why are you still crying?”

He had thought that after he left, Yuan Chu would stop crying if she couldn’t see him and if there wasn’t anyone to coax her. He would’ve never thought that there was still Venerable Li, the traitor.

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